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Blockbuster: COVID, ‘Post-Truth’ and the Death of the Alternative Media

Gordon Duff -Everyone that can be bought, bribed or blackmailed, those deemed “worthy” of such attention, has been bought, bribed or blackmailed? Any answer other than “yes” is absurd.

Reader Obit: Andre Vltchek’s death a major loss to China, the...

It was Andre Vltchek, legendary Russian-American war correspondent/journalist found dead in Turkey today, leading the CHARGE in New Eastern Outlook Magazine which became easily the best global journal on the planet.

Andre Vltchek Dead—Murdered by NATO/Zionists?

Andre Vltchek's purpose in life was to royally piss off the people who misrule the world.

Guo Wengui – So Anti-Chinese even the US Can’t Stomach Him

By Andre Vltchek for VT In some very rare cases, it is better to read British conservative, right-wing press, like The Economist or the Telegraph,...

UK and Hong Kong – Mutually Reinforced Ignorance

In Hong Kong, the ideological combat has been one of epic proportions. The battle has been over the most populous country on Earth – China. And not only China the country, but also its system, political, economic, and social.

NEO – How Erdogan moved Uyghur terrorists into Syria with Turkish...

Under the influence of combat drugs, Uyghur combatants committed crimes against humanity in Syria, murdering hundreds of men, women and children, while de-populating entire villages and towns. They have been cooperating with various terrorist groups...

NEO – From inside isolated Hong Kong – Melancholy and hope

Jim W. Dean - Can you imagine what is going through Japan's mind on the Summer Olympics now? Will countries be able to even send their teams?

NEO: America, Where Great Literature Kicked the Bucket

There is not one single giant of letters presently working in the United States. Full stop. Culturally, the country has collapsed. It is exporting garbage all over the world, lowering the standards of our humanity, awarding mediocrity at home and in all corners of the globe.

NEO – I never saw a world so fragmented!

Jim W. Dean - Andre Vltcheck gives us his sad overview on how ignorant and unconcerned those in the bottom 25% economically, and higher are about anyone else's situation but their own.

NEO – Lies which the West manufactures and then consumes

Jim W. Dean - Andre has given us a stream of consciousness report on his gut reactions that he has being seeing all year on his 2019 magical mystery tour.

NEO – Indonesia’s government moving to greener pastures – Cynicism, corruption,...

Is it wrong to abandon the city of Jakarta and build some Potemkin village in the middle of Borneo?

NEO – Beirut is burning: Rebellion against the elites has begun

Jim W. Dean - I have visited Lebanon while passing through to Syria. I was lucky on my first trip, going to the Syrian election as a monitor, to have been in Beirut for a weekend.

Andre Vltcheck – IDF and Hezbollah stare each other down, for...

Jim W. Dean - Andre Vltchek gives us a combat journalist view from the front lines in the Golan Heights, as the world waits to see if the IDF is willing to risk a major conflict with Lebanon after its drone assassination attack in Beirut triggered a harsh Hezbollah retaliation.

NEO: Boomerang – The West oppressed the 3rd World for so...

It is sad being a writer in New York City or in London, and just as it is frightening to be poor, or different. All over the world, the roles are being reversed.

NEO -The West is failing to overthrow “Regimes”

Jim W. Dean - Spending time with the victims of the international gangsters makes a lasting impression on you, unless you are one cold-hearted son-of-a-bitch.

NEO: If Iran is Destroyed, Can the Human Race Survive?

Iran, the country that has been giving countless cultural treasures to the world for millennia, is standing against the mightiest nation on earth. Iran is facing tremendous danger; of annihilation even, if the world does not wake up fast, and rush to its rescue.

Brainwashed and insane – Fighters injected into countries

“We are terribly scared of Uyghurs; of their crimes. I don’t even want to remember what has happened. I had to flee with my four children, on a motorbike, like in some crazy movie…”

NEO – Panda diplomacy much better than mafia extortion of collapsing...

Jim W. Dean - The US rightfully does not want to maintain the large China balance of payments deficit and has strong bipartisan political support.

NEO – Can China and Russia survive in this unharmonious world?

Does it pay ‘to be good’? Is it still possible to play by the rules in this mad world, governed by brigands?

NEO – How Come the World is Suffering from Stockholm Syndrome?

Jim W. Dean - Andre is out in the field in Syria, getting out more than Gordon and I do. He is younger, and we have been there and done that, but it brings up all the memories of faces and places long past.