Furious Resistance to The Quantum Genome data

It's critical to the future of the US and the world that political conservatives wean themselves off of the propaganda and payola of the foreign alternative press who are not loyal to America.


Editor’s note: Peter Gariaev wrote about the quantum qualities of genomes in 1997. So much information is rationed and only shared with post-baccalaureate graduates, or you have to apprentice with a good mentor.

Years ago Buckminster Fuller (fullerenes are named after him) wrote about Spaceship Earth.

Buckminster Fuller coined the phrase “Spaceship Earth” to describe our planet. He felt that all human beings were passengers on Spaceship Earth, and, like the crew of a large ship, people had to work together in order to keep the planet functioning properly. In his 1983 book, Grunch of Giants, Bucky wrote,

“I do know that technologically humanity now has the opportunity, for the first time in its history, to operate our planet in such a manner as to support and accommodate all humanity at a substantially more advanced standard of living than any humans have ever experienced.” [Ref. Stanford University Exhibits, What is Spaceship Earth? ]

And yet, Fuller’s optimistic future rolled out only for a select few. The promise of an equitable future for all mankind has been withdrawn from us by unknown actors. That much is obvious.

Fuller was right on target in that the old models from the last century are quickly being superseded by new models in every field and profession, and we see the twilight of traditional norms of behavior and interaction as they are replaced by something new.

I speculate that humanity has produced too many amoral Lex Luthers. And now to respond to their tinkering with technology, we have no choice but to adapt. To save as many productive individuals as possible, some parts of the inoculations were likely developed years ago, waiting for deployment when needed. That time is now.

Many will choose to not be inoculated. I don’t agree with them but earnestly hope, perhaps in vain, that they have chosen well.

Hiking north of Santa Fe, in the 1990s

Of one thing I am sure, regardless of the backstory, no authority will ever divulge it unless couched in terms of fear porn. That’s the lay of the land.

Any of your progeny who wants to travel to other planets, such as Mars, will be vaccinated with mRNA vaccines, as stated in the video below. The military will insist on it. A long legacy of such precautions dates back to George Washington having his troops inoculated, and for good reason. Most of our ancestors were vaccinated, and they didn’t whine about it.

It’s critical to the future of the US and the world that political conservatives wean themselves off of the propaganda and payola of the foreign alternative press who are not loyal to America… Erica P. Wissinger

mRNA vaccination, Martian Facility

“It doesn’t matter how many times you get knocked down. What matters is how many times you get back up.” – Anon

First published on 23 May 2021 on VT, with the title, Martian Pioneers, Quantum universe, Holographic Memory of Genomes

When it comes to the space age, we have adventurers laying plans and outlining specifications to terraform our solar system for human expansion and development.

One of the things our Virtual Age allows us to do that is essential is print shelters for people to live on the Martian surface by using 3D printers.

At the 12:32 minute mark, vaccinations are mentioned in the video below, “The first 10,000 Days on Mars.” Apparently, they are an integral part of mankind’s future in the solar system.

The video explains aspects of the Martian Colony, such as,

  1. what it is like living on Mars,
  2. how many people will be landing during each launch window mission,
  3. the Starship fleet,
  4. and how the Martian colony grows over the years, between 2024 to 2050.

The scientific military project managers have aligned all of their desired components for humanity on a critical path sprinkled with milestones.

They probably have some ability to alter us through DNA tinkering, but it will still be mind over matter, and they probably are aware of it, but they aren’t going to share any loophole information. Therefore, it might be good to become familiar with the quantum nature of your own DNA.

The following is excerpted from a 1997 publication. TPTB only have the obligation to announce discoveries, not educate about them.

Dr. Peter Garjajev [Gariaev] & Vladimir Poponin

DNA BioComputer Reprogramming

Biology, including genetics and embryology, has already come to a turning point in its development, which is similar to the period when physics first admitted the idea that the properties of waves and particles didn’t contradict each other and were even complementary in quantum objects.

A huge number of facts and scientific research outcomes available in modern molecular biology, genetics, and embryology, can’t be understood without such a definition as physical fields, for instance, or without the application of quantum electrodynamics principles.

The idea of lingual attributes of higher biosystems’ genome is a kind of humanitarian counterweight to an apparently excessive physical interpretation of basic Life function phenomena. The pace at which this idea is gaining acceptance by society is rather slow – in fact, furious resistance has been encountered from certain circles.

The current situation is easy to explain: the subject of Life is too complicated. Nevertheless, the time has come…

We are coming to the conclusion that human speech structures, which provide the major information influx for mankind, possess fractally-scaled super genetic properties.

The evolution of society is similar to an organism’s morphogenesis. Books, libraries, movies, computer memory, and people’s live speech, in the end, are the functional analogs of a cell chromosomal apparatus. The aim of these chromosomes is to control the creation of social space (houses, roads, oil- and gas pipelines, telephony, the Internet) and to arrange functional and structural relationships among the people inside it.

A new building block of matter can model both the largest and smallest of things – from stars to light. (Credit: Christopher Terrell, CC BY-ND) Source: Phys Org, December 10, 2020.

Chromosomal sign properties, which have a lot in common with organisms, have a substance-wave nature. For instance, a movie showing an ideal model of a social structure and people’s relations within its frames is a substantial (material) formation (videotapes). However, it uses a mental-wave method to input information (light, sound, speech, idea, image). That’s the method chromosomes apply.

The latter produce marking and calibration fields to arrange the organism’s space and also control information & metabolic relations, using, in particular, quasi-speech methods (let’s remember context orientations in the protein synthesis and function of oncogenes and HIV).

Therefore, people ought to carefully study the operational principles of their own genetic apparatus and the “tricks” HIVs play to “mislead” our chromosomes. This kind of study is especially crucial today when Russia, and not only Russia, could face a demographic and social collapse within the next 5 to 10 years. [Ref.: rexresearch.com/gajarev/gajarev.htm ]

Gariaev continues:

The fifth level is a chromosomal-holographic level. A genome possesses a holographic memory, which in nature is a typically-distributed (non-local) associative memory. At this and the next level non-locality obtains a new feature – a dualistic substance-wave character, since electromagnetic and/or acoustic fields, bringing out gene-wave information outside chromosomal material, “read” holograms as a substance.

A physical field (or fields), marking the organism’s perspective space (calibration), comes on the scene. The brain cortex holographic memory, establishing mental, semantic, and image spaces calibrating potential actions of higher biosystems, is likely to belong to this category. In this way, social and genetic processes are alike.

The sixth level is a genome quantum non-locality. At the levels of up to 6th, genetic information non-locality is realized in an organism’s space.

The 6th level is of a special nature since it acquires a new quality. It’s manifested within the frames of one of the quantum non-locality forms, namely, in the permissive form we postulate in the current paper.

In this case, non-locality is realized both by biosystem space and by its own, shrinkable to zero, time.

Gene-wave programs, instantly spreading in such a way, simultaneously operate in an organism “here and there” and therefore, the semantic construction “now and then” loses its meaning. And this is a strategic factor and a vital evolutionary achievement of multicellular biosystems.

Billions of organisms’ cells have to instantly “know” a lot of information about each other…

Even if we assume that sign electromagnetic fields are involved in an intercellular transfer process occurring with the speed of light (this assumption is quite reasonable), it’s not enough. A quantum non-locality mechanism, applicable to the genetic apparatus and which can act as an instantly-distributed quantum (wave) object isomorphous with substantial chromosomes, is required.

The University of Louisville, Department of Physics

From J. McFadden, Quantum Tunnelling In Enzymes

In quantum mechanics, particles don’t have defined positions in space but their position is instead defined by a diffuse wave function.

This positional fuzziness (an aspect of Heisenberg’s famous uncertainty principle) allows the edges of particle waves to leak through classical barriers, a process known as quantum tunneling.

Tunneling is involved in phenomena such as nuclear decay and is also responsible for the sun shining (and thereby life on Earth). Considered classically, solar protons (hydrogen nuclei) have insufficient energy to penetrate their mutual electric repulsion barrier in order to fuse and generate a deuterium nucleus (the first step in the fusion process that powers the sun.

However, in quantum mechanics, the proton’s positional fuzziness, its wave function, can leak through the barrier via quantum tunneling to initiate the nuclear fusion reaction.

Quantum objects, such as electrons and protons can penetrate through classically impenetrable barriers. [Ref.]

Are we aware of any galactic civilizations (Type 1, 2, or 3) that empower the individual to be sovereign over their own existence?


P.S. Thanks to VT’s commenters for their insights. It is appreciated.


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  1. Garjajev’s sixth level of quantum DNA bio-programming is the mechanism by which quantum entanglement is made possible. In fact, if the neural network of the brain could be synchronized via quantum entanglement, contiguous teleportation could be realized with no loss of conscious self…It utilizes the prime integer one…said the Concealed One.

  2. The problems involved with any type of Mars colonization massively out weigh the benefits. It is a futile adventure at best. There is plenty left to do on Mother Earth.

  3. What is matter?
    It is the glorious Almighty power of God, formed into a time and space existence, proceeding directly out from the spiritual realm.

  4. Jack Heart and Orage mentioned Mantong as a language..

    and on fullers idea of earth as a spaceship..

    It is a WAY bigger boat…

    think more as this solarsystem as one..
    made of three.

  5. but first…

    we can all chase fantasy and dreamstates.
    having no clue what was meant about hermetic vallues of lets say Adam and its meaning.
    creation of stars, planets, etc etc like in region of horsehead nebula.. here is an idea for you. let the horse do the thinking, it has a bigger head, with or without the red eye. you envision orion and sirius, which one was created first Sirius or Orion…? next non-riddle: lets say sirius is Abel… what then is the not to be trusted smelly parasite from the centre of orions belt or should we say Caïn? the war in heaven was orion hitting sirius. sirius became desolate and by act of god (pun intended) some of sirius planets are saved. portalling live and limbs. In the Edda its described as adoption by Odin of Freya and two of her brothers. annunaki wisdom rule: planets are the gods of stories.3600 to 3704 years the timespan of the transport(chirons boat) roundtrip between sirius and here. a boat with no oars or sails. washing away the pain. black(hole)sun rising.

    • Interesting ideas. Some have read that Sirius C is in a different dimension, as in the gif image above that has the caption “Quantum objects… can penetrate through classically impenetrable barriers.”

      I can not completely outline the physical transformation in ‘classical’ English vocabulary. The Blackfoot tribe might be able to explain it better, if they chose to, but they have to translate many thoughts and words existing in their language to the straitjacket of the English language, and therefore the English ensnared mind. Tricky, eh?

      To simplify, when transformation occurs, the wheat (which is seed) and the chaff get separated and the chaff gets left behind in the previous dimension to go wherever that dimension goes. Picture that with dna, rna or enzymes.

      There was an article somewhere about the “incredible shrinking Y chromosome”. That has more implications than can be put into a small comment, but it can indicate the departure of men from this torus. The next question is, if true, what is it a precursor of?

  6. 42 is the number of years that passes between the exact day of birth in the 260 day cycle, and when that same day will land back on the precise day in the solar year. So twice a lifetime if your lucky.
    The number of standard amino acids is 20, and they are the same sequence, function and interactive properties as the ancient 20 day descriptors, and the first 20 I-Ching hexagrams, and the primordial elements Tin – Ytterbium.. The unified field is almost within our grasp. Religion and academia will have the hardest transition and the well founded theory is, that living on Mars will be physically unbearable without genetic modification. We will most likely end up with drones, instead of people. our bodies and consciousness are tuned to the earth and this is easily demonstrable.

    • The only place you will find it. YT video “I Ching, 20 Amino Acids and 20 Mayan Days: Evidence of a Unified Field”

  7. 42 judges..

    still it is not all technology you need on mars…

    that what didnt succeed in boleskine and worms will work there, only not in the way described.
    the lesser keys of Salomon are meant to rebuild mars, the planet. the temple.. but its more likely none of it will happen cause of rejecting knowledge.

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