This Is where the first Climate wars will break out

Military strategists are now preparing for imminent warfare sparked by the effects of climate change.


Climate-related warfare is a near-term reality—not some far-off boogeyman—according to leading defense thinkers and military strategists. They are still talking about the importance of fighting climate change, but they’re also making plans to fight other human beings because of climate change.

So, where will these climate-related battles take place?

Some people argue they already have, with controversial academic reports claiming recent conflicts were directly spurred by the effects of climate change. Other military advisers and strategists have identified specific new wars that could erupt in Asia, Africa, or the Arctic.

The long disgraced Atlantic Council, an American think tank, suggested in March that as Russia and China look to new shipping routes through previously frozen, impassable waters around Greenland, Iceland and the Arctic Circle, there could be a new era of great power competition in the region.

Britain and the U.S. have responded to a huge increase in Russian and Chinese activity in the area with a beefed up military and naval presence. An American aircraft carrier recently ventured into the Arctic Circle for the first time since the end of the Cold War.

Matthew Rendall, a lecturer at the University of Nottingham whose research focuses on climate change and international relations, argues that it is more likely that less stable, more disaster-prone places like Syria or Somalia will become the climate battlefields. “They are already hot. Most of them are also a lot poorer. As a result, they’re more likely to suffer acute resource shortages, mass migration of refugees, and political instability.”

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  1. Nukes used in WW2, (last time it was admitted to)
    Vietnam, (their flat blast pattern generals loved, as creates instant airfields)
    Now we find out in Iraq, Syria, Yemen, and very recently in Lebanon nukes were used, these the compact, smaller megaton and clean-burn type. Dont forget in NYC too!
    Radiation almost undetectable after 3 days with the modern mini nukes they can be easily used covertly, and no one will ever admit to it, or accuse any of it either, as punishment will be another nuke up your ass. How are you going to stop it?
    Pakistani and most Russian nukes have very dirty radioactive fallout. US (and Israeli) nukes use Tritium in their designs, much cleaner than the Pakistan and Russian missles, this done as a humble gift to Europe, in that if a nuclear war with Russia, US nukes are not going to pollute their countries “so bad” for thousands of years, like the evil Russian ones will.
    The tritium in the nukes needs to be replenished periodically, or the missles become duds in the US/Israeli ones, but not the Russian or Pakistani nukes. Tritium production critical to maintain US and Israeli nuclear missles.
    A “radioactive” nuclear winter for sure a result of nuclear war with Pakistan and India as their arsenals so dirty. A nuclear war between Iran and USA using lots of clean burn stuff used, so its “doable” for the crazy fuckers.

  2. [“ The only real for humanity of all deadliest “climate change” is climate change which evil grew in the head, heads, away from love into divoc=separation. Orwells ” 1984″: the Hate-speech: -hate-hate-hate- kill your nearest, cash the profit. Be it with words-with injections-the BIO-weapon, the use of the WEATHER-weapon, under push up the ENERGY-Weapon and as corona of all coronam the PSYOP-Weapon-extortion, arbitrariness, propaganda, leftist contracts, dishonest and dishonorable business, where people no longer exist, because profit goes before life. Business is about business and not sentimentalities. The one who gives in has lost. This BUSINESS-CLIMATE is our GENOZID and EXODUS. This BUSINESS-MODEL “ CLIMATE CHANGE” contains many evil Definitions for OPRESSIONS-BUSINESSES and has NOTHING to do with Mother Natures Cycles over Billons of Years. Just the CO2 NONSENSE. How many Tons are now all active Volcano spilling our, like LaPalma?? UNcalculable. Or: a E-EXCAVATOR was empty after 2 Hrs. work…a DIESEL-GENERATOR charged the Excavator for 8Hrs. Isn’t it smart??? Climate Change..e-mobility….nasa-BUSINESS. Nasa? Hebrew: to deceive. “]

  3. This author chooses to ignore the simple reality that any war between the USA and Russia would go nuclear within hours. The Union of Concerned Scientists claim that if as few as 100 nuclear ICBMs reach their targets anywhere on the planet it would bring on Nuclear Winter. That would be the “fix” for global warming, and the end of humanity as well. Then, the AI profit algorithms can take over and run the planet remotely from underground bunkers. Maybe they’ll keep a few of us around as pets. I would be a very bad pet.

    • You can quibble about the number, Adrain, but…

      “Some new research has also examined the human impacts of nuclear winter. Researchers simulated agricultural crop growth in the aftermath of a 100-weapon India-Pakistan nuclear war.[ref]Lili Xia and Alan Robock, “Impacts of a Nuclear War in South Asia on Rice Production in Mainland China,” Climatic Change, Vol. 116 (5 May 2012), pp. 357–72; Mutlu Özdoğan, Alan Robock, and Christopher Kucharik, “Impacts of a Nuclear War in South Asia on Soybean and Maize Production in the Midwest United States,” Climatic Change, Vol. 116 (22 June 2012), pp. 373–87.[/ref]The results are startling- the scenario could cause agriculture productivity to decline by around 10 to 40 percent for several years after the war. The studies looked at major staple crops in China and the United States, two of the largest food producers. Other countries and other crops would likely face similar declines.”

    • You may be right, Ferdinand. Especially if it’s part of some crazy evangelical end-times eschatology that WWIII will be a good thing. US Christian Zionists actually pray for it to happen.

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