Debunking the Crazy: Unvaccinated People Are Way, Way More Likely To Die From COVID, CDC Data Shows

Close-up medical syringe with a vaccine.

90,000 vaccine denialists dead this summer alone that would otherwise be alive if they had just done the right thing

For all the debate about which COVID-19 vaccine is more effective, ultimately the answer is still “all of them.”

New Centers for Disease Control and Prevention data shows that all three of the available vaccines in the U.S. continue to offer substantial protection against serious disease and death from COVID-19.

In August, the most recent full month for which data is available, unvaccinated people were more than 6 times more likely to test positive for COVID-19 than their fully vaccinated peers were ― and more than 11 times more likely to die from it, as illustrated by the chart below. (above)

When comparing the efficacy of individual vaccines, Moderna’s, Pfizer’s, and Johnson & Johnson’s products all remain quite effective at preventing both cases and death from COVID-19.

While Moderna’s vaccine was slightly more effective than Pfizer’s, and Pfizer’s was slightly more effective than Johnson & Johnson’s, the data shows all of the products continue to offer clear protection.

The graph below shows positive COVID-19 cases broken down by both vaccination status and product. The clear takeaway: Vaccines work.

Notably, people who recovered from COVID-19 and therefore likely have some level of natural immunity are considered unvaccinated by the CDC. Studies show unvaccinated COVID-19 survivors are more than twice as likely to be reinfected by the virus than those who are fully vaccinated.

The data provides a relevant backdrop for high-level discussions about the need for booster shots, and who should get them.

A Food and Drug Administration committee is meeting Friday to discuss whether to authorize Johnson & Johnson boosters, having already endorsed both Pfizer and Moderna boosters for certain high-risk populations. 


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  1. Short question: in Germany people who die within two weeks after a vaccination are counted as unvaccinated deaths, most of them with covid symptoms, and – if the mRNA did its job – defenitely a positive PCR test. How do you guys in the US count? We don’t get any coherent data on deaths after vaccinations from the US. Even here it is difficult. There are no autopsies done, people just die and get burried. My girlfriends hairdresser has 13 deaths after vaccination among his customers by now. Weird, but this is the best statistic I can get hold of.

    • In the US, CDC counts the same way as in Germany. A person is considered fully vaccinated only two weeks after taking the second dose of Covid vaccine, which means that people who die after the first dose or within two weeks after the second dose are counted as unvaccinated. No autopsy as well.

  2. Ah, yes…the CDC, who has as much credibility as the FDA. All the wild claims of death associated with C-19(while the ‘flu’ disappeared), yet they are still using PCR to determine status? They will replace it at the end of the year…but not yet. But they still use it, regardless. Of course there are doctors, nurses and other medicos that refuse to be jabbed. Oh, but they are all idiots, the FDA, CDC say so. These are the same people that lie to us on a non-stop basis, but now they are concerned for us and telling the truth. Everyone should know by now that if it is said or shown on TV it is likely a lie, a diversion or propaganda…or a combination of all three. But, by all means, let’s believe they are telling the truth this time. When the media comes out and tells the truth about Israel, US bio labs abroad or 9/11, then I’ll know they’ve grown balls and I’ll cut them some slack. Until then, they are merely part and parcel of the same op. I guess the police are all on board with this ‘jab them, but not us’ tactic as well. It seems to be quite telling which groups refuse the jab and file lawsuits, while recommending it for the rest of us. Funny how this reminds me of ranchers and their cattle. Then again, let’s not forget the monetary side of this ‘pandemic’…or how it’s changed purchasing, culture and civil rights. Just innocent side effects that are temporary. Right…just like the PA, DHS, TSA, war on drugs and terrorism.

    • “Ah, yes…the CDC, who has as much credibility as the FDA.” – Ah…but you are conveniently left out that all the other major public health systems in the world carefully reveiw all of the CDC material, including allies and non allies, as it is free after all. Hence, as so often happens here at VT, when no one with a reputation to lose will challenge it, depsite being assured to have world wide instant name recognition, such orgs have decided to not bother.

    • Please Jim…Does the CDC say that this virus is natural and escaped from Wuhan? Yes, it does. Do you/VT agree with this? Are we now picking what we want to believe? Are we also to believe that all these other health systems are free from manipulation? The fact that Europe does not recognize Russian (et al) vaccines as effective, regardless their testing/efficacy, requiring western vaccines for certification. Surely this doesn’t mean there is a monetary/political angle here. As far as I know, there have been no deaths related to Sputnik V, yet the west has yet to approve it. Where there is money, lies soon follow. According to the head of Germany’s PEI, there is also no proof whatsoever that those that died after receiving the jab, died from the vaccine, they all died from preexisting conditions…which, coincidentally, could also be said of the majority of deaths world-wide from Covid. What do they consider proof, especially since they did not do autopsies? How have people in the US been able to successfully sue the US gov for Covid vaccine related deaths? Are Germans a different species?

  3. 725,000 plus dead from covid in the US alone. Do the math. But you’re waiting for Fox News to do it for you.

  4. I agree. I personally volunteer to vaccinate the entire CDC that exempted themselves from being injected. Next is the senate’s turn. Lastly Pfizer and Modern staff who are also exempted themselves from taking what they designed. And none of that movie prop toy injections will be accepted as vaccination.

  5. That these deaths have happened mostly in the so-called red states is proof enough that the cult of Trump is actually a death cult. Evangelical Christianity in the USA has devolved into being a crude fundamentalism that longs for the end of the USA as we know it and the beginning of their Zionist theocracy. These folks pray for WWIII to happen so they can be “raptured” up to Heaven while the rest of us are turned into cinder cakes in a nuclear holocaust. What a glorious end-times scenario that will be.

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