Trumpism: Kentucky Factory Workers Reportedly Threatened with Firing if They Left Early as Tornado Approached



Some working in the factory were inmates from county jail, part of a payoff deal with the local sheriff…

[ Editor’s Note: Looks like this is a new form of management Merry Christmas come early. Now we will sit back and watch how quickly they bury the story in the fast moving news cycle we are in …Jim W. Dean ]

DB: As a deadly series of tornadoes bore down on Mayfield, Kentucky, on Friday, terrified workers at a local candle factory who tried to get out of the building and escape to safety were told they would be fired if they left early, according to NBC News.

At least four employees who spoke to the outlet said more than a dozen people begged supervisors to let them shelter at home, to no avail. “If you leave, you’re more than likely to be fired,” 21-year-old McKayla Emery said from her hospital bed. “I heard that with my own ears.” Still, as many as 15 workers left anyway.

At least eight people subsequently died inside the factory, which was completely destroyed by the twister. The company that owns the factory, Mayfield Consumer Products, denied the allegations.

Some people have thus far been confirmed dead from the horrific weather event—a number that is expected to rise, Kentucky Gov. Andy Beshear said Monday. Some 100 Kentuckians remain unaccounted for.


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  1. Capitalism rules. Miners told not to come up when collapse is imminent. Same mentality. They probably locked all the doors and windows. Then these pigs wonder why workers want to organize. It’s more than just wages. There are parts of America that really are Third World.

  2. So the presents and the candles had a common link. The workers were either forced or threatened to remain. Mayfield and Edwardsville, have links to the segregationist movement and the Indian Removal Act. The founders and intentions of the original colonists. A straight line to Jackson as straight as the line of these storms. Elves my ass.
    The question here remains as it has for many hundreds of years. Is there a financial workaround to the abolition of slavery that involves jailing blacks and minorities for the purpose of cheap labor, such as the modern movement to encourage and incite illegal entry to the US for the purpose of cheaper labor ? Here, we have caught, the very mouths that gape for the immigrants, as being the same that have assailed the very process they facilitated and profited from. Rand Paul thanking for the help he voted against for others.
    The prayer for justice is not a plea or a whimpering. It is a complete release. No expectation. No attachment to any outcome. The bell at the Mayfield court house, next to the clock. And the Oyster shells that scrape and cut the hands if you want the meat. A person has to let go of the issue. A natural balance ensues. Peter Gabriel sings about Digging in The Dirt, and for humans we first did that with Oyster shells. Long long ago.

  3. When we hired prison labor, we had a direct connection to the State Supervisor of prisons and we rebuilt his summer cottage. Oddly , I remember not getting paid, and shrugging it off as business, because in La. at the time, nothing was done like the other 49 states.
    The factory owner has ties directly to Beshear, and a very deep history with segregationist John Calhoun, and the Indian Removal Act. This actually happened on the day of the Tears, in the calendar that keeps consciousness, and also the day of Lady of Guadalupe in the solar year, which is the ten day period of Oyster, which has a matching image to the Lady of Guadalupe image , which was not seen by a priest, but by an indigenous person. The geography of that sighting matches the correlated images from multiple cultures including and most notably, #24 of Hokusai’s 36 images of Mt Fuji, but most closely Hindu image from 500 CE in Marlene Krugers Das Indische Horoskop. The matching image is Buena Vista, Gilbertsville Kentucky. It is an Oyster, and the debris is such that it must be cleaned up, and is like the shedding of the oyster shell at the waters edge. This is indisputable. This is a bonafide example of external influence with multiple provable data points, the likes of which I have never seen, and I have been doing this for over 15 years. This event is stuff of legend, with multiple points of learning, which is a hallmark of such things. It is high level recognition, and anyone who says otherwise is a fraud.

    • Most if not all of the tribes of the Americas knew and kept the 20 days. Certainly the Cherokee. The day of Dec 10, 2021 was Ajmaq(Quiche Maya) (it is the 6th day of the 20). This is the day of the ancestors, and the day of the justice for the dispossessed. It is the day of wisdom, and the issue that continues.
      In the Chinese it is hexgram #6 – SUNG and it speaks of the continuance of the issue, and the difficulty of the contention or strife.
      When looking at all the cultures, it is the day of the Forgiveness or the inability to accept responsibility, thus continuing the issue. The party who is in the wrong must be mature enough to accept what has been done, and bear it for the purpose of correction. The most famous example is Babe Ruth was traded to the Yankees, on the day of Ajmaq. He was an orphan and the Red Sox was the first time he had ever felt as if he had a family. To be traded from such a place,. the public intuited correctly, and the curse of the Bambino , was clear. It took from 1918 to 2004. What we are dealing with here is far worse. But ,..there are wiser people involved. The recipe for success is stated in an Axios on HBO article Dec 12, Our president promised the Cherokee a delegate spot in congress. Treaties are the highest Law of our Land. And they are the highest law of all lands. We have to stand by our word. Be correct and firm.

    • The lady of guadalupe is not the Virgin,..and these energies are not people or entities, but rather energies. When it rains, it is different than when it is dry. The mud is different than the sand. They are still the earth. Much has been erased, and we will deal with that also, very shortly. As time goes.

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