The USA repeats the history of the collapse of the USSR

During Gorbachev's time and in the first years after his departure, the population of the former USSR declined by many millions.


…by Bogdan Georgievich Lisitsa, for VT

The main reason for the collapse of the USSR was latent famine. With the coming to power of Gorbachev in the USSR, big problems began with food. In Gorbachev’s time, store shelves were empty or nearly empty.

When bread or other groceries were brought to stores, queues were huge, and people had to come to the store at midnight and queue up to buy bread. The store opened at 8.00 or 9.00 and all this time you had to wait.

At the same time, a huge number of trucks were taking food to landfills. During Gorbachev’s time in the USSR, food was destroyed in huge quantities.

The hunger was hidden, because for a real hunger to occur, it was necessary to take away from people by force what they had grown themselves. Gorbachev was afraid to do this, so there was no real cruel famine. During Gorbachev’s time and in the first years after his departure, the population of the former USSR declined by many millions.

Today the globalists are destroying the United States. They are disrupting supply chains. Due to the disruption of the supply chain, many production stops.

In the United States, there is a shortage of goods, including food. The food shortage situation in the United States is demonstrated by a photo from an American store.

A huge photograph of food shelves is placed above an empty shelf.


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  1. When the USSR collapsed, I was almost 12 years old. And we lived in the BSSR, Belarus. There was no shortage of food in the shops. Every republic in the USSR lived its own life. There were poor, subsidized republics, and there were rich republics: now it is the Russian Federation, Ukraine, Belarus. These three sisters fed all the other republics of the USSR. I do not undertake to judge historical events, but I will say first of all to the residents of the USA – God forbid you to experience what the people of the USSR experienced at the beginning of the 1990s! God forbid you to face this. It’s scary!
    The article is correct. I agree.

  2. What is going on today and for almost 2 decades is a, so far successful attempt to delay, ignore, postpone, a Real Investigation into, the ‘Greatest Crime Ever’, undertaken by ‘Demonic Creatures’, Foreign and DOMESTIC, against the American People, the PULLING DOWN of the WTC. Towers #1,#2,#7 giant structures! All the Investigations – into the connections of Russia-Ukraine by Trump, the Race Riots, Fabricated PANDEMIC, the, Planned Tragic pulling out of Our Troops from Afghanistan, now transportation-Bottle Neck, all serve ONE Purpose! Not to touch start a REAL Investigation into the CRIME of the AGES, against the American People, on Our own SOIL, the ‘9/11/2001’ HORROR! January 6, 2021 is a glaring example of what the Federal Agencies had done, Conspired, to gain attention and divert the American People from the Crime of ‘9/11/2001’ by the Enemies of the American People, Foreign and DOMESTIC, to Drag US into the HELLHOLE of the Middle East, that the Zionist TERROR State has created there! INVESTIGATE ‘9/11’!!!

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