Challenging the Holocust: The Biggest Forced Confession in History


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In his 1983 book “Legions of Death”, Rupert Butler quotes a British Jew called Bernard Clarke, who was the army sergeant that became famous for capturing Auschwitz commandant Rudolf Höss on 11 Mar 1946 and then conducting his brutal torture. Many written or recorded statements by Bernard Clarke are quoted in Butler ‘s book.

Clarke bragged that he and his colleagues tortured Höss for extended periods and almost beat him to death, but that a British medical officer intervened to prevent them from killing Höss. After his torture and beating, Höss was incapacitated for three days and it took him all that time to regain any coherent speech. After the three days, he was still quivering from the unhuman torture and beating at the hands of his captors.

He was only barely able to hold a pen in order to sign the 8-page statement in German that his British captors had prepared for him while he was incapacitated during those three days. His Jewish torturer Bernard Clarke bragged of how Höss was now “literally transformed” and willing to face whatever “consequences” may come from signing whatever they handed him to sign.

The British had beaten him so badly that the medical officer had to stop them or else he would have died. Rudolf Höss was the first of three successive commandants of the Auschwitz labor-camps. His forced “confession” reads that 2.5 million Jews were exterminated at Auschwitz under his watch, with 2 million of them killed by way of “gas chambers”. 

Höss is said to have interjected that he was willing to “confess” to killing 50 million Jews if his captors needed his “confession” to contain a higher total. The Zionists were never yet able to prove that Germany or the NSDAP ever ordered the genocide of European Jewry so they based their entire Auschwitz Story on coerced “confessions”, but mostly on one coerced “confession”, that of Rudolf Höss.

The FIVE most incredible things about the coerced “confession” of Rudolf Höss were:

  1. On 22 Dec 1947, Poland ‘s Supreme National Tribunal presiding in Krakow (the court responsible for the region in which Auschwitz is located) stated that the total victim count of Auschwitz had been “just under three-hundred thousand”That proves that the headcount in the coerced “confession” of Rudolf Höss was total BS;
  2. Even more important, on 22 Dec 1947, the same Supreme National Tribunal presiding in Krakow confirmed that the victims of Auschwitz had in fact stemmed “from several different nations”. Also, the International Red Cross gave the proportion of Jewish victims in the combination of all NSDAP labor-camps as 28 percent, although the proportion of Jews in Auschwitz is known to have been higher than the average, with the Auschwitz Jews being somewhere between 30 and 40 percent of the total. This proves that it is very likely that Auschwitz had fewer than 100,000 Jewish inmates. And that also proves that the count in the coerced “confession” of Rudolf Höss was total BS. Why? Because, if only 1 in 3 inmates was Jewish, then why did Rudolf Höss not say how he managed to distinguish Jews from others, given that all inmates wore the same clothing without any stars. Most of the Auschwitz inmates were Polish Catholics or other Slavs, but the coerced “confession” of Rudolf Höss makes no mention of how he “magically protected” the non-Jews from all these alleged “gassings”;
  3. The BP_HORHUG_Returns_Auschwitz_1942_1943 file from the Bletchley Park Decrypts released by MI5, gave the 1942-43 cross-section of inmates in labor-camp ” Auschwitz I” as being 51 percent Poles, 36 percent Jews, 2 percent Russians and 2 percent Political Prisoners. But all other NSDAP labor-camps, especially non-Auschwitz ones, had much higher proportions of Poles and other Slavs. The fact that the coerced “confession” of Rudolf Höss failed to say how Poles, other Slavs and Political Prisoners were protected from “gassings” renders it most likely total BS;
  4. The coerced “confession” of Rudolf Höss was extracted by brutal torture after which Höss is said to have offered to “confess” to 50 million murders if only to spare him any more tortureAnd that vastly subtracts from the credibility of the coerced “confession”;
  5. Finally, the coerced “confession” of Rudolf Höss was written in handwriting that did not match his previous handwriting from before 1946. That also subtracts from the credibility of the coerced “confession”.


The following was presented to the Nuremberg Trials as the coerced “confession” of Rudolf Höss:

It reads: “Ich erkläre hiermit an Eidesstatt, dass in den Jahren 1941 bis 1943 während meiner Amtszeit als Kdt [Kommandant] des K.Z. [Konzentrationslager] Auschwitz 2 Millionen Juden durch Vergasung und ca. eine halbe Million auf andere Weise zu Tode gebracht wurden”. Translation: “I hereby declare under oath that between 1941 and 1943, during my term of office as commandant of the Auschwitz concentration camp, 2 million Jews were killed by gassing and about a half-million were killed by other means”. It is certain that the formulation in German is grammatically correct, although the handwriting question remains a major issue.

The formulation has a strong ring of absurdist fiction, sounding a bit like “I, Guido Fawkes, do hereby swear that I just attempted to blow up all those heretics in parley-a-ment, signed Guido Fawkes”.


Again, the following was presented to the Nuremberg Trials as the coerced “confession” of Rudolf Höss:

Professor Gerhard Jagschitz gave examples for how the handwriting used for Höss in his coerced “confession” is very different from his other handwriting samples. This may indicate the coerced “confession” is a forgery. It might also mean mean that Höss’s handwriting changed completely due to brutality of his torture and beating. Professor Jagschitz showed much different handwriting for Rudolf Höss such as the following for 1928:


Of the four Zionist powers (US, GB, FR, RU), the British were the most “gentlemanly” of the four Zionist Allied powers after WW2 because they only murdered roughly 50,000 German POWs in the immediate aftermath. The US genocided 2 million, the Russians 1.9 million and the French 0.7 million German surrendered POWs.

However, the British used special Tavistock torturers and the most “leading-edge” drugs and torture techniques because the British regime had a slightly more “advanced” or “scientific” approach than any of the other Zionist regimes, in that it introduced Tavistock torturers to “experiment” with surrendered German POWs. 

One of the favorite “experiments” by Tavistock white-coats was to torture Germans by attaching electrodes to their testicles and then electro-shocking them until they were dead or sterilized, while interrogating them about their “Nazi Past”. But this was fairly preposterous, given the fact that, if not all, most German servicemen were neither members of, nor had ever been involved in, the NSDAP.

Many of Britain ‘s Tavistock torturers were trained in the still-fairly-new pseudoscience of psychiatry and they wanted to experiment with drugs, with torture, and with attempting to split the human psyche into multiple personalities. The hard science of torture is very old but it got a major boost in modern times after the Tavistock forerunner (loosely referred to as “Wellington House”) studied shell-shocked British and Irish soldiers from the first gas-and-trench warfare in the Crimean War (Oct 1853 to Feb 1856). Many of these soldiers were also abused for torture. In the late 1800s, the hard science of torture was later advanced by torture experts such as Ivan Pavlov.

Ultimately, Britain ‘s Tavistock torturers wanted to experiment with the well-known mind-control methods that went main-stream throughout the world (east and west) after WW2, the most famous of which was MK-ULTRA, about which CIA director Stansfield Turner testified to US Congress on 3 Aug 1977. In the name of “science” and of the Zionist cause of Freemasonry, these Tavistock torturers were allowed free-rein to torture and kill whomever they pleased. But being “decent chaps”, at some stage, they decided to stop. This more “gentlemanly” post-WW2 behavior among the four Zionist Allied powers was in stark contrast to Britain ‘s wartime behavior, when Britain had been the most genocidal of the four Zionist Allied powers.

Prominent cases of brutal beatings and torture to help the Zionist powers better prepare for the Nuremberg Trials included Rudolf Höss, Hans Frank, Hans Fritzsche, Julius Streicher, Oswald Pohl, Franz Ziereis, Josef Kramer. But there are literally thousands of less prominent cases.

The Auschwitz Story was obtained by signed statements and using methods by which any “confession” can be obtained, whether it be true or not. Because there is ZERO proof that Germany ever gave any order whatsoever to genocide European Jewry, the Zionists were instead forced to base their entire Auschwitz Story on forced “confessions” of captured German POWs that were extracted by brutal beatings and severe torture.


The Zionist British regime was not interested in “confessions” as it already knew their only purpose was for propaganda. The real reason for this torture was because it gave the Zionist Six Eyes powers (US, IL, GB, CA, AU, NZ) an enormous amount of data regarding how effective each torture drug or each torture method was, or how long an individual torture victim of a certain age-group could survive after traditional or “normal” beatings, after “normal” torture techniques, or after continual electrocution of his testicles for hours and days. It was really this data-collection operation that prompted the Zionist British regime to clock up an enormous murder-count of 50,000 “disposable” German POWs. If they wanted to continue taking over the world, the Zionists needed DATA.


On 7 Apr 1991, French historian Robert Faurisson told the Guardian Weekly: “Adolf’s alleged gas chambers and the alleged genocide of the Jews form one and the same historical lie, which permitted a gigantic financial swindle whose chief beneficiaries have been the State of Israel and international Zionism and whose main victims have been the German people and the Palestinian people as a whole”.



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  1. Those who believe this contrived “confession” are innocent naïve (which I was in my young age), or dumb naive, or stubborn naive, or dumbfound credulous or … complicit of the scam.

  2. While Germany went through hell, before, during and after the war. Why is it that nobody talks about the millions of German civillians killed? I mean its not like every single German person is on tape confessing to be another Nazi or in complete agreement with their own regime. So how can they all be killed with impunity. That kind of logic is what the Zionists use to call everyone anti semetic when people criticize Jews for the crimes of Israel itself. Why no trials for the allies? “US genocided 2 million, the Russians 1.9 million and the French 0.7 million German surrendered POWs.” So 4.6 Million Germans were holocausted. This does not even take into consideration the Dresden bombings, starvation, etc. Where are the German POW holocaust museums? Does this mean that all of Israels armed forces should be killed with impunity for the crimes they have comitted towards the Palestinians? Because the the logic of the allies and zionists would require this. Germany was sacrificed in order to create Israel. The moment the German people wake up from their collective amnesia and choose to get rid of Zionist control and Hitler worship, this will be the moment they will have freed themselves. But they need to do both, because Hitler was placed there for Germany to destroy themselves.

    • The topic of reply was Germany since they have been made to pay for the cardinal sin of the Holocaust. There have been many Holocausts. Just recently their was the killing of three million Iraqis by the west. What did those Russians, Poles, Slavs, Gypsies do in regard to that one? Nothing. Most people have said nothing throughout the whole world in reference to this massive killing of Iraqis from 1990 onto now. You obviously missed the point. Not that the Russians, Poles, Gypsies didnt go through their own holocausts. The point was about the zionist wests double standard in pretending to be civillized yet mercilessly kill withought ethics, morals or mercy. The Zionists themselves Holocausted the Palestinians to live on that land. The West certainly killed millions of German and Japenese civillians regardless of them revising the numbers down.

  3. Nothing is too high or too low, for those who think they’re born supreme.
    And there’s nothing too unthinkable, and no lie is too outrageous when all “others” are considered less than worms.
    No acts are too ruthless, or too brutal for those who have promoted themselves infinitely above any fellowship with the brotherhood of man.

    • Remember, 6 million is a Kabbalistic number. It can never be more and can never be less. I’ll leave it to the Ashkenazi mystics to explain that one to you.

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