Are the US and Russia Heading for War?


DISCLOSURE: Sourced from Russian government funded media

No matter how many times it has been said that relations between Russia and Western countries can no longer get worse, the news agenda proves us the opposite again and again. On October 24, German Defense Minister Annegret Kramp-Karrenbauer gave an interview to Deutschlandfunk radio in which she threatened Russia with the use of nuclear weapons if the country did not bow to NATO’s guidelines. Even though Germany itself does not possess nuclear weapons, it was implied that an attack could be launched by an American arsenal from European territory.

Russian Defense Minister Sergei Shoigu commented on his German colleague’s dreams of a new war, saying in particular that “we must remember how the pulling of forces to Russia’s borders ends”. Quite a fair comment on the country that started the two world wars. Director of the Russian Foreign Intelligence Service Sergei Naryshkin also spoke about the aggressive military plans of Western partners and pointed to the futility of the attempts to seize Russian territory.

Prior to that, Russia decided to suspend the work of its permanent mission to NATO as of November 1 in response to the decision to withdraw accreditation of eight mission members. The NATO Information Office at the Belgian Embassy and the Military Liaison Mission in Moscow were also closed. Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov spoke about this issue, saying that “relations between Russia and NATO cannot be called catastrophic, because they simply do not exist”. The closure of diplomatic missions is in itself an alarming signal in terms of military security, but it is only the tip of the iceberg.

A New Stage Of Aggravation Of Relations Between The West And Russia Leads To War?

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As we can see, Russian politicians have become more active in expressing their views on the prospects of military conflicts with the West, which means that this issue is already being thoroughly considered by Russian elites, and they take the risks of military conflicts near their borders seriously. Continuing this theme, it is necessary to mention a recent article by former Russian President and current Deputy Chairman of the Security Council Dmitry Medvedev on Ukraine. In that article he considered current Ukraine government as completely unprepared for negotiations and scrutinize no prospect for peaceful cooperation either with Ukrainian political elites or their Euro-Atlantic handlers.

A New Stage Of Aggravation Of Relations Between The West And Russia Leads To War?

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We may also recall the words of U.S. Secretary of Defense Lloyd Austin about guarantees of military assistance to Kiev in case of aggression from Russia and the British project of military-material assistance in the form of supplies of Brimstone missiles and joint construction of warships. These political gestures demonstrate that the Anglo-Saxon elites are just as ready for an escalation of the conflict with Russia, and they have chosen the territory of Ukraine as the point of force application.

The situation in the Eastern Europe does seem appropriate for an escalation of the military situation in the eastern part. The coronavirus pandemic, due to low vaccination rates, is again breaking records in morbidity and mortality, and a lockdown is being one more time imposed in Russia, which means additional damage to business and the well-being of citizens. In Europe, the situation can’t be regarded better in comparison with Russia, because of the emerging energy crisis and gas supply disruptions, with the risk of a cold winter. The EU economies also bear a heavy burden in the form of the costs of building a green economy, and not everyone is coping with it.

The pressure on Russia from the West through Ukraine is an extremely convenient position, because on its southern borders, i.e. in the Caucasus and Central Asia, it already has to be distracted by destabilization processes generated by Turkey as part of its policy of expansion in Eurasia. Furhermore, the case of the fall of the old regime in Afghanistan and the coming to power of the Taliban government, which is also not the problem of one particular country, but it seems to be a powerful signal for all inhabitants of Central Asia suffering from low living standards, ignorance and insolvent and corrupt local elites. By a very strange coincidence, hotbeds of tension are being created around Russia’s borders. Or was the creation of these hotbeds planned as part of someone else’s strategy?

A New Stage Of Aggravation Of Relations Between The West And Russia Leads To War?

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Speaking of Central Asians, there is another major Russian domestic policy related to them. The country is home to a huge number of legal and illegal migrants from Tajikistan, Uzbekistan, and Kyrgyzstan, who almost entirely occupy certain sectors of unskilled labor, like housing and utilities. And they also commit a significant portion of criminal offenses in large cities, stealing and raping on a regular basis. According to statistics, during the first lockdown in Moscow in 2020, when most migrants from Central Asia were returned home, the number of crimes committed in Moscow dropped by 75 percent. Despite such an obvious threat to its citizens, the government recently amnestied 300,000 migrants previously deported for crimes, unable otherwise to make up for the shortage of cheap labor. Of course, should the domestic situation deteriorate, whether due to military conflict, economic crisis or other reasons, migrants will become another destabilizing factor, dramatically worsening the crime situation.

The coming winter will be a serious test for peace cooperation initiatives due to the objective circumstances described above, and the onset of the spring period in northern latitudes is often associated with an increase in military activity. The previous large-scale act of Ukrainian aggression in the Donbass took place in April of this year; in the time remaining until next spring, NATO instructors will have time to train the Ukrainian army in addition to American and British military supplies. The likelihood of a new conflict is quite high, and its primary goal is precisely the diversion and weakening of Russia.


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  1. Concentrate on today… Today is where you are now; right at this moment; right here.

    U.S. has no chance in the South China Sea, they are hopelessly outgunned.
    China could take Taiwan in a week or less.
    U.S. could use tactical nukes but so could China so thats not a solution.
    Taiwan should calm down, if they bow they will probably get a special status like did Hong Kong in 1997 after it went back to China.
    They are still going strong.
    So whats better to prosper under Chinese rule or to die under U.S. rule?
    You decide…

    • The USA is after all the AngloZionist Empire. It was always our “manifest destiny” to overspread and to possess the whole of the continent which Providence has given us for the development of the great experiment of liberty and federated self-government entrusted to us (John O’Sullivan, 1845). If this sounds a lot like what the European Ashkenazim are doing in Palestine, it’s supposed to. Manifest Destiny equals Zionism equals racism, pure and simple. Both Russia and China have been on the receiving end of this urge to dominate for centuries. Now they have joined together with Iran and over 70 other nations in the new Belt and Road Initiative based on cooperation and mutual respect. More power to them.

    • El_Puerco, the notion that Russia is “Christian” is preposterous. After the second Chechen war, a practical accommodation was made that gave Chechens limited autonomy in exchange for not setting up a strict Islamist state. That has worked for over a decade now. It’s the US that is the target of fundamentalist so-called Christians who want to replace constitutional government with Christo-fascism. The Cult of Trump has become the new American Taliban.

  2. “Russian elites?” “Anglo Saxon elites?” “Local elites?”
    A Global Cabal of Deeply Psychotic Criminals, 0.5%ers of “elite” banking, military industrial, energy, telecommunications, BigPharma, agro-industrial, corporate infrastructure conglomerates, food giants, and on and on pumped up on money from the International Monetary Fund (IMF), World Bank, European Central Bank and- the biggest money- laundering outfit on the planet- the International Bank of Settlements.
    “The Fusion Doctrine” ‘peace’.
    All administrative functions central to the daily functioning of a nation state ‘fused’ into one centralized totalitarian control system overseen by unelected Technocrats.

    London, The City which has a Lawyer called the Remembrancer.
    He has a special seat to the right of the Speaker in the House of Commons.
    He has a mirror role in The House of Lords.
    He “reminds” Parliament that the country is in debt.
    To the Banksters.
    And that “They” have the last word.

  3. Now with mini nukes like used in Beirut that leave near zero radioactive debris (neutron bomb they used to call them) it makes it so there can be a “nuclear war” without the nuclear winter, without the international and internal condemnation and shock of the actual use of nuclear weapons (because the use of nuclear weapons is not revealed and covered up to public….and of course its just a big bomb or ammunition dump or fertilizer storage etc) So a nuclear war with Russia very “doable” in US military planning. Same with Russia, they NEED to have good plannning and response to US nuke attack and always on their tip toes about it.
    Or a mini nuke is dropped into Kaliningrad or Moscow even….the explosion blamed on decrepit Russian gas pipelines or rusty tanks in storage areas or whatever they think up the complicit media will trumpet…maybe a meteroite strike thats a good one….remember the train blowing up in N Korea about 8 years ago, blamed on electrical grid falling on fertilizer in train shipment but actually it was assasination attempt missle was used and CIA thought Kim on that train returning from meeting in China.
    N Korea retaliated that night just like N Korea said it would…. with missle strike that hit above Monroe WA near Seattle CCT cameras proved trajectory not a meteorite.

    • Yes, any war with China or Russia will go nuclear within hours. Problem is, the USA is in a very strange place right now. Evangelical Christianity has morphed into being an apocalyptic suicide cult. Their crude fundamentalism, based on the Zionist Scofield Reference Bible, actually prays for WWIII to happen. They’ve become the heart and soul of the Republican Party. Republicans in Congress have made it clear that there will be no nuclear deal with Iran. Trump and Pompeo tried their best to give his base (and Israel) the attack on Iran that would bring on a nuclear holocaust involving Russia. Armageddon will not be fought with mini-nukes. It will be the end of the USA as we know it, all by design.

  4. Annegret Kramp-Karrenbauer is talking out of her ugly ass. This Krampy Karen is the darling of Israel and lodged in the derrière of Pompeo.

  5. The answer to that question is “NO”. Russia is too coward to get involved in a shooting match with the west. Russia will find any pretext to sissy its way out of a war even if the west were to provoke it.

    • Not engaging in a stupid war about something or anything is not being a fucking sissy its about being fucking SMART
      Russia (plus China if need be) could flatten WASH DC and sink their entire fleet in seconds and thats all that needs to be known (but not demonstrated) to stop US NATO aggression or a surprise first strike.

    • I very much disagree with your opinion of the situation, especially in regards to Russia and it being a “sissy” for averting any war with the United States (the country in which I live).

      UNLIKE 99% of the politicians in the USA, Mr. Putin is a highly educated person who, I believe, is actually trying his best to (and succeeding at) in making things better for the average Russian. He is nobody’s fool and he is much too intelligent to resort to any rash judgments or actions in regards to the USA’s belligerence.

  6. After the world war II, and the unrivaled, unprecedented human death toll, the russian then Soviet authorities have decided there will no longer be Europe-Russia wars. At the sight of incursion or missile launch, the russian response will be immediate and/or nuclear, aimed at the missile launch site, together with the missile/nuclear response at the decision making center, namely London or Washington. No longer will Russia be a slaughterhouse for anglosaxon psychopaths and their pawns Napoleons Hitlers and monkeys like Mackinder and Churchill. Hence, all the transfers made at the Kaliningrad base, the nuclear alarms at Crimea and so forth.

  7. NBC reporting ISIS K now gathering in Afghanistan, and may be able to attack the US within months. The same jokers that facilitated the bombing at Kabul airport. Biden administration cannot pussyfoot around with traitors in the US driving this. Prosecute for treason, or eliminate with extreme prejudice.

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