Death to Deadbeats! ICU is full of the unvaccinated – my patience with them is wearing thin

Most of the resources we are devoting to Covid in hospital are being spent on people who have not had their jab



Guardian: In hospital, Covid-19 has largely become a disease of the unvaccinated. The man in his 20s who had always watched what he ate, worked out in the gym, was too healthy to ever catch Covid badly. The 48-year-old who never got round to making the appointment.

The person in their 50s whose friend had side-effects. The woman who wanted to wait for more evidence. The young pregnant lady worried about the effect on her baby.

The 60-year-old, brought to hospital with oxygen saturations of 70% by the ambulance that he initially called for his partner, who had died by the time it arrived; both believed that the drug companies bribed the government to get the vaccine approved.

All severely ill with Covid. All unvaccinated and previously healthy. All completely avoidable.

Of course, there are people who have their vaccinations but still get sick. These people may be elderly or frail, or have underlying health problems. Those with illnesses affecting the immune system, particularly patients who have had chemotherapy for blood cancers, are especially vulnerable. Some unlucky healthy people will also end up on our general wards with Covid after being vaccinated, usually needing a modest amount of oxygen for a few days.

But the story is different on our intensive care unit. Here, the patient population consists of a few vulnerable people with severe underlying health problems and a majority of fit, healthy, younger people unvaccinated by choice. Watching the mix of patients coming in with Covid, it feels to me like hardly anybody has been vaccinated nowadays; of course, this is because the people that have been vaccinated are getting on with their lives at home.

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  1. A few things are sure.
    No one really “knows” what the “truth” is about the viruses or the vaccines.
    But most everyone “knows” what they “believe” about them.
    Even with that, there is uncertainty to spare on all sides; a perfect recipi for a crisis not to be wasted.
    And for those in the business of “not wasting crises,” business is good.

  2. The Guardian strikes again. Might as well be the NYT/CNN/FOX or whatever other cesspool of liars. Maybe they should review the numbers out of Israel, he most vaxxed country in the world. Like that will happen. While these less than human money mongers spread their pack of lies, strictly for money, there are actual caring people doing their job…saving people. People like Dr Marik who has finally had enough. He is now suing Sentara healthcare for preventing doctors from saving lives…not to mention violating Virginia law. Just as the ‘medical’ liars push for lock-downs for the non-vaxxed, even though it’s proven that those vaxxed can and do get sick, as well as spread this manufactured concoction. So far the medical community at large has shown themselves to be either incompetent or downright gullible in regards treatment/protocol. Now they talk of booster shots forever? WTF? Suddenly the human body has no immune system? The question now (in regards Dr Marik) is whether Virginia court will follow Virginia law…or will they set a precedent nullifying the Hippocratic oath, not to mention the oath they take. Will these people really take money for their soul? Unfortunately, as we all have seen, there are those that would sell their mother for a nickle (or was that a shekel?).

    • Try telling that one to your for-profit health and life insurance providers, zman. Insurance actuaries pay attention to real numbers, not the made-up crap that you anti-vaxxers put out. It’s just a matter of time for them to dramatically raise premiums for the unvaccinated, just as they already have raised premiums for smokers and the obese. As far as I know, it’s only “socialized” health care like the Medicare I have that can’t do that… yet.

    • Wow Tommy, that could have came right from the mouth of the FDA/CDC. Since you put so much faith in these professional liars, why don’t you go get you some sweets full of aspartame, they say it’s just fine to consume…then there is the glyphosate that is in everything, they said it was great too. As long as you’re believing one line of crap, you might as well believe it all, right? As for made-up crap, try telling your manure to the people in my town where they filmed their little story about people dropping like flies…that NO ONE here saw happening…not even your vaxxed dupes. 70/80/90 YOs dropping, wow, hot news! Especially in a retirement community. And if you ain’t figured it out by now, the insurance, healthcare and pharmas are as corrupt as can be and they lie. It’s all a money laundering scam and always has been. But you believe it all. NO doubt. And people wonder how these criminals get away with FFs and the like? With people like you out there, it’s a slam dunk.

  3. The opposite is the truth. Most of these are casualties of the vaxx. People are conveniently not counted as vaxxed until two weeks after their second vaxx. So when they sicken and often die from the first vaxx or second vax (before the two week period is up) they are counted as “unvaccinated”.

    Watch the video from esteemed epidemiologist and cardiologist Dr. Peter McCullough. He was originally pro-vaxx, but after he saw the numbers of vaxxed damaged and dead, he woke up.

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