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“I must not fear. Fear is the mind-killer. Fear is a little-death that brings total obliteration. I will face my fear. I will permit it to pass over me and through me. And when it has gone past I will turn the inner eye to see its path. Where the fear has gone there will be nothing. Only I will remain.” ― Frank Herbert, Dune

By Gordon Duff and New Eastern Outlook (Est. 1816) of the Russian Academy of Sciences

Today, the independent journalists, almost all of them, who reported on false flag terrorism, fake gas attacks in Syria, who stood against war, racism, and apartheid now enrich themselves by peddling hoaxes about magnetic vaccines and wild imaginary plots.

The uniting, and even defining central hoaxes involved computer chips in vaccines and the claim that COVID vaccines make people magnetic. Their proof, supported by a physician in Ohio, is videos of people having their brass keys stick to them after being vaccinated.

The problem, of course, is that brass isn’t magnetic but why don’t our friends in the alternative media know that? The question we will be driven to inexorably is this, if “they” are lying now, were the pronouncements we read year after year, books, articles, podcasts, “pap and drivel” as well?

Were they and most “activists” simply controlled opposition, or as they are called “limited hangouts?” My answer, based on years of investigation using resources of a major corporate security agency is a resounding “yes.”

Those who don’t do as told die, are jailed, or are crushed by Google and a company whose biggest target for many years has been VT.

First of all, we have to draw a line between known attention-seeking nobodies who show up almost hourly with blogs and podcasts, even bus tours, peddling conspiracy theories bred from the fertile imagination of the fabrications around Qanon.

Those following, let’s say, Frontline Doctors, backing their claims aren’t all nobodies. Who are the Frontline Doctors? Well, their leader is a physician trained in Nigeria who claims that “demon sperm” is a major cause of disease. Others in that organization, a fringe group heavily supported by right-wing extremists, are less qualified.

Thus, the question we will look at today is this, what is the fallout when the clear majority of authors and academics who stood against the certified lies peddled by the mainstream media, are “burned.”

As of this writing, almost all of the supposed “best and brightest” of the crowd are, on a daily basis, now incorporating childish conspiracy theories in their writings.

As part of their process, many if not most have also politically moved to the right as well. Not satisfied with parroting odd claims about Bill Gates, most are now embracing white supremacism, voter suppression, and abandoning all issues of social justice.

We begin with a single hypothesis, but others will follow. Are members of the alternative media being paid to promote COVID and vaccine hoaxes? If yes, is the purpose to cause additional deaths and economic loss, mostly to the US and UK, or is there something deeper behind it?

Is this an opportunity to destroy a powerful media force that “made its bones” exposing 9/11, the “war on terror” and globalist threats?

Evidence is mounting up that COVID-19 may well have supplied the “kryptonite” needed to tumble the credibility of those who have ridden Israel hard, with BDS and accusations of apartheid and broad war crimes. This is one, albeit the “holy grail” for the alternative media, the one area where most united, no matter color or political following.

The overriding injustice of our time has been this one issue, millions persecuted, imprisoned, bombed, and strafed while the mainstream media and Hollywood have cheered.

Against this tide stood the alternative media, fighting this, fighting “big pharma” and fighting the culture of war that has taken control of the US and her partner nations, eternal war, war as a way of life, and war as the tool to solve all problems, foreign and domestic.

Though we talk about Israel and the Palestinians, it was the Vietnam War that defined social disobedience and demonstrated how a twisted narrative could be overcome and a war that enriched so many of the world’s most evil could be ended.

In my attempt to ascertain the possible source of secret payoffs, I met at length with a good friend and anti-vaccine activist Robert David Steele. Steele, a former CIA officer, recently died of COVID-19 during a nationwide tour warning of the evils of vaccines. He was pilloried in the mainstream media.

When I met with Steele, prior to his fatal tour, he explained that he had been offered $35 million to support Donald Trump and other positions, like COVID and vaccine denialism.

The money was intended to finance a presidential run. I was to be an advisor to the new government that he hoped would enact broad reforms, primarily realigning America and Israel in ways some might find uncomfortable.

Others, which include some of the best-known independent writers of our time, tell of how their Patreon accounts are suddenly flush with cash after “changing sides.”

The problem here, of course, is that this exposes another issue, one we had all suspected, that nobody, not the mainstream media, and certainly not the vast majority of those who claim to be independent, has real activist roots. Most are simply attention seekers.

There is a list of others, names like Andre Vltchek, Michael Collins Piper or Alan Hart, the “true believers.” Why are so many of them dead? Worse still, we are finding that many of those touring as 9/11 “truthers” or as “unlock/unmask” militia types are, in actuality, FBI informants.

Our assumption here is that no one in a thousand is “real.”


We can go even further than we have. If ideas, especially now in our device-ridden existence, can be weaponized so easily, is it reasonable to assume that what can be controlled is controlled?

Is it, conversely, axiomatic that everyone that can be bought, bribed or blackmailed, those deemed “worthy” of such attention, has been bought, bribed, or blackmailed? Any answer other than “yes” is absurd.

But doesn’t that also mean that the rallying cries we have received all those years may well have been orchestrated as a “relief valve,” channeling efforts against globalism and injustice into the useless and circuitous?

One need only look at 9/11 “activists” and their claims of death rays from space or magic chemical compounds, things that could never exist, to see an obvious example.

What does “post-truth” mean? That’s simple, if you read it, it is a lie.

Then consider that the past dozen years of your online activity have created enough big data, reading each email or chat, each board post, all social media, each search or online purchase, and quite probably your medical and banking histories as well, fed into supercomputers, to “clone” you.

What is to be accepted?

  • All information you receive, each link, each plea is not simply false but likely engineered to exploit weaknesses in your education and character.
  • Based on your penchant for gullibility or potential for violence, a role has been chosen for you, that of “disinformation influencer” or even violent thug.

As an aside, some years ago I worked on a project in a Middle Eastern nation with a well-known canal. They were putting in place a broad program monitoring all social media. The data was being “churned” by a CIA-sponsored program built around a “big data” model created to serve market research and advertising groups in the automobile industry.

In that nation, however, it would be creating a vast web of mapped interactions. Within weeks, the government had a database of all social groups covering millions, who they know, what they believe, identifying each as a possible threat or asset.

This effort began in the United States almost 30 years ago with a dozen Noble Prize winners using modeling design to sell dish soap being used to mobilize engineered social discontent.

What we need to ask is this, would we have ever seen COVID-19 if these programs didn’t exist? Would a potential engineered pandemic have been adequately profitable without the ability to perpetuate and monetize the disease through disinformation?


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  1. I disagree with your assessment about there not being any respectable “alternative media.” There are a few sites that I frequent, which seem to make an honest attempt to truthfully inform people. My criteria for the
    “alternative media” is that they condemn BOTH political parties equally. Also, to a lesser extent, that they
    recognize “climate change, “The Great Reset,” 9/11 and the Federal Reserve as the frauds which they are, in my opinion.

    regarding the “Covid-19” event – there have been MANY highly educated medical doctors, clergymen, and
    others who have done a great deal of research into this, who feel that this whole “virus thing” is just the latest method that the Big Money interests have come up with to continue to steal money and to control the entire world. The next couple or three years should prove to be very interesting.

    By the way, I have NOT received any “vaccinations” and I will NOT be receiving any in the future.

    Thank you.

  2. “Is it, conversely, axiomatic that everyone that can be bought, bribed or blackmailed, those deemed “worthy” of such attention, has been bought, bribed or blackmailed? Any answer other than “yes” is absurd.”

    To be “bought, bribed, or blackmailed” is indeed the MO of a true media whore, but always remember, Zionists of all stripes do the very same thing FOR NOTHING! Just think of the thousands of Mossad Sayanim who helped promote the “official” 9/11 mythology. To this very day they provide cover for the simple reality that Israel nuked us on the horrible day and got away with it.

  3. VERS data shows 17,128 deaths as of October 15, 2021. Where did you get your one in a million data from Gordon?

    • VERS is not data as such. Yes, 17000 people reported themselves as dead. Some of them reported themselves dead dozens of times.

  4. Masks, vaccines, PCR testing, lock downs, quarantines needed to combat the military grade “covid19” they dosed IRAN withm has really struck a nerve with lots of people eh.

    Its a US/Israeli military dvry edadly and contagious bioweapon operaton that went haywire, left borders of Iran and spread quickly into Italy, Spain, then New York and everywhere else,
    Kurt Vonneguts “ICE NINE” in CATS CRADLE
    The world pandemic not planned, but attack on Iran certainly was.

    Intiial Chinese epidemic “became” a trial run to see how it goees.

    IF successful then might as well “nuke” Iran with another strain that really kills those Arab fuckers.
    You think Trump Pompeo Netanyahu would not hesitate for a minute to do it?

    Especially when they have the perfect cover story all set up; it came from China.

    Nobody wants the truth out, not the victims, since they dont want to be punished again with another strain should they complain about the truth of it (similar to Hezbollah quiet on Beirut nuke) , and the perpetrators of course will blame the victims as they wil always do.

    Everything is fucked, and people are no damn good – thats the truth!

  5. “Every time we do something you tell me Americans will do this and will do that. I want to tell you something very clear, don’t worry about American pressure on Israel. We, the J*ewish people, control America, and the Americans know it.”
    Prime Minister of Israel, Ariel Sharon, Oct 2001
    Source: BBC News

  6. In 1984, Orwell analysed the power of language.
    Newspeak, simple, brutal, designed to prevent complex thought.

    The ability to degrade others.
    Unique human beings rendered into anonymous units of accounting. Transformed into slave currency.

    “This work is of necessity that of an elite, and, even more remarkably, an elite that never ceased to renew itself, an elite that seems to have been uniquely endowed with a wealth of scientific knowledge, including an understanding of the laws of Life.
    What, then, was this inexhaustible source, and what means so powerful and so stable assured such continuity?”
    Quote from the book The Temple in Man. The Secrets of Ancient Egypt. By R. A. Schwaller de Lubicz.

    Mesopotamian tablets recording credits and debits, rations issued by temples, money owed for rent of temple lands.
    The origins of investment capital in medieval Chinese Buddhism.
    Adam Smith’s free-market theories stolen from medieval Persia.

    The Great Reset annihilates any possibility of equality.
    It is purely a relationship of Power.
    The Exalted and the Degraded.

     “He loved Big Brother.”

  7. Never has the truth been so compromised with lies and half truths as now. I pity the younger generation.

  8. It has been painful for us watching people ‘go over’ to the dark side. A common motive is their egos in having their Google numbers tanked by some Google worker with a few key strokes to put them on a shit list, and kissing away most of the Google ad revenue they might have had. They were bitter, taking it out on readers that would not read them. Then came the ‘screw it attitude’, ‘if they don’t care about me, then I don’t care about them. I will write for those who will appreciate me by paying me. This was not universal, but it caught a lot of them.’

  9. So you are saying that the 16,000 who have died from the vax is false data? You did say that Dr David E Martin was a clown.

    • we have vaccinated 250 million. have we lost 250? one in a million? The figures he is using care self reported deaths…people reporting they are dead. maybe they are right. hey…if i die..i will report it…no, i will write about it…perhaps along with stew webb…yeah…that’s the ticket…

    • 2 truths that are hard for all of you to debate:
      1. As I physician I can see a chilling, Orwellian groupthink replacing evidence-based medicine, just within the past 1.5 years. Interestingly, this striking cultural revolution in medicine has exclusively occurred in medical analysis of all things related to SARS-Cov-2.
      2. American data on COVID-19 are extremely biased. In non-medical vernacular, that means, WORTHLESS:
      -A peer-reviewed, quite amazing study by mathematician Dr. Rose found that VERS death data is under-reported by a factor of 42. https://cf5e727d-d02d-4d71-89ff-9fe2d3ad957f.filesusr.com/ugd/adf864_0490c898f7514df4b6fbc5935da07322.pdf
      -As of April 30, 2021, the CDC has discontinued recording positive SARS-Cov-2 testing for “vaccinated” patients who are symptomatic but fail to meet criteria for hospital admission or die.https://www.theguardian.com/commentisfree/2021/aug/06/cdc-covid-coronavirus-data-breakthrough-cases
      -All people who are injected with the Pfizer, Moderna or J&J product for COVID-19 are considered “unvaccinated” for the critical 14 days after 2nd injection of Pfizer and Moderna and only injection for J&J. >80% of all deaths after injection occur within these first 2 weeks. That means, a patient (who is actually a non-informed research participant) will be injected, and die with symptoms almost identical to COVID-19 in the hospital. Their lethal symptoms were the result of spike protein translated by their own cells following instructions from the injected mRNA or DNA. See Pfizer biodistribution

  10. Thanks for this, Gordon. Fact is, the USA has the most brainwashed population on the planet. The same folks who were the real perps of 9/11 have conned most of us into believing the fairy tale that 19 Arabs led by Osama bin Laden attacked us on that horrible day. That was the pretext for all the US wars of this century. As Voltaire warned, “Those who can make you believe absurdities can make you commit atrocities.”

  11. The disinformation certainly served as a “gain of function”. Years back, a trend started and a phrase came into the echo chamber, “question everything’.
    Mistrust and various vectors of self indulgent behaviors followed that fed on the mistrust.
    The water is muddy, and even seasoned activists journalism seem to plod forward with trepidation and self made boundaries.
    We need and are moving slowly into position for a major breakthrough in something. The atmosphere of “something to lose” is dissipating. However, make no mistake, those gathering mass data are screaming forward hundreds of miles ahead. There are two earths. The computer is to the tractor, that a slingshot is to the howitzer. When it pops, everyones thoughts are predictable. There are those who have waited millenia for it.

  12. Such a great and refreshing article. VT was one of my favorite sites, but recently it jumps into the bandwagon of belittling, ridiculing us anti-vaxxers, even went as far as calling us names. I am not against vaccine in general, I just don’t think the current covid vaccines are safe enough at the moment.

  13. It looks like everyone here has caught sight of the AI data tsunami Gordon outlined.
    As long as the network works, who can ride such a wave?
    After it breaks, the brave new world will be mad max all over again.

  14. This essay starts off in its title mentioning “the death of the alternative media”, but when did the alternative media become a thing? For decades, Americans got their information from the big three; NBC, CBS, ABC, and the likes of Howard K. Smith, Walter Cronkite, David Brinkley, and Chet Huntley. The only “alternative media” I remember then was the National Enquirer, available in the check-out aisle at your local market or pharmacy. People trusted the word of those power house news organizations. We were informed by them and their necessity, in their role as the trusted watchdogs of our democracy. It was said LBJ lost the Vietnam War when he lost Cronkite, after the ’68 Tet Offensive. I think the greater question might be when did people’s trust in their news sources become suspect, and if so, by whom was this manipulated? I’m going to hazard a guess and say follow the (dark) money,…straight up to the top 1/10th of the 1%. This works for them. The middle class in the US used to control 50% of the wealth in the country. The country functioned because of the great middle, and the willingness to compromise. That’s gone! Dark forces have created implacable partisan forces, none side being the new Confederacy. With willful ignorance, there’s no bottom.

  15. What does “post truth” mean? That’s simple, if you read it, it is a lie.

    Well, I think never, not today, not before, it was possible find “truth” in only one piece and never in whole history was too difficult as today when thanks to the technology more tools are available to do that. The truth always was like a big puzzle which it need be put together after seek and isolate truth’s tiny parts that you can find in many places. A really hard work that most doesn’t even know need to do and many other of those who know about it them doesn’t even are willing start. At the end of the way there are only a few talking to others few….

  16. And in the cycle of truths and lies we must sift through – even the most alternative of media- for those little kernels that may lead us to a more enlightened tomorrow…, more likely chaos and destruction if you follow history. I am interested in a book by the now deceased David Greaber The Dawn of Everything: a new history of humanity. Good article on it in the Atlantic

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