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[ Editor’s Note: The ‘international threat’ scam keeps rolling along, carefully nurtured by all the professional grifters in way too many countries that view it as a piggybank.

The US is making a big deal at deploying not only nuclear weapons in Europe, but the new and improved models, on top of the ones that have already been there for some time, those declared, and those not.

EU NATO partners loved every US dollar that our citizens chipped in to pick up the tab, while their militaries could be described as semi-token ones. Britain had a long running problem with so many military ship breakdowns it began to look like they had chosen the old Soviet Union method of keeping ships in port to not incur repair costs.

My favorite example of Germany’s NATO preparedness was a German press story boasting about how it had a five year program in place to see to it that every German soldier had two pairs of boots.

And then I can remember that our EU NATO partners during the last Libyan war, with the missile and air strikes making a big show of force, had a story slip out the second month of the bombing stating that Britain and Italy had no more air to ground munitions left, including sub launch missiles.

The US would have to ship them over, (and pay for them of course) for them both to continue combat operations.

If we stumble into the next big war between East and West, guess who is going to pay for the huge majority of it, or maybe I should say borrow the money to pay for it?

The clock is ticking now, just like it was before all the previous big wars that incompetent leaders, in league with the corporate kleptocracies, took us into. It has happened too many times for the public to play uninformed victims… Jim W. Dean ]

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Are we on the road to ‘No Where Land’ ?

First published … December 15, 2021

The United States views its relations with Germany through the prism of countering Russia and China. This was announced on December 14, 2021 by Amy Gutmann, who was nominated to serve as U.S. ambassador to Germany.

Thus, the future ambassador of Washington confirmed that the global establishment is completely indifferent to the fate of the peoples of Europe. Europe expects the deployment of even more U.S. nuclear weapons and launch vehicles. The US Army contingent is constantly increasing on the European continent. The traditional policy of the hegemon is to exchange with its main competitors in mutual exhaustion or destruction.

On December 15, the US Assistant Secretary of State arrived at the Russian Foreign Ministry to discuss the situation in the Ukraine and guarantees for Russia’s security. The U.S. official spent as much as 50 minutes in the premises of the Russian Foreign Ministry.  The meeting itself took no more than half an hour.

The Brussels bureaucracy plans to set a strict time frame for the completion of long-term contracts for natural gas imports as part of the green transition, that is, to completely stop importing natural gas by 2049.

In practice, this means that, within the framework of the EU’s third energy package,  Washington’s satellites are striving to cut Russia off from the final buyer, the most profitable gas market, and deprive it of long-term contracts. What do such actions lead to in practice? Europe could discover this year.

At the same time, the internal political situation in transit in the Ukraine, the de jure eastern flank of the neoliberal globalists, de facto   a savage mixture of armed Nazis and crooks of all kinds, continues to deteriorate. President Zelensky is trying on the role of Napoleon III, but is not able to be more than an ordinary comedian.

Germany is currently in the process of a transfer of power, from the more or less nationally oriented office of Mrs. Merkel to populists, who apparently do not link their personal good with the fate of the Germans. The new German Chancellor Olaf Scholz is trying to take an example from his elder comrade Biden, forgetting that his country does not have full international autonomy, unlike the United States.

The competitiveness of German industry in global markets depends to a significant extent on stable supplies of Russian energy resources. The German army endures a deplorable situation. Up to 40% of combat aircraft of the German Air Force cannot take to the air on alert. Not a single submarine of the German Navy is capable of performing its combat duty.

France is lurking, or rather rushing, in search of at least some support in the realities of a brave new world. Today, the French armed forces are the most operational among the European NATO members. Paris cannot ignore the global trends promoted by the global dictator – the United States. At the same time, the French elites understand that the development of conflict with China and Russia does not meet their national interests.

China and Russia are actively conducting diplomatic consultations. In the near future, the emergence of new agreements  strengthening military and economic cooperation between Beijing and Moscow should be expected. The belief in the negotiability of the West has gone down in history. Gradually, but inevitably, Europe takes the place of the center of geopolitical turbulence, with every chance of displacing the Middle East in this role.



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  1. When you consider that US foreign policy is driven not by what’s best for the USA but what’s best for Israel and Zionism, all of our recent wars suddenly make sense. This goes for all the 9/11 wars, the war in Syria, and now the upcoming war with Russia over the Ukraine. It’s understandable that Putin considers the USA “agreement incapable” and is ready for anything that the USA and NATO throws at him. No way is he going to invade the basket case that is Ukraine. It will have to be some Israeli redo of 9/11 blamed on Russia that will drive the USA into a cataclysmic war with Russia, just like what US Christian Zionists pray for.

  2. Again, USA = NWO.
    But USA et al broke the Budapest treaty to AVOID conflict in Ukraine.

    Putin broke it to cause conflict, get territory: cui bono.
    The excuse? The staged Maidan coup (with self-deposed Prez “fleeing” to… Russia): cui bono.

    Betrayed Ukraine proves, only NukedUp nations are safe.

    Why WOULDN’T Europe & Iran et al want them?

    Especially given US instability & world vilification by Mango Mussolini DramaQueenDon. And because trade wars fueled WWII.

  3. The hysteria in the West about an alleged Russian attack on Ukraine seems completely contrived. Not sure what’s really going on or whey they are doing this other than continuing to justify huge military spending. Possibly it’s an attempt to get Europe to get it’s natural gas supply from US at inflated princes? It’s disturbing to see so many in gov, main stream media, and think tanks shamelessly promoting the idea of a Russian invasion of Ukraine. Of course, I could be wrong but all I see is a huge downside for Russia by invading Ukraine.

    A lot of military spending is not for the protection of Europe, but for it’s continued quasi-occupation (mainly Germany). That’s one of the reasons why Europe is not interested in big military spending as they don’t see a Russian invasion as a threat at all.

    • “That’s one of the reasons why Europe is not interested in big military spending as they don’t see a Russian invasion as a threat at all.” – Amen on that. Russia does not have, nor does it want to have and offensive military capacity beyond its border areas, as the costs of a mobile offensive budget to take and hold foreign territory would burn funding that could be put into other things, like a hypersonic retaliatory missile capacity, having the best cyber warfare technology, etc. China has the same advantage, not having to expend huge funds being all over the world intimidating countries with its navy and military bases to people it just wants to sell stuff to. This is not rocket science.

    • Western diplomats are such pussies. They do the right thing only when they are leaving office. Obama fingered Bibi with his resolution 2334 at the last minute before departure. Just imagine if it was done at the start of his presidency … At the start of his two terms he didn’t fight back for Chas Freeman.
      Ike was leaving when he said that.

    • Smedley warned us first.

      AND told the only way to stop the MIC.

      AND stopped a fascist coup… And maybe WWII from being fought in… #AmericaFirst.

    • Check the latest DOD budget going through Congress. More than even pay-later Biden requested. The MIC is an inside game based on fear mongering. The Chinese are laughing all the way to their bank. Hopeless. Where’s old Bill Fulbright when we need him?

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