Globalists have planned the destruction of Russia


Bogdan Georgievich Lisitsa ( for VT

Greetings, Sergey! Well, dear brother, this morning I took off my FSB uniform and I no longer want to serve the fascist regime. I quit the FSB. And after me 10 people did the same. We are people, not traitors to our people. I am writing to you from the main SIM card for the last time, tomorrow I will have a new one, registered not in my name.

I can’t call now, Sergey. I am writing and I know that they are following me, they will follow my actions and everything that I write. And let, know the criminals of Russia, you are fascists.

But all that I am now going to voice, convey to all your friends, my dear brother. I am now standing at the trash can and after what I will voice to you, I will immediately throw out my SIM card, at night I leave for the village, very far away, I save myself and save my wife with children and elderly parents …

So, the last straw of my patience was what came to us order with military orders in relation to the people. In short, we have recruited an army of mercenaries, whom we, the FSB, must provide guidance for action. Do you know who these mercenaries are? Prison criminals who will have to do lawlessness for money!

Until December 14, they took a timeout to implement QR codes. I argue that this distraction, no petitions, no rallies, no appeals will work. These creatures follow orders from the Global Predictor.

From above, our officials were ordered to dispose of the population of Russia up to 70% by any means by June 1, 2022, otherwise the families of all officials will be disposed of. Therefore, they will go against the people, so as not to perish themselves.

Therefore, Golikova said that before June 1, it is necessary to vaccinate the population of Russia and achieve herd immunity. But neither Sobyanin, nor Putin’s double, nor Golikova, nor others are in the country, they all have already left here, knowing what will happen. 

Russia is now under the control of the WHO and under the external control of illegal police, as well as now under the control of mercenaries … Since 1945, we still live according to the law of martial law, it has not been canceled. But still they are going to introduce martial law, for what?

In order to vaccinate everyone in the event of an emergency or its threat, referring to a terrible epidemic! Also preparing the evacuation in the cities! I must say right away that for everyone who will not open their apartments, the doors will be opened using a special tool! They will start with large cities, they need territories.

To whom? Chabad !!! [This is the only statement I disagree with. Chabad made Trump the president of the United States. They wanted to repeat it for a second term, but the globalists broke their plans – Bogdan Georgievich Lisitsa]. List of cities where the destruction of the people will begin in the first place. I will write according to the list as it is written in the instructions of the FSB:


2. St. Petersburg

3. Krasnodar + Sochi and other resort cities

4. Pskov

5. Samara

6. Rostov on Don

7. Tyumen

8. Yekaterinburg

9. Vladivostok

10. Kamchatka

11. Chuvashia

12. Novosibirsk

13. Novosibirsk

14. Krasnoyarsk

15. Khabarovsk

The rest of the cities will be affected to a lesser extent and last. What to do? Run away from cities without looking back and save your life before it’s too late! Further, from March, there will be a withdrawal of cash for the remaining survivors and further artificial hunger! It is also planned to cut down heating, water and electricity (in winter).

They do not plan to touch the villages, they need masses and they also need territories in cities! The only chance of salvation is to get away from the city. No one can resist armed mercenaries! Save yourself and your families!

God bless everyone! The hot phase is about to start! Brother, I beg you, send my message to all the people you know. And whoever reads my message, know that neither appeals, nor signatures are not a way out of the situation. The FSB and the police themselves say that if millions take to the streets, we will go over to the side of the people, for there are more of you.

But no one comes out, so they kill everyone one by one, the police say. Therefore, for everyone who is in the cities, it remains, either you will massively rise in the millions, and the power structures will then go over to your side, or death to all of you. You don’t need to write petitions and be indignant on the Internet, but RISE MILLIONS FOR YOUR CHILDREN AND OLD MEN! I have also very softly voiced the plans of the Jews! Act people, or leave the city and save yourself!

[I will add on my own. The globalists have planned depopulation not only for Russia, but for all countries of the world, including the United States. – Bogdan Georgievich Lisitsa]


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  1. This guy off his rocker sorry.
    Take his advice refuse vaccines and run for hills leave your jobs and schools and especially leave your posts in the army good ideas to destroy russia.
    NATO or US CIA dogshit propaganda, still stuck to bottom of shoe, same goons who thought up the Navalny and Skripal novichok hoaxes.

  2. The Military Industrial Complex is many years ahead of what is revealed to us, the lab rats.

    Measure something Decide something See what happens

    Inside all of us are trillions of natural nanorobots performing various tasks.

    “Transport mechanisms in nanopores and nanochannels: can we mimic nature?

    “The understanding of the fundamental characteristics of biological nanopores and nanochannels, their transport and gating characteristics, provides for design guidelines for synthetic nanopores. The challenging question that arises is how one can design synthetic mimics of nanopores, that share some of the advantages of their biological counterparts (such as biochemical selectivity, control over transport direction and response to external stimuli), while their molecular compositions and environments are much simpler”.
    (Materialstoday website)


    The internet of Living Things.
    Obtain the DNA resonant frequency and connect The Brain to the Cloud. Upload/download that brain.

    BioCode Directed Energy.
    Generate an electronic signal which is the same frequency as the DNA, input into a computer, put it through algorithms, send the signal via 5g, satellite, cell towers, aircraft, to bio resonate with the targets brain and control their behaviour.

  3. “The globalists have planned depopulation not only for Russia, but for all countries of the world, including the United States.”

    Substitute ZIONISTS for globalists and you’ll have hit the nail on the head, Bogdan. Here is the USA, most Zionists are actually so-called Christian. They would have us all believe that war with Russia will bring their warrior messiah back to Earth to smite all unbelievers, everyone but them apparently. These are the Rapture-me-outta here folks, 80% of whom voted for Trump in the last election. They have a hard-on for Armageddon and nothing short of WWIII will get them off. May Heaven preserve us all from the wrath of the chosenites.

    • A big shout out to Jim and Gordon. On no other comment site that I know of could I have made this comment and not have it deleted. Thanks, guys.

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