Attorney general says payout was driven by internal assessment that Justice Department was likely to lose suit over firing.

…from Politico

[ Editor’s Note: If anyone thinks this was some kind of great wind fall for McCabe think again. Any credible DC attorney starts at $500/hr and then get up to $700 real quick. So a good chunk of the settlement will go to his lawyers, as a ‘team’ usually has to work on complex cases.

When you get the bill, it details almost every minute that each person puts in. I saw an estate case a few years ago where a client who wanted to be constantly babysat by his attorney was going to pay through the nose.

Any communication with the office like a voice mail or emails was a $60 charge just for accepting it, before the billing time to respond was added. The attorney does not pay the staff out of his billings.

They are separate if they handle any paperwork of have to do research. I have heard people refer to it as a potential legal gangbang, i.e., everybody is getting a piece of your hide. You take it or leave it.

McCabe has a good future, as former Acting FBI Directors do not grow on trees. If he does not go into politics, he can be one of those $500/hr+ ‘inside the beltway attorneys real quick if he wants to, but he does need to get out of the limelight first.

We have not heard anything about where Rudy’s disbarment case is going, along with the grifter gang that got sanctioned from the Detroit lady judge. I thought she was going to be forwarding her case on them to their respective home state bar associations.

All of them admitted (not wanting to add a perjury rap onto their list of problems) that they had submitted ‘evidence’ to the court as true, when it was all third party hearsay garbage, which of course they knew, but did it anyway to get the headlines.

The wheels of justice are turning slowly indeed… Jim W. Dean ]

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Andrew McCabe

First published … October 27, 2021

The Justice Department agreed to pay former acting FBI Director Andrew McCabe and his attorneys over $700,000 because lawyers for the government concluded that they were likely to lose a lawsuit McCabe filed over his firing by the Trump administration just hours before he was set to retire, Attorney General Merrick Garland told lawmakers on Wednesday.

During a Senate Judiciary Committee oversight hearing, Sen. Chuck Grassley (R-Iowa) expressed outrage over the settlement, calling the move “beyond incredible” and noting that a Justice Department inspector general review found McCabe lied to investigators on seven occasions.

…”The McCabe settlement was a recommendation of the career lawyers litigating that case based on their prospects of success in the case,” Garland said.

…”It involved a claim that he was not given the amount of time necessary to respond to allegations,” Garland said. “The litigators concluded they needed to settle the case because of the likelihood of loss on the merits of that claim.”

…McCabe’s suit was broader than Garland stated, including claims that his firing was an act of political retaliation and violated his First Amendment rights.

You can read the full Politico article here.


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  1. Using the just over 30% number of 250k , @600 = 416 hours. I’m actually surprised using that number, as even out in the mainstream US , it is not unusual to see higher hourly rates, and lump sums. If 4 people worked the case at full attorney rate, it would be just over 100 hours apiece using the 250k number.
    {average wrongful termination settlement amounts} Average – 40,000. Range – 5,000 – 100,000. “The average fee of lawyers is around 30% of the settlement received.”
    Conclusion – McCabe got more because the DOJ would have easily expended over and lost. It costs taxpayers money when the “elected” do stupid stuff. The totals are astounding.

    • The recent guy who claims he was fired for being white got ,.,..10 Mil

      It’s hard to find a comprehensive list, as some settlements are not disclosed, but the largest verdict I found with a quick search was 25 mil to a single person. In that case, the termination was a result of retaliation for whistleblowing against fellow employees for pushing a non-approved medical device. (dude sold medical equipment). I’m guessing that if McCabe wanted money, he could have pursued the case instead of settling. he likely would have gotten a lot more.

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