Putin: ‘Ukraine’s war on ethnic Russians a genocide’


Press TV: Russian President Vladimir Putin has denounced the oppression against ethnic Russians in Ukraine’s east as “certainly looking like genocide.”

Putin’s remarks, which came on Thursday amid rising tensions between Russia and West, were aimed at addressing the issue of discrimination against Russian speakers beyond Russia’s borders, many of whom live in the Donbass region of eastern Ukraine.

“I have to say that Russophobia is a first step toward genocide,” the Russian leader said.

“We see and know what is happening in the Donbass. It certainly looks like genocide,” he added, referring to the conflict zone in the east of the country.

The comments came in the wake of US President Joe Biden’s talks with Ukraine’s leader, Volodymyr Zelensky, and the heads of other countries on Russia’s borders concerned over a purported threat of Russian military action against Ukraine.

Tensions have been growing in recent months as Russia has amassed troops on the border with Ukraine. Moscow says its posture is purely defensive and comes in response to increased NATO activity there.

Meanwhile, Biden has threatened the Russian leader with crippling sanctions, including “strong economic and other measures,” if Russia takes any military action against Ukraine.

Ukraine claims that it has offered a series of peace proposals, including prisoner swaps, the reopening of a checkpoint, and the expanding of a joint communications center, but Moscow has rejected them.

“Unfortunately, all initiatives of the Ukrainian side were rejected by the Russian Federation under contrived pretexts,” read a statement by Ukraine’s delegation to the so-called Trilateral Contact Group (TCG).

Russia said in response that Kiev had submitted “absolutely absurd” proposals.

The Russian Foreign Ministry also accused Ukraine of moving heavy artillery toward the front line of fighting with ethnic Russians in the east and failing to engage in a peace process.

Ukraine’s military has been fighting ethnic Russians in the country’s east since 2014. The conflict has cost some 13,000 lives so far. Kiev accuses Russia of aiding the ethnic Russians, an allegation that Moscow has denied.


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  1. Vlad has a pipline running thru there ! he has Contraks to deliver gass..

    then there is the simply 175,000 resting in camp’ eating out of a muel drawn chow buket w a big spoon !

    –> last director to amass 165,000 marchig troops was Yuri Ozerov when he filmed the liberation series -4-4 the russian communist party… special effect ? they used real cannon ammo while the troops marched…

    toss in geonocide and his spokes models comment aboout black sea air space violations ?

    i am kinda lost when defense goes on the offensive : it fles it dies : it swims & we shoot the finns!

    Vlads going 2 attak !!!

    he will install Nikita Sergeyevich Khrushchev II w/o a collective thought on NATO ….. !

  2. DramaQueenVlad. 🎭

    Staging coups, now back to the stage crying genocide.

    6,500 war deaths, in 7 years?
    That’s only about 16X the CHILDREN killed AT SCHOOL over same period in USA.
    (278,000 children having experienced a school shooting!)…

    “Childophobia! A first step to child genocide!”

  3. Bottom line.
    The 1994 Budapest treaty.
    ( + 2009 reaffirmation after START treaty.)

    Territory AND security obligations towards Ukraine.

    Putin violated.
    His excuse? His staged casus belli Maidan coup. Cui bono? Russia. (From the coup AND the scuttled EU deal). Yanukovich flies the… COUP (coop). To… Russia.

    Why Putin can never wipe the smirk off his face. (Even with his KGB training; that’s the best pokerface he can do!)

    Of course USA et al then violated treaty obligations to secure Ukraine. It’s in USA DNA: our very borders being formed of treaty violations. (And “discovery doctrine”).

    • Hi Hoops
      Putin crying genocide?
      I dont think so, he is just calling it as it is.
      For examples:
      In 2014 one million refugees fled into Russia from Ukraine, to escape the ethnic cleansing of Russians living in Ukraine.
      3000 civilian deaths within first months of war, these ALL ethnic Russian men women and childeren killed by genocidal Ukrainian fascists
      Were ANY Ukrainian “nationalist” CIVILIANS (not soldiers or militias) killed by “pro-Russian” seperatists?
      Just one person can there be named? I dont think so, because it was a genocidal war directed at Russians, driving them all out of Ukraine, and certainly not an invasion of Ukraine by Russia.
      It is killing for no reason but for killing Russians – and killing as many Russians as possible by fascist-nazis supported and paid for their work in the billions by the nazis in US and NATO.
      Its GENOCIDE to extreme,
      but nuclear attack much more efficient genocide talk to Senator Wicker about that idea.

  4. Didn’t VT once publish the views of Dimitri Orlav? This, from his latest missive…

    “Biden was careful to point out that the US would not come to the Ukraine’s rescue, because the Ukraine is not a NATO member and so the US is under no obligation to actually take any risks on its behalf, but rest assured that it would huff and it will puff and threaten to blow Putin’s house down should he invade.”


  5. “CIA director: We don’t know what Putin has decided on Ukraine
    CIA Director William Burns has said that American intelligence agencies have yet to conclude decisively that Russia will invade Ukraine.”
    That’s right! They don’t know because the Russians have thrown out their spies and closed down the embassy which was where they worked from.
    As to genocide: after the coup in 2013-14, “President” Poroshenko, sent troops to Eastern Ukraine to defeat the rebellious provinces, with instructions to hang those who dared to resist. Hardly surprising that they did resist.

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