Europe Could See ‘Another Half A Million COVID-19 Deaths’ by February: WHO


TEHRAN (Tasnim) – The rising number of cases of COVID-19 in Europe is of “grave concern” and the region could see another half a million deaths by early next year, the World Health Organization warned on Thursday.

With 78 million cases in the WHO’s European region — which spans 53 countries and territories and includes several nations in Central Asia — the cumulative toll now exceeded that of South East Asia, the Eastern Mediterranean region, the Western Pacific, and Africa combined, the organization said.

“We are, once again, at the epicentre,” WHO Europe director Hans Kluge told a press conference.

Kluge noted that the “current pace of transmission across the 53 countries of the European Region is of grave concern.”

According to “one reliable projection” the current trajectory would mean “another half a million COVID-19 deaths” by February, Kluge added.

The increases were observed “across all age groups,” he said.

Kluge blamed the soaring caseload on “insufficient vaccination coverage” and “the relaxation of public health and social measures.

Hospital admission rates were higher in countries with lower vaccination rates, he said.

Measures like testing, tracing, physical distancing and the use of face masks were still part of the “arsenal” in fighting the virus.

“We must change our tactics, from reacting to surges of COVID-19, to preventing them from happening in the first place,” Kluge said.

The number of new cases per day has been rising for nearly six consecutive weeks in Europe and the number of new deaths per day has been rising for just over seven consecutive weeks, with about 250,000 cases and 3,600 deaths per day, according to official country data compiled by AFP.

Over the past seven days, Russia has led the rise with 8,162 deaths, followed by Ukraine with 3,819 deaths and Romania with 3,100 deaths, according to the data.


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  1. The fiends who first deployed this US bioweapon in China must have gone back to the lab to come up with a new and improved version, one that now will send Europe into an economic tailspin that they will never emerge from. Who would do such a thing? The AngloZionist Empire, that’s who. It’s part of their MO to “bring down” nations that won’t be their slaves. Netanyahu bragged about this in 1990. Why didn’t we pay attention? Along came 9/11 and all the wars of this century that have bankrupted the USA both financially and morally, not that we had much of the latter to begin with.

    • USA can’t be bankrupted.*

      It’s a player AND the bank, in a global game of Monopoly.

      The irony of ironies about the rise of DramaQueenDon: daddy’s franchise casino brat not understanding USA is…

      #PlayingWithHouseMoney of 🌍.

  2. Obviously target is Europe, Eurasian relationship. Allthough many are vaccinated I’m afraid that another season of lockdowns and closures might slip into anarchy sooner than expected, because many worker’s unions have already faced the most terrible winter in 20/21, they could hardly sit through another one like that.

  3. Get ready for more unreliable (fake?) PCR tests. Ramp up the fear porn! The WHO is coming to town just in time for the Holidays!

  4. With the advent of FDA approval of monoclonal antibodies, NOBODY SHOULD DIE OF COVID_19.

    The disease is now treatable. Anybody with 1 or more risk factors can go to the nearest infusion center and get an infusion of monoclonal antibodies. Total time less than 3 hours. It is a one stop shop. And keep in mind, the clinical trails were only tested for outpatient use so it is only approved for outpatient use. Best is between day 1-7.

  5. “We are, once again, at the epicentre,” WHO Europe director Hans Kluge told a press conference.

    Do we see that reflected in the figures Hans ?

    Mortality monitoring becomes pivotal during influenza or other pandemics for several reasons. In a severe pandemic, mortality monitoring can be a robust way to monitor the pandemics progression and its public health impact.

    Week 42, 2021 Map showing the weekly z-score for the total population in the data-providing EuroMOMO partner countries and subnational regions.

    • Like WHO’S annual forecasts for seasonal influenza. Meaningless, baseless and useless. But, it keeps the drug peddlers at Pfizer rolling in the dough. Is there any investigative reporter (certainly not at VT) that has determined the current revenues generated by the vaccine makers since the start of the pandemic. Basic stuff that should be readily available like sales, expenses, net income, profit, etc. Why do people think this is all free? The world’s taxpayers are and will continue to pay without government oversight or audit. One of the great financial debacle of our times. Wait, we have undeserved “customers” in Inner Mongolia! Get a shipment of shots there asap.

    • Cognitive dissonance.
      You contradict yourself.

      You think USA needed to secure tax revenue for the trillions & trillions for war profiteers?

      This is why Bernie beat Trump AND all Dems in veteran AND active duty donations, in 2016 AND 2020.

      👆 What the establishment fears being known most.

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