Syrian Arab Army Repels Heavy Attacks from US Backed ISIS Units in Raqqa


Units of the Syrian army, with logistical support from the Russian army, repelled the most violent attack in recent years by ISIS terrorist militants on military points in the desert of Raqqa Governorate, a few days after official Syrian reports warned of the increasing activities of the US army in transporting The militants of the organization from its prisons in eastern Syria, towards the Syrian desert.

A field source confirmed that ISIS cells attacked a series of Syrian army points in the vicinity of the city of Rusafa, relying on large reinforcements that reached them through the Jabal al-Bishri axis in the countryside of Deir ez-Zor and the Al-Tanf area, which is occupied by the US army.

The source added that the army units redeployed in some of the points that came under the attack, while the Russian warplanes ensured the pursuit of the supply lines of ISIS militants coming from the Bishri Mountains through dirt roads, as well as launching focused raids on the supply lines coming from the Sukhna area in the farthest corner. east of Homs desert.

The source revealed that the Russian air force’s strikes succeeded in destroying 6 four-wheel drive vehicles and a number of sites from which the ISIS attack was launched, while preliminary information confirms the killing of at least 25 militants of the organization, in parallel with the arrival of huge military reinforcements for the Syrian army to the area. A military operation was immediately launched, in which it regained control of all the points that were temporarily evacuated at night.

The source concluded by saying that the map of control of all military points in the vicinity of the city of Rusafa, southwest of Raqqa, will not be changed.

And yesterday night, he said, from another field source, that violent night battles took place in the countryside of Raqqa governorate, eastern Syria, after the Syrian Arab Army and the auxiliary forces, with Russian support, confronted an attack launched by large herds of remnants of the terrorist organization “ISIS”, starting from the open areas on the area The (55 km) in the Syrian Badia.

The sources indicated that the clashes coincided with the Russian and Syrian warplanes carrying out a series of air raids on various areas in the Syrian Badia and in the vicinity of the city of Rusafa and the area (55 km) to the south. Al-Raqqa), in addition to the Sukhna area, Palmyra countryside and other areas in the eastern Badia of Homs, and sites in the southern Badia of Deir ez-Zor Governorate.


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  1. When will the World start buiding Syrian Holocaust Museums ?
    Did anyone else read about the ” Christian” Conservatives
    in “Loyalty Oaths To Israel” Texas and Greg “Israel First” Abbot going absolutely crazy because a Teacher wants to re-examine the “Holocaust” and teach alternative lessons?

    • A better question would be, when will the poor Syrians come to realize that they’re living on someone else’s land… Greater Israel, from the Nile to the Euphrates? US Christian Zionists, 80% of whom voted for Trump in 2020, truly believe that the Ashkenazim are the rightful heirs to all of Palestine and then some. The destruction of Damascus figures into their crazy end-times eschatology. You can no more talk these folks out of believing that than you could talk them out of believing the Earth was created exactly 6025 years ago and that the Sun is its planet.

    • Tommy Apeiron-
      Sir, Your post is so timely because I just finished
      reading : “Galileo: And The Science Deniers” by Mario Livio.
      Pope Urban the 8th really wanted to burn this brilliant Scientist alive because he wrote that the Earth rotated around the Sun.
      Which he said was “fixed” and did not rotate.
      Known as The “Copernican Model ”
      Galileo escaped being burned alive and was kept imprisoned for the rest of his life, but many lesser known Scientists were burned alive because they put Science before Catholic Dogma!

  2. May God bless and protect all those fighting under the banner of the SAA together with all Syrian and Russian Pilots flying the planes doing so much to bury the US+UK+ISIS+SDF+ISRAELI Enemy.
    May all of the truly deranged enemy be annihilated by those Russian and Syrian Pilots together with the SAA, Hezbollah & IRGC personnel on the ground!

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