Zionist Jew Haters Again? Anti-Semites target Texas Jews with letters in rock-filled bags

Christian Zionism declaring war on America's Jews...'hooda thunkit'..VT predicted it long ago


Raw Story: On Thursday, The Austin American Statesman reported that Jewish communities in Central Texas have been targeted with anti-Semitic letters sealed in bags full of rocks.

Several people in Hays County received the anti-Semitic letters, which claimed that COVID-19 is part of the “Jewish” agenda, Hays County Judge Ruben Becerra said Sunday.

One letters was headlined “WHY DO 6 JEWISH MEN CONTROL 96% OF THE MEDIA?” and showed pictures of some prominent media executives labeled with Nazi yellow Star of David patches.

According to The Daily Beast, “At least 17 anti-Semitic incidents have been reported to watch groups in Austin in the past 10 days. Austin’s Congregation Beth Israel synagogue was set on fire on Sunday night by a man who investigators said was seen carrying a five-gallon container then fleeing the scene in a car.”



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  1. How come being chritical of Jewish influence in Europe and in North America is still called “anti-semitic” in the US and in Europe? Most of the Jews and Israëli nowaday Zionists we know of were never Semites, but speakers of Germanic and sometimes Slaviac toungues. The term “Anti-Semitic” got invented in France whilst France was invading Northwest Africa after Napoleonic times and many Jews from Marocco, Algiers and Tuesia cot into cahoots with the French colonisers and got French citizenship (unlime the Berber and rab Muslims of those lands):
    A few French racists apposed this trend between 1825 and 848, since they felt thrue “franchness” was inherited from the Germanic aristocratic forbears (Latin/Celtic were their “Untermenshen” — thus Mediteranian Jews even more so and disgusting!.
    Their term “anti-semitic” was thenreafter turned against the influxes of germanic-ppeaking Yiddish/Jiddisch eastern immigranst and falsly labelled “anti-Semitic predjudice” — giving rise to tha semi-jew science of “Semiotics”— byh the way!

    • By the way: I’ve been in love with two central Rothschield daughters in my youth and twice married to US and USSR and Israéli Jewesses and been there, lived it and seen the scene in al-Quds el-Sharif and in their so- called “IDF; Hebrew: צְבָא הַהֲגָנָה לְיִשְׂרָאֵל‎ About this soundTsva ha-Hagana le-Yisra’el; lit. The Army of Defense for Israel), commonly referred to by the Hebrew-language acronym Tzahal (צה״ל‎)” — a misnomer if there ever was one aside from Yahweh/God , which they dare not ever even say.

  2. Wow, cue the ‘skinhead’ domestic terrorists! I’m almost laughing myself silly. Let’s see…Texas, home of good ole boy politics, corruption, border confrontations and ‘conservative’ Texas oil money, massively goes for Trump, their savior hero of ‘Merica…who is owned (for years) by the Mossad, financed by Adelson and Israels BFF. Could this be a op? Does Texas need new ‘anti-semitism’/covid laws?

  3. It would be a lot easier to find sympathy for these mildly persecuted Jëws* were it not for the deafening silence from them every time someone is smeared as an Antisemite™ in response to even the mildest criticism of Zionism or fact based historical analysis, or a similar silence when one of their tribe advocated genocide of the Arabs or even all 1.2+ billion Muslims (“Germany Must Perish” on steroids).

    On a related note, why is it that the most virulent attackers of anyone who doubts the official 9/11/2001 story from the Jëwish community? It seems that they do protest too much.

    *WordPress throws a red flag at the non-munged spelling.

  4. We have created Goyem to serve you. Control them by corruption ( cultivating greed, usury, gambling leading them to fight each other ) and Fornication ( destruction of family units, the pleasure of flesh…..night clubbing, drinking, pole dancing, strip clubs, using women as decoration like flowers on tables, adult films, pornography, and the list goes on ). Well if they still disobey you ” kill their men, women, and children “. Yes brought up with this belief The Goyam are nothing but the lowest form of life form. Be they black, white, or any other in between the two. Yes all done through finance control with the help of the Agents who serve MONEY in the World’s powerful countries.

  5. Keep in mind that it is the British Crown (City of London, MI6) that is hiding behind the Zionist Rothschild Big Pharma front. While the Covid “psy-op” might appear to run by the Jewish corporate interests, be sure to look behind the curtain. You will find the same garbage that has been trying to dominate the world for centuries.

  6. I follow the teachings of The Criminal Carpenter from Nazareth, not the theology of those who called him a criminal.
    My Evangelical son is unable to comprehend that he follows the lies of those who Our Savior threw out of The Temple.
    Interesting times, indead.

  7. In Virginia just before the elections, the Lincoln Project put on a fake “pro KKK” demonstration, hoping to sway black voters to remember trump was a racist and the smiley ass republican running for governor is being endorsed by trump.

    It backfired as it was exposed they were only dummies posing as racist republicans and were actually all democrats putting on a false flag demonstration.

    Maybe this anti-jew stuff in Austin same thing going on, and a lets give some “sympathy for the devil” tactic.

  8. It’s a simple fact that most Zionists in the USA are Christian. They are fully on board with everything the Ashkenazim are doing in Palestine, but include them among the “unbelievers” who will be turned to cinder cakes along with the rest of us when their warrior messiah returns to Earth riding in on an ICBM. Likudniks just smile and take the millions of dollars these so-called Christians throw at them.

    • If the Zio Christian masses are that dumb it will certainly be poetic justice. Invented faith in an invented bunch of fraud that ‘chose’ an invented tribe (the Bible time people hail mostly from Canaanite folks…fact) who reside in an invented state will do anything to keep their status quo. What I can’t get past is the obvious retort to 9/11 (and the USS Liberty). “Hey Ziotribe, Christian Zioheads included…aren’t y’all damn glad Israel pulled this shit? Aren’t y’all dancing and rolling in your church houses over such bloodshed and fear mongering? Aren’t y’all proud your kids see you really secretly cheered as those buildings turned to dust because Israel did it?” Where’s everyone else who opposes these nuts? Crickets. Covid is a Jewish thing now? No.

    • Remember, the USA has the most brainwashed population on the planet. Proof of that is how easily we bought into the “official” 9/11 narrative. That, as I’m sure you know, was the pretext for all the wars of this century, all for Israel. These wars of aggression have bankrupted the USA both financially and morally, not that we had much of the latter to begin with. And yet the Zios say we’re a “Christian” nation!

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