World’s first nationwide lockdown for the unvaxxed approved (get the freaks off the streets!)


RT: Austria will impose new curbs on the unvaccinated starting from Monday. The measure aims to ease pressure on hospitals and ICUs.

The lockdown will come into effect at midnight and will apply to people aged 12 and older who have not been vaccinated and have not recently recovered from Covid-19.

“This step was not easy to take, but it is necessary,” Chancellor Alexander Schallenberg said. “The risk for the unvaccinated people is much higher. Therefore, we are forced to take this difficult step to reduce the number of contacts.”

Schallenberg said the fourth wave of infections had hit the country with “full force.”

The chancellor once again urged people to get vaccinated in order to “break” the wave. “Otherwise we’ll never escape this vicious cycle.”

Two of the hardest-hit regions, Upper Austria and Salzburg, were the first to announce they would impose a lockdown on Monday.

Interior Minister Karl Nehammer earlier said lockdown violators would face hefty fines. Customers may be punished with a fine of up to €500 ($573) for flouting restrictions while businesses may be slapped with a penalty of up to €30,000 ($34,354).

“For those who keep to all the measures, it’s more than unfair if there are people who think they can simply circumvent or even fool health authorities, the health ministry and experts’ guidelines,” the minister explained.

The idea of a lockdown exclusively targeting the unvaccinated was first floated by the government in September as a response to a nightmare scenario in which 30% of ICU beds would be occupied by Covid-19 patients. That figure currently stands at 20% and is rising. Health officials have grown increasingly alarmed that hospitals will become overcrowded amid what they call “the pandemic of the unvaccinated.”

President Alexander Van der Bellen warned on Saturday that the situation in some hospitals and ICUs was “unbearable,” and could deteriorate further unless strong action is taken.

Roughly 65% of Austria’s nine-million population have been fully vaccinated, one of the lowest rates in Europe, according to Reuters. The Austrian government warned that around 83% of symptomatic cases recorded between January and September of this year involved unvaccinated people.


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  1. I cannot understand the unwillingness of the population to use ivermectin. This drug has been used to treat humans no less than 3.7 Billion times (for other diseases). So far there have been 5000+ reports of “adverse reactions”, NONE of them fatal. Mostly temporary sickness and diarrhoea. Compare that with vaccines! It is shown to have at least as good an effect in preventing people from catching CV19 as any of the vaccines, it largely stops the infected from shedding virus particles into their surroundings and it reduces the length of the illness and its severity. It also cures Long Covid. It costs virtually nothing. It is made world-wide. Countries that are too poor to buy vaccines are doing much better, because of its use, than those that have been vaccinating like crazy. E.g. Uttar Pradesh & Goa in India and Zimbabwe. Of course I can understand that Big Pharma hates it.

  2. I can’t believe my Uncle Gordy supports this obvious violation of human rights. I and my darling wife and child will remain un-vaxed at whatever the cost. My own observation, and worse yet, prediction is that you may find increased harm from the experimental jab they are calling a vaccine within your six month period and more after it..

  3. That would make Carol the new Eva Braun? You really like to mix it up down in the trenches with the brownshirts and the commies, don’t you, Mihail. That will make it sure that the barely-concealed corporatism of the USA turns into the overt fascism of Bannon and Trump.

  4. Of course, the Cult of Trump is going to be all over you on this issue, Gordon. Trump has conned them into thinking that COVID-19 is a hoax and the vaccine for it is poison, when in fact, it is a US bioweapon that is being deployed in the USA targeting THEM! Don’t they know that Trump first became aware of this bioweapon in the second week of November 2019, the same month that it was first deployed in China? Aren’t they aware that one of the first things he did when COVID-19 finally was deployed in the USA was to order “federal health officials to treat top-level coronavirus meetings as classified, an unusual step that has restricted information and hampered the U.S. government’s response to the contagion, according to four Trump administration officials?” (Reuters)

    • The virus is real and some of the vaccines (those developed as antidotes simultaneously) are short term solutions. But, the mRNA process will weaken immunity for many and they will die from other “causes”. The Fauci finger will point away from the vaccines and towards other mystery causes. He’s done it before. It is a beautiful way to get rid of millions by their own hand. This genetic warfare will serve its purpose.

  5. It is the misplaced fear of authoritarianism, in a group of people that actually support authoritarianism. Fearing the vaccine, instead of the virus is not logical.
    This same “10 years too late” , fear mongering was used in the election, to convince people something that happened 2 decades ago was happening then, except the flaws of the Diebold machines were exposed long ago and all 50 states were hyper vigilant regarding integrity.
    The entire world is astutely aware of vaccine fear, and most likely these are the safest vaccines we have ever developed as a species. Certainly the most advanced. 95 % of humanity cannot cook a plain omelette properly. It’s probably 98%. In a restaurant , nobody requests an ingredient list. They just eat it. No questions.

    • Dave. Here’s where we get twisted arguments. If the vaccine was developed at the same time as the virus (bioweapon) as argued by many commentators, then it would be more logical to avoid/fear something that we can more easily manipulate. The relationship here is not direct because no one can really prove everything about the origin of the virus and no one really knows the long term effects of the vaccines. As usual, the average consummer is left in the dark.

  6. Gordon, as much as I respected you but now you’re completely sold out to the NWO you’ve swallowed hook sinker and all.

  7. Man o man. Freaks! This websites lower itself more and more. Dragged down by fear? The “humans” learned a trick or two but deep inside we are still primates. I assume you will excuse yourself if you are wrong. These vaccins might work but certainly not as it was promised to the public. It baffles me, the experts could not explain to us that these vaccins are loosing effectiveness, but they are able to assure us they these vaccins are perfectly safe on the long run. These vaccins in young persons will do more harm as good. I signed for a vaccins. (I am not going to sum up the definition of a vaccin) not for a reoccurring shot of nobody knows what.

    From Norway:



    • The vaccines needed to work for 6 months…giving time for herd immunity…which has been cancelled by Kosher Nostra funded anti-vaxx propaganda….intended to destroy the US and Europe…and doing very well with help from fucking morons

    • Gordon. When we crossed (or Trump forced us across) the Covid 19 Rubicon, the vaccine strategy was one of two realistic courses of action to mitigate the pandemic. As you say, it is a function of TIME and the longer there is time for variants to emerge, the longer the length of the pandemic. This was where Fauci’s curve was fairly accurate, but the delay in getting the shots out effected that model. The other option that has proven to help is quarantine of all of the population following the Chinese model. It is too late to consider other options without more variants and more deaths. I still have concerns with the longterm effects of mRNA but Trump wasted too much time to allow proper trials and still take direct action. I cast my lot with the vaccine but now think we have wasted more time not going to quarantine. We know the side effects of that strategy. Unfortunately in the USA that means violent resistance based on wishful thinking. The ship has sailed and even vaccinating the remaining population may be too little too late.

    • The vaccines work as a military response to the Covid 19 bioweapon. DARPA made sure of that science with the Moderna vaccine.. We will probably not see the effect of this battle on the civilian population for a while. But, those effects on the autoimmune system are inevitable if mRNA is doing its job. Simple infections will be death sentences working in the HIV mode. For the general population, it is a crapshoot. I think the VT people who have really studied the science know this. We are entering the wishful thinking phase of the pandemic so hurry up and get your shot.. But, hey, maybe we can drop another variant on China before they drop one on us. Bioweapon mutual deterance. Get your affairs in order. The shit will flow although it may be slower than having a bomb dropped on us.

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