Billionaires who killed the GOP are now turning it into an anti-American insurgency — along the lines of the Confederacy


by Thom Hartmann

Congressman Steve Scalise, the #2 Republican in the House of Representatives and the guy who ran for office from Louisiana as “David Duke without the baggage,” has announced he’s whipping Republican votes to block a criminal contempt referral to the DOJ from the Jan 6 Select Committee against Steve Bannon.

My father’s Republican Party is now the modern-day Confederacy, and Republicans’ defense of Steve Bannon defying subpoenas this week pretty much proves it. If it keeps moving in the same direction, our American republic may soon be fully transformed into a racist, strongman oligarchy.

The racist and big-money poisons began to take over the Republican Party in the 1950s and 1960s after the Supreme Court ordered an end to school segregation with Brown v Board, and LBJ and the Democrats embraced the Civil RightsVoting Rights and Medicare Acts.

In aggregate, Johnson’s Great Society offended both the nation’s billionaire oligarchs, who saw Medicare and other programs as “socialism,” and the white racists who were horrified that they’d now have to share schools, hospitals and polling places with African Americans and other minorities.

Those white racists, particularly in the South where the majority of America’s Black people lived, fled the Democratic Party and flocked instead to the GOP. Richard Nixon saw this as the key to his presidential victory in 1968, openly inviting racists in with his “Southern Strategy.”

Thus began the transformation of the party founded by Abraham Lincoln.

At the same time, the Libertarian and Objectivist movements found common cause with the anti-communist movement led by the John Birch Society which saw every effort to help working-class or poor Americas as a step toward full-blown Soviet-style socialism. They all marched into the GOP.

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  1. Started before the ’50’s.

    Smedley Butler. Whistleblew fascism & its coup attempt in… AmericaFirst.
    Had he not, WWII likely in… AmericaFirst.

    I publicly “predicted” Prez Trump before anyone.
    And the exit record poll discrepancies. (Closet Trumpers.)

    I saw ALL Media anoint Trump “Tough On Trade”. And the UnPolitician (people heard: “he’s honest”.)

    I saw the yuuge racist underbelly. For some reason, I was on net forums at uni, from the birth of the net, printing up REAMS. Fascinated! 🤷‍♂️ Coulda been drawing an FBI check. BUT…

  2. Another reason to reduce the military budget significantly. We have built the most attractive carrot for the fascist horse.
    It is most certainly not the time for blind optimism.

  3. “””Billionaires who killed the GOP are now turning it into an anti-American insurgency — along the lines of the Confederacy”””

    That’s the latest description of fake political chicanery.
    It’s not the first, and it won’t be the last.
    Let the games continue.

    • Idiot games. JFK , MLK, Watergate, Trickle down, Iran Contra, Gulf war, NWO, 2000 stolen election, Iraq war, Afghanistan war, 2008 market crash, Cambridge Analytica stolen election, Covid, Insurrection. What a batch of morons.

  4. “Soviet-style socialism” Total BS

    Socialism schmocialism, this is fascism, pure and simple. These kleptocrats will eventually turn a well-concealed corporatism into out and out fascism. in our case it will be the Christo-fascism of Steve Bannon and Donald Trump. As Sinclair Lewis wrote, “When Fascism comes to America, it will be wrapped in the flag and carrying a cross.”

    • The events of 1/6 tore the mask off Bannon’s treasonous plans. That’s why he should be locked up NOW!

    • Christo-fascism is much bigger than Steve Bannon. It’s become the prevailing ideology of the Republican Party. They know they no longer canl come back into power through elections and the rule of law. It will have to be by some Dominionist coup like what Gordon has written extensively about.

    • As Democrats in AZ know all too well, sometimes it’s better to say nothing and just let the ReTrumplicans self-destruct. There’s no way they can emerge from the primaries without a huge millstone hanging around their necks.

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