Thanksgiving, the celebration of a massacre or a day of mourning?


Press TV: Thanksgiving Day in the US is a day, as its name implies, to thank God for all the blessings bestowed upon them. But it is not a festive occasion for the Native American Indians.

They call this day a day of mourning, for its marks a dark chapter in their lives in which their ancestral lands were taken away from them, marked by forced removals.

The US at the time did not see anything wrong with depriving the natives of their land or children, considering them savages in need of being civilized, by force if necessary.

Thanksgiving: A day of mourning for American Indians

Thanksgiving Day in the US is a day, as its name implies, to thank God for all the blessings.

Every year on the fourth Thursday of November in the United States, people hold ceremonies to celebrate Thanksgiving. The annual Thanksgiving holiday tradition in the US goes back to when the first English settlers landed on the US coast.

The landing was followed by a religious celebration by the settlers, but it proved disastrous for the indigenous people living there. It was just the beginning of the pillage perpetrated in the service of European expansionism.

Indian Americans were greatly affected by the European colonization of the Americas.

The annual celebration has come to symbolize the genocide of Native Americans.

The day known as Thanksgiving has extremely racist origins in the United States. It’s a holiday marked by the US government that represents the genocide, the enslavement, of indigenous peoples.

It was marked as a celebration of the bloodshed of Native Americans on their own land by white settlers from Europe who settled on this land.

Ramiro Funez, Journalist

Many believe Thanksgiving, marking the birth of the US, leaves out painful truths about the nation’s history, presenting thanksgiving to children as a primarily happy time, trivializes the trials and tribulations of the Indigenous population of the continent.

Analyst: System in US ‘must be overthrown to achieve justice’ for Black people
Analyst: System in US ‘must be overthrown to achieve justice’ for Black people

The system in the United States “must be overthrown to achieve justice for African Americans,” says African American writer and journalist Abayomi Azikiwe.

To this day there are indigenous peoples who are being pushed out of their lands in the United States, the Navajo Nation, the Apache Nation, the Chumash nation, the Iroquois nation, all across the United States, indigenous peoples are still resisting and fighting the settler colonial project, known as the United States.

Ramiro Funez, Journalist

The United American Indians of New England meet each year at Plymouth Rock on the coals Hill to mourn.

They gather to remember and reflect in the hope that America will never forget the sacrifices and tragedies of its native people. The United American Indians of New England declared Thanksgiving the national day of mourning 50 years ago, a day of remembrance and spiritual connection, as well as a protest of the racism and oppression which Native Americans continue to experience to this day.

So the roots of Thanksgiving are actually a celebration of a massacre of innocent women and young children, families who were on their lands, and were brutally murdered in horrific ways by these foreigners who came from England, from Holland, from other European nations. And at its core, this represents the foundation of the US imperialist system, of the United the United States as a nation, as a country.

Ramiro Funez, Journalist

Native Americans have endured genocide, discrimination, the abduction of their children, deliberate infection with smallpox, forced labour and other abuses Inflicted on them by the non Indigenous oppressors.

They were banished by the 1830 Indian Removal Act to largely barren reservations to the American West, and they have remained invisible to the rest of the country ever since.

In the US today, Native American households are 19 times as likely as white households to lack indoor plumbing. African Americans and Latin Americans are twice as likely some Native American families have to drive an hour or more to retrieve fresh water.

Discrimination against indigenous peoples on the United States remains extremely rampant. Right now as we speak, Indigenous peoples are the poorest nation, the poorest communities of all other groups, have the highest level of poverty, even compared to black and Latino communities in the US.

Indigenous peoples have no sovereignty over their land. They are forced to live on reservations. What they call them, which are huge concentration camps, where there is oftentimes no running water, no clean infrastructure, no connectivity to the outside world, very few hospitals and very few schools.

Ramiro Funez, Journalist

The 300,000 members of the Navajo Nation, which spans New Mexico, Arizona and Utah, represent 75% of all households in the US, living without electricity. The vulnerability of Native Americans to COVID-19 is disproportionately high compared with other populations.

Poverty, discrimination, a lack of health care, lack of education, lack of proper housing, and even worse is [the] repression of indigenous peoples through police brutality, through the military industrial complex, through violence, one of the biggest issues that has plagued indigenous communities in the United States are worksites, mining sites, backed by these huge European banks.

Ramiro Funez, Journalist

Poor health amongst the Native Americans has many contributing factors, including high rates of poverty, isolated geography, poor education, nutrition, inadequate sewage disposal, and generally unhealthy living conditions, to name but a few.

Alcoholism is chronic and widespread, spanning all age groups, with heroin use among some tribes four times higher than elsewhere.

The serious mental health issues affecting Native Americans are closely linked to other risk factors.

Native Americans have the highest unemployment rates across the country.

All of the problems mentioned are a result of the US usurpation of Native American territory, and to this day, Native Americans are suffering the consequences of that fateful arrival of the Europeans on National Mourning Day.


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  1. ” When the black robes came, we had the land , and they had their bibles” , “Now they have the land, and we have their bibles”,…” We would like to give you your bibles back”.

    The same process, was just used in Afghanistan, where “contractors” were protected by US troops, so they could go village to village, convincing people to recognize the government and submit taxes. The entire concept of taxes is communism, and the enforcement of them by confiscation of land, is fascism. Any other conclusion is The Game of Pretend.

  2. What you are not understanding is how the tribal governments are formed and controlled.
    I could come into your family, spot the disillusioned or disenfranchised, and within a few weeks turn them all against you and put them in charge. This has been our process.
    When a group of people have been combating this for 400 years, from both church and state , and developers,…you cannot take a photograph or a snap shot, and then pile on assumptions. When I saw that a truck with 17,500 lbs of meth on one truck, I asked myself , who on earth would have the confidence to put that much product on one vehicle and cross the border ? Do we assume the cartel was just careless or dumb ? Or is it because they receive assurances from US authority. So, whenever the word “cartel” is used…

    • Yes, the European Ashkenazim are doing the exact same thing in Palestine. Zionists of all stripes in the USA are fully supportive of that.

  3. The entire southwest of USA including was part of Mexico, and was made a part of USA only by barrel of gun and cannon via US “manifest destiny” policy.
    If Mexicans with their drug mafias and cartels might actually want their land back good way to do it is drug the population of USA, turn the majority into drug addicted idiots, then collect money for the drugs they supply too, and bankrupt the American pupulation whos ancestors stole their land,
    Then ruthlessy kill any police or courts or US citizens who wish to prosecute any of them. Killing their families first of course. Thats how its done,
    What you get is all US “rich folk” cities turning a blind eye to reality of what goes on in every one of their street corners in any large city after 9pm.
    Tribal reservations would be no different eh.
    Are they required to be the boots on the ground to fight the Mexican Cartels controlling trillions of dollars in drug trade in USA, perhaps because their land was stolen from them too, by the same people who stole the land from Mexicans?

    • There is an air of retribution that comes with drug money funneled out of the US. Having lived and worked with migrants, it is not secret, that they know well full, wealthy US people, eat cheap food due to their low wages connected to maintaining illegal status. The companies that hire the illegals, do not want them to be US citizens, because the wages would rise sharply,.
      So, off the books favors, and all manner of cajoling is used to facilitate the back and forth across the border, while maintaining illegal status. By our sustained actions, we create the drug trade, control it, and use it to replace the wages we never want to pay. Cheap chicken and vegetables are the reward, and huge profits for the processors/farmers. They should no longer be called farmers, … The anti-immigration crowd, is strongly, Pro illegal immigrant labor. They would scream if the border actually closed. Modern slavers.

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