It’s Time to Get Personal, and Nasty, With Vaccine Resisters

They don’t care about us. So let’s talk about them, and the selfish reasons they need to get the jab.


DB: Plenty of highly produced primetime segments attempting to hammer home the ugly reality of COVID-19 have aired over the past year and a half. Plenty of public officials have pleaded, and reasoned and asked nicely. We’ve heard from people who, through no fault of their own, have suffered COVID-related catastrophe due to the actions of others.

We’ve heard from people who, completely because of their own negligence, have suffered the effects of COVID and wish they could undo it. There is a vaccine for the disease widely available, at no cost to anybody living in this country who chooses to get it. And yet, the pandemic persists. Perhaps it’s time for some new public messaging.

We can—and should—go further. It’s time for public health vaccine messaging to focus less on what getting jabbed means for society, and more on what not getting vaccinated can mean for individuals. In other words, it’s time to get disgusting. Anti-smoking campaigns and anti-drug campaigns have used upsetting medical descriptions and imagery in public service announcements. Why not go there with COVID?

On the Reddit forum r/nursing, there are no reporters in full hair and makeup standing with a hospital in the background; the real horror of COVID is in clear, grotesque focus. Nurses trade stories of COVID patients with maggots in their sinus cavities, of something called “COVID poop” which apparently causes sores for some patients on ventilators, of unvaccinated COVID-positive pregnant women who go into labor prematurely while intubated and die before they meet their infants—who now have to spend time in the NICU for a completely preventable reason.


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  1. Stargate-
    ” It Is Better To Be Only Considered An Idiot
    Than To Open Your Mouth And Remove All Doubt”

  2. “There is a vaccine for the disease widely available”.

    What is it called, what is it comprised of, and who produces it?

  3. Accusing unvaccinated people of being a THREAT to vaccinated people thus to be chastised and ostracized as you do is a very… DANGEROUS stance to the point of flirting with tyranny, fascism and dictatorship. Please evaluate the consequences of your claims here.

    Do you REALLY feel threatened by unvaccinated people ? On which basis ?

    This means you, vaccinated ones, concede that you can still get infected by SARS-CoV-2 ! which is TRUE ! then acknowledge that the vaccine does NOT prevent you from getting the virus. Acknowledging this is the first step towards the truth.

    Then this also means you recognize you can also develop symptoms to the point of dying from it after being infected by the virus. This implies that the vaccine haven’t protected you.

    Let this sink in a little bit. You just confess your distrust in the vaccine’s ability to protect you from the thing it’s suppose to protect you from !!! So WHY take vaccine in the firs place ? Which is the stance of the unvaccinated people from the start that you condemn of doing !

    • Do you feel the same way
      about the Polio Vaccine?
      That was mandated.
      And it sure worked ridding the World of that horrible, crippling disease.
      I can’t understand why people are so scared of this
      Before Vietnam all of us received 10 “vaccines” from an air gun, I did not hear any GI’s complain.
      My TOP would have called you whiners Sissys !

    • Hi PHD. Why are you hiding behind your TOP to make your accusations ? Because you’re yourself one ? How many hours have you consecrates researching/studying on the subject ? Less than one ?

      After having consecrated more than one hundreds hours researching on the subject, I think I deserve a little more respect than your silly ad hominem smear.

      The level of knowledge in the Vietnam era is not the same as today.

      I bet you don’t know that the Spanish flu started in Forth Riley in March 1918 as a bacteriological experiment that went awry, and the vaccinated soldier were the SF carriers to the world.

      There is another side to the SF story that is, according to General Walter Schreiber, Chief of German Army Medical Corps, American counterparts told him in 1927 in a two months visit that the “so-called double blow virus” (SF) was developed and used during the 1914 War BUT… “it got out of control and instead of killing the Germans who surrendered by then, it turned back on you and nearly everybody else”.

      And about the polio virus/vaccine, I can demolish your claim in a second…

  4. How stupid does it get ? One county in NY, (Cattaraugus) passed legislation announcing they were a “constitutional protected county”. This due to anti-vax sentiment. With their next breath they authorized spraying permethrin over the county without consent of the people. Because they were annoyed with mosquitoes. Permethrin kills pollinators, worms, fish and persists in the soil disabling the ability to be organic. The warnings for the spraying included instructions to remain indoors, close windows, and wash everything children will touch in the yard after the spraying is over. It is a known carcinogen.

    • You’re talking about the Cult of Trump, David. It is, at its heart, a death cult that prays for the end of the USA as we know it and the beginning of something not based on elections and the rule of law. Remember, these are the Rapture-me-outta-here folks who have a collective hard-on for Armageddon.

    • The rampant use of pesticides and herbicides known to be harmful to people, has been ongoing for about 80 years. It is the dark side of chemistry, and is not party related. Though if they cannot buy you, they just pile on to whatever other hot button issues in order to persuade people to ignore it. It is non-partisan corruption.

  5. While it is refreshing to see the most easily controlled segment of society waking up to “control mechanisms”,.. it is misapplied and misdirected. The most basic freedom is the ability to move around. Never in history has that been easier to do. But, during a pandemic, no city or country would be sane if they allowed infected to freely move in and out. Even if you were in an anarchist community, the shot would be pressed vigorously, and those choosing not to take would be asked to leave. The same people screaming like children now, will support rampant pollution and unregulated chemicals to be used and spilled unabated, and have been doing so for decades. In the age of chemistry, a lack of discernment will be what kills.

    • The trend among humanity, is not one of control. It is the desire to move freely and meet the others. Control mechanisms, of which religions and authoritarian governments are the leading perpetrators , are on the wane. If someone is a proponent of freedom, then it is an easy decision to want an atmosphere that is non-infectious. The choice to not vax, will curb everyones ability to move freely. The choice to not vax, is only acceptable if it is accompanied by a commitment to completely isolate. During small pox, coming to the village as a stranger may have meant instant death at the hands of those charged with protecting the village. No blame , no guilt. The virus is the bad guy, not the vaccine. Support legislation to curb the power of big pharma. The biggest blockages to that have come from the same group now whining. The easily fooled.

  6. I will never ‘get’ the religious type fervor to “vaccinate” all us ner’do wells with an as of yet unproven experimental cocktail. What happened to free choice and respect for the judgement of others? Since I believe I have acquired immunity, the shot is a menace to me.

  7. Money is just a tool. If you look at the microscopy of the vaccines, you mostly see Morgellons and cross domain bacteria with the DNA of co-opted insects (Archons), both tools of mind control, both of satanic origin. You need to realize that the intelligence community is a child of Tavistock, and Tavistock is a shared foundation of Windsor and Rothschild, both satanic bloodlines.

  8. I’m currently receiving treatment at the Mayo Clinic in Phoenix for a perineural cancer behind what used to be my left eye. Fortunately, they have zero tolerance here for these crazies. If you choose to not be vaccinated or wear a mask, you don’t even get in the door. With so many with compromised immune systems, catching COVID-19 from some super-spreader would be a death sentence. Even still, we have our contingent of Trumpsters here in AZ that put up a big fuss every time they’re asked to follow the rules, as if it was their God-given right to spread their contagion around a medical facility. All I can say is, thank God for common sense and socialized medicine (Medicare).

    • Thanks for that, Jim. The Mayo Clinic is the best place to be with perineural cancer. They have a proton radiation machine that cost $50 million, the only one in the west. 8 treatments down, 25 to go.

    • Hang in their Tommy !
      Keep fighting!
      You are one of the True Patriots and we need
      you now more than ever !
      Your friend,

  9. I had covid last month. Close call, 3 days out of body. Used all natural medicine to get the spike protein production under controll, “vedicinals 9”, by Really saved my but. There are other medications out there. It should be a free choice if I go for a vaccine or for a treatment. Covid was a real blessing. Got rid of the brain fog that started to cover my mind, now my thinking is sharp agan, as it was when I was 17 and won chess championships. Common cold (corona-virus) is a self cleansing programm for he human body. The weaponized form is quite impressive even under that aspect.

  10. I am having like 4 clients a day, they used to come for conventional spiritual reasons. Today 1 of 4 comes with an experienced soul loss due to vaccinations. Soul loss means no access to your own body, alien voices taking over your brain, alien feelings taking over your emotional body. Having clients who have made a clear choice to follow their own fear or public fear mongering is one thing, having clients who would have lost their job when not taking the jab is a different one, listening you guys calling for a clear violation of basic human rights is again a different quality. The worst thing is that your reasoning even does not make any sense. Even official statistics show that the jab does not lower the risk to get infected, it just is said to render the symptoms harmless. So, a vaccinated person is much more likely to run around with an unrecognized infection and infect others than a unvaccinated that gets strong symptoms and stays home in quarantine. The vacced are a thread, they spread the virus, they make people suffer from the spikeproteins they shed. I lived isolated on the countryside, then I visited a lady working with vaccinated doctors, got pseudo covid symptoms next day, cold sweat that smelled like hell and looked like milk, greated my unvacced neighbor lady, she started bleeding next day, post menopause. You guys have no clue what you are promoting here. Or you do have one.

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