by Gordon Duff, VT Sr. Editor, …with New Eastern Outlook, Moscow, Established 1816

First published … July 07, 2021

With millions dead and a world economy shattered, the truth about COVID 19 isn’t getting closer, no, it’s getting further away, buried by politics, shrouded in lies. 99 percent of those who write about COVID, either medically or from a security standpoint, have no qualifications in either arena.

Moreover, those few that are qualified either lie or, if “the truth is out there,” it isn’t accepted, suppressed by the press, drowned in “chaff” or simply undiscernible by those of lesser capability. But then it isn’t just COVID 19.

First, the process should be explained. By “process,” I mean the methods real or “supposed” intelligence and security experts use to discern “probability of fact” for those supposedly “entrusted” with the secret and special knowledge that constitutes “truth.”

You see, “truth” isn’t just relative, its dangerous. It also varies from “the narrative” in almost every case where the best analogous references best come from Matrix films.

Now we are going to use one of those dangerous analogies. How many remember 9/11 and the “Harley guy.” Moments after the first tower crashed on 9/11, an individual, later identified as an employee of Fox News, wearing a Harley Davidson t shirt, identified what he deemed the cause of the building collapses, pancaking caused by massive fires and structural weakening.

Years since, a virtual army of architects and engineers have disputed the “Harley guy” stating that his analysis, with no qualifications, but one later published as “fact” was in fact scientifically impossible and literally laughable.

What one who works in intelligence would call this is “revealing the narrative.” Such “narratives” are standard in any military operation as part of “cover and deception,” an integral part of every move, be it a fake gas attack or the D-Day invasion of France in 1944.

For COVID 19, it was the story of “bat soup.” Within hours of China’s COVID 19 outbreak being reported, a fake narrative hit every media organization in the world at the same time. An unnamed source cited the sale of infected bats, sold as soup to customers including the US military team at the Wuhan Games in October 2019 (369 members strong, finishing in 38th place).

Two more issues were made public, one that a secret lab may have infected the bat with a manmade virus and that the Chinese themselves were a flawed people for serving foods that were so alien and potentially disgusting, by Western standards.

That narrative, or at least part of it, stands today just as the Harley guy’s 9/11 pancake theory stands.

Now we will address the nature of “process” and how it applies to finding either a true version of the “truth,” if one can excuse such a confusing reference, or admitting that the truth may not be out there at all.

Sometimes “truth” simply doesn’t exist.

My “day job” is as an intelligence briefer, or at least part of it is. I head a team that includes a top nuclear weapons scientist with identifiable credentials at the DOE and IAEA.

The team includes a former Deputy Director of Homeland Security at the US, two high ranking intelligence officials from the US and Russia, a former high-level intelligence briefer for the US Senate and two former FBI officials. It also includes one of the leaders of the European Space Agency and a top WHO official as well, both longtime personal friends.

There are others we can’t mention so easily.

I run briefings, generally to deemed acceptable entities, not banned by the US, including military intelligence officials and political leaders.

Almost nothing that comes out in such a briefing “jibes” with what the press reports. Additionally, everyone in the room accepts as matter of fact that what the public is told is entirely fabricated.

For material to be introduced, it has to pass experts. Let’s say we were talking about the seizure by the Turkish government of Californium, a nuclear material that, in 2019, had fallen into the hands of a group supplying terrorists.

The internet says a “Californium bomb” is a hoax or “pipe dream.” Californium can support a chain reaction with a critical mass that is extremely small, insanely small and put out almost no radiation.

So, why were terrorists, who aren’t all totally stupid, buying $70 million in supposedly “hoax” bomb material?

In order to discuss this intelligently, a team member, in this case a nuclear physicist with weapons experience would address the following questions:

  • Can Californium really make a bomb?
  • How big a bomb?
  • Does a terror group have the capability of creating this weapon?
  • If deployed, how can we identify it and discern its signature from a “fertilizer explosion” or exploding weapons storage facility?
  • How can one defend against such a threat?
  • How can we identify an organization seeking materials to create such as weapon, if such a weapon is indeed a possibility?

This same process applies to COVID 19.

This same process applies, and did apply, to 9/11, yielding a secondary classified finding of demolition by fission or fission/fusion device.

These are just a very few of such subjects. Now imagine that everything that happens has another side, one rarely but occasionally guessed at by internet conspiracy “junkies.”

  • Mass shootings
  • Violence during demonstrations
  • Hacking attacks
  • Allegation of election interference
  • Deaths of prominent figures
  • Large scale tragic events
  • Inexplicable political and social trends

In many cases, not every case, an alternative theory is analyzed carefully and often accepted as “slam dunk” or “probable.” However, this information and the processes used to discern same are not just classified, even discussing them is generally forbidden, no matter how roundabout and obscure the references are.

Worse still, one might accept that the perpetrators of wrongdoing in many if not most or almost all such instances, as part of their “process” began with a fake narrative and assets that could push that narrative forward in the press, in social media and even through organizations at the UN and other international bodies.

This capability, which we know exists, no questions there, has made potential perpetrators, often nation states of quasi-state player intelligence organizations, quite brazen.

Because of this, a secondary process is always applied in every event, that is discerning who benefits and does the capability exist to not only stage such an event but control the narrative as well.

There are never such questions as:

  • Why would they do something so terrible?
  • Aren’t they worried about being caught?

Try bringing that up in a room full of military leaders and the laughter might deafen you.

Gordon Duff is a Marine combat veteran of the Vietnam War that has worked on veterans and POW issues for decades and consulted with governments challenged by security issues. He’s a senior editor and chairman of the board of VT, especially for the online magazine “New Eastern Outlook”.


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  1. Offshore asked: “I’s a good effective treatment for coved one of these things we are not allowed to know?”
    Go to the FLCCC, Dark Horse, Trial Site News and Dr John Campbell and I think you will see that Ivermectin (in the right dosage) with vitamins and zinc is pretty effective at preventing one from catching CV19, at reducing the severity of the disease if you do catch it, reducing the length/severity of the illness, at preventing the infected person from spreading the disease, has extremely few reported side-effects (all of them non fatal), and is anathema to Dr Fauci and most of the medical establishment. It has been prescribed for years for other diseases, 3.7 BILLION times to humans, and countless other times to animals. It appears to be the safest medicine in the books, bar none.
    It also seems to be an effective treatment for “Long Covid19.

  2. There are several reasons why there is the great effort to suppress it – none of them good.
    First. The permission to use the untested vaccines, “the emergency use”, relies on there being no effective treatment for the disease. If IVM were admitted to be such a treatment it would be impossible to give permission for the use of an unproven treatment. The pharmaceutical industry has been desperate to try their new treatments out, but did not want to have to wait years to do all the normal proceedures.

  3. Secondly. The Big pharmaceutical companies saw an opportunity to try out their new stuff on humans in a huge trial where they would have no liability if anyone got hurt.
    Thirdly. Big P. also saw a massive profit opportunity.
    Speculatively, Bill Gates and the other NWO figures who sponsored this “vaccine” push, have been saying for years that there are too many of us. The disease and the vaccine together have killed several millions. Perhaps this is coincidence?

  4. The death of fully vaxed Colin Powell should send a message to us here @ VT. Either the med est. has no answer to coved If the vax doesn’t work which seems alarmingly possible, probably or worse. I am fully vaxed, but am seriously looking for a treatent should the vax fail me too. The med est does NOT spend any time telling us how to treat it, if the vaunted vax does fail us. Better to know what you will do/take if the vax should fail US… Get to know the skinny on what will work and what will not. If Powell was not saved, something is wrong. I hated him, but his death tells me something. What that is, either there is no effective treatment available within the rules of FDA, or he had become a embarrassment to the empire. Exposing it’s evil intent or both may be or true.

  5. We aren’t allowed to know…

    Bernie beat Trump AND all Dems in veteran AND active duty donations, in 2016 AND 2020!

    Hell, Americans can’t even handle self-evident truth like that…

    #OpenBorders (& noncitizen voting) #MadeAmericaGreat. (#MAGA!)

  6. Same with Donny Dollhands: Instant Fake Narrative/s*. Still pervade!

    It’s all about the TRADE DEFICIT😱!!!

    ALL Media:
    Anoints him “Tough On Trade”.

    2018, 2019, 2020:
    Worst Trade Deficits Ever.

    Trump & Media:

    And all media hailed him the UnPolitician. (Knowing people heard: “He’s honest”.)

    * Like MAGA itself: NOBODY ever asked DramaQueenDon when his mythical period was. (Until Pastor Carl Day, late 2020.)

  7. bjackanic, I agree. The problem is not that you have gone wrong but because you are attempting to do it right. The public is habituated to expect distractions and the media is in the business of selling distractions. Pick one thing and get to the bottom of it before letting it go (or not).

    Examine the mug shots of Jack Ruby taken at the police station after he allegedly shot LHO and focus on the back and sides of his neck. Then look at the famous photo from the parking garage with his back to the camera and look carefully at the alleged shooter’s back-hair-line. There is no way that that is the same man in the mug shot photos.

    But the media seem to know instinctively that they cannot go here. Same with every other major event of that paradigm-changing nature. First we get the official story. Then the official story causes cognitive dissonance. Then something else happens to distract the masses, and we move on to the next one.

  8. At 13 yrs. old, I watched the news coverage of the JFK execution as it happened. Never thought for one second that LHO was the assassin. And later, as a P.E., I watched the towers vaporized. I have been trying to tell the truth about both since and have been ridiculed, or told that no one cares, from friends and family. Tried to sell my lab-rat shot on fb. Got ridiculed for that. Where have I gone wrong?

  9. Many american native tribes would consider the dream and spirit world to be what reality is, and what we see and experience while awake and living, is actually the illusion.
    Nowadays we have television and internet as the dominant illusion,
    this countered by the reality of creative thought with good intentions.

  10. Gordon, I like the way you think. This article from last July was a masterpiece. I would only add… Impunity, thy name is Israel. Zionism has been able to control the narrative of every false-flag event that has happened in the USA since forever. This includes the JFK assassination, the Gulf of Tonkin attack, the first attack on Afghanistan, and of course, 9/11. Future historians (if there are any) will marvel at how easily Americans can be duped into believing just about anything. As Voltaire warned, “Those who can make you believe absurdities can make you commit atrocities.”

    • And as Mark Twain said, “It is easier to fool people than it is to convince them that they were fooled”.

  11. “Autosurveillance marks the penetration of information technology within the body and the psyche of the individual subject: it implies a diffusion of computers on a generalized scale and a kind of passive replication of their programs by the individual, most visibly in the areas of education and medicine” Quote from Jacques Attalis’ book Noise.

    “Learned helplessness occurs when an animal is repeatedly subjected to an aversive stimulus that it cannot escape. Eventually, the animal will stop trying to avoid the stimulus and behave as if it is utterly helpless to change the situation. Even when opportunities to escape are presented, this learned helplessness will prevent any action”. Verywellmind website.

    “The tale goes that in the 16th century, the renowned Rabbi Löw, also known as the Maharal of Prague, was seeking a way to protect the local Je wish people from pogroms and the whim of unpredictable rulers up at Prague Castle. Endowed with the power to transform the four elements into living things, he moulded a superhuman from the mud of the Vltava – the Golem”. theculturetrip website.

  12. Never let a crisis (created; False Flag,-‘9/11’, Bio- ‘COVID-19’ Weapon?) go to waste, but use them for your, (The Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion-The PIGS), eventual goal, that of Orwellian ‘Animal Farm’, herding the Masses there, by all/any opportunities, created or otherwise, that will arise for OUR benefit! F-ck the Masses of Humanity, they are only GOYIM! We, the Chosen Few, are the Drivers in the ‘Seat of our Yahweh’, with Him on our side, there is no “Crime Against Humanity” that Yahweh can’t justify against anyone! SIEG HEIL Zionism! SIEG Heil YAHWEH!

  13. Mark Walsh was the Fox News employee wearing a Harley Davidson t-shirt who supposedly saw planes flying at full speed, crashing into the twin towers, and who just happened to coin the term, Ground Zero. Also, pictures of the 19 Arabs who supposedly hijacked the planes were all over the MSM within hours of the attacks, way before any evidence-based investigation could possibly have been done. Wouldn’t any thinking person have noticed this? Wouldn’t any thinking person have noticed that Mark Walsh was almost giddy as he described the twin towers pancaking before his eyes? Future historians will marvel at our naivety.

    • Its easy to dupe people when they’re in psychological trauma, and they still think the tell-o-vision is their truth-telling patriotic friend.
      Walsh had ALL the hallmarks of being extremely connected, once one knows what to look for.

    • Elvin was right, we were all in a state of shock as we watched those buildings come down, ready to believe anything we were told by our illustrious MSM. Yes, hindsight is always 20/20, but somehow the lessons of 20 years ago have not moved the official narrative of 9/11 one iota. Just now we are finally pulling some troops out of Afghanistan. Even now we continue to justify the 9/11 wars and all the murder and mayhem that came with them. It’s clear that these wars were never about nation-building, just nation-destroying, all for Israel.

  14. I may not be bright enough to get it,(it could have been there and I missed it) but I thought we were going to get the real truth behind Covid19.
    Maybe it doesn’t exit.

  15. If you are the dog catcher, your dog is the safest. We did not suddenly become smart, but we did go from horses to space ships in just under a hundred years. This is one of the most highly recognizable traits in the precessional pantheon. We will once again, find our humanity when we must rectify our capacity with integrity. Tracking the material, is a pursuit we are already engaged in and will only become more efficient at it. So, if the world had the internet and cars 26,000 years ago, yes, it could have all gotten cleaned up. The age of the robot (machines), is not for another 2,000 years or so, and the only way we do not repeat, is to focus on integrity, instead of capacity. Currently our capacity far exceeds our integrity. We suck at it. So, one theory is , we made sure to leave behind some stuff. or the machines did….. The biggest dogma on the planet is , what day it is.

    • For about a hundred bucks, an illiterate homeless person can get a metal detector and find gold and other things at the beach. We have ground penetrating radar that can find and count bodies in mass graves quite easily. Nuclear material can be tracked by a satellite. Anyone with the internet can look at (almost) anyone else’s back yard. Experts can locate almost any material underground anywhere on earth. We will continue this frenzy of self exploration well beyond the capability to completely erase all traces of technology or industry from the face of the earth, if we choose to. Or the machines choose to. This includes bone and fork or spoon or anything. Time, also can be examined to the point where any person can be located at any time anywhere. Without tools, using basic information.

    • The whole earth Roomba , is the last stop gap measure to be deployed if it all goes sideways.
      We have been building it for a while now. The sense of power humanity has in its dominance, is pure delusion.

  16. “Deaths of prominent figures”
    Why somebody in DC wanted to Haiti president dead and for what ??

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