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[ Editor’s Note: VT’s Beirut bombing coverage still remains unchallenged by anyone official with a reputation to lose, as in a videotaped public debate. We are still waiting for a call from any official who ‘wants to know more’ about it. Actually we have published it all, over and over… Jim W. Dean ]

Elugelab Island Atol US nuclear test crater mentioned by VT commenter Elvin, below: “In the early 1950’s the United States detonated a thermonuclear bomb on the island of Elugelab, vaporizing the island and creating a crater one half of a mile deep, and two miles wide.”

First published … 13 December 2021

In mid-December 2021, two American television shows produced by Dick Wolf, presented back-to-back terrorism scenarios involving ammonium nitrate fertilizer.

Wolf, one of Hollywood’s greatest powerhouses with an incredible lineup of top-rated shows, has, in the past, used his position to insert key messages vital to Israeli policy into what is supposed to be “entertainment.”

This week Wolf is selling ammonium nitrate as akin to nuclear weapons. There is a reason. Stored ammonium nitrate is inert. It can’t burn, it can’t explode under any imaginable circumstance, and it can actually be used as a refrigerant when mixed with water.

It also makes golf courses green.

You can make explosives with ammonium nitrate. It can replace bat droppings as a source of nitrates that can, when properly manufactured, be used for demolitions or as a propellant.

What ammonium nitrate can’t do, even if used as a component in the manufacture of highly complex compounds using certain metals and hydrocarbons, is explode down into bedrock.

That requires considerable professional engineering expertise or the use of weapons such as a nuclear bunker-buster bomb. The Beirut crater has an analog in the American state of New Mexico. That crater was caused by a two-megaton hydrogen bomb test.

Thus, the two TV shows cited, one FBI and FBI International, promoted a false narrative in order to influence events. This is done all the time.

What we do know is this, Israel used a nuclear weapon in Beirut on that hot August day. High ranking Lebanese defense officials contacted this author who submitted their evidence to the IAEA, the same group tasked with investigating Iran’s nuclear program.

Their findings were that this was a nuclear attack, findings that were quickly classified as were their findings on the May 4, 2013, nuclear attack on Damascus and other such “events” in Yemen, Iraq and Afghanistan.

The truth, that nuclear demolitions are used commonly in mining and fracking, is something withheld from the public “for their own good.”

Also, that ISIS (banned in Russia) had the materials to build five nuclear weapons at their research facility in Mosul is another open secret. Current weapons designs, also highly classified, allow for a nuclear chain reaction necessary for an explosion to be possible using commonly available radioactive material from junked X-Ray machines.

On at least three occasions, nuclear material was seized before reaching ISIS. This material originated in Ukraine.

What we are asserting is this, that using a common “track back” methodology common to intelligence analysis, these fictional television dramas, based on timing and content, also based on source, evidence things well known at certain levels in the international community.

  • Israel uses its nuclear arsenal and its ability to deploy these weapons at will to blackmail the world.
  • The ability to deploy such weapons is dependent on a virtual army of “deep cover” assets capable of making discussions of state nuclear terrorism unthinkable while diverting the public’s attention to such absurd concerns as “child pedophile facilities on Mars.”

From the Daily Beast, June 30, 2017:

“On Thursday’s program, the InfoWars host welcomed guest Robert David Steele onto The Alex Jones Show, which airs on 118 radio stations nationwide, to talk about kidnapped children he said have been sent on a two-decade mission to space.

‘We actually believe that there is a colony on Mars that is populated by children who were kidnapped and sent into space on a 20-year ride,’ said Steele. ‘So that once they get to Mars, they have no alternative but to be slaves on the Mars colony.’”

Steele, a longtime friend and editor at VT and former CIA clandestine services officer, told me that such narratives, though absurd, were to be disseminated in return for promised funding for a presidential run by Steele.

It was Steele’s plan to surround himself with intelligence insiders once elected that could insulate America’s government from certain “destructive influences.” Steele, who promoted vaccine hoaxes as well has since died of COVID-19.

To be clear, nuclear weapons have always been closely tied to terrorism. The concept of Mutually Assured Destruction (MAD) is, in itself, one that relies on fear, a key component of terrorist philosophy.

One cannot examine terrorism without looking at Gladio, the NATO sponsored Freemason organization that went rogue and has terrorized Europe and Latin America since the latter 1970s.

The desperation of losing the war for the “hearts and minds” of the world’s exploited and victimized drove the West during the Cold War to embracing state sponsored terrorism as a “military option.”

After 9/11, that ploy took on new aspects as nation after nation was subjected to military occupation based on a war on terrorist groups that could easily be tied to NATO and the CIA.

The natural progression of this now multigenerational endeavor has been to stage larger and larger “events.” When you can get away with vaporizing lower Manhattan or cratering Beirut and spinning an investigation into areas that torture science, anything is possible.

It is strange that no one seems to notice that nearly every major terrorist act of the past 30 years has led to a pre-planned response that has regime change as its central theme.

From a 2016 report by Robert Litwak of the Wilson Center, Deterring Nuclear Terrorism:

The rise of the Islamic State as an offshoot of Al Qaeda (banned in Russia) in Iraq and the stunning success of its military offensive to occupy territory in 2014 has transformed the regional security environment.

ISIS’s control over a large swath of territory in Iraq and Syria, including the occupation of a major urban area like Mosul, confers technological and engineering assets of a magnitude traditionally only under the control of a state that could allow it to develop WMD capabilities.

A hyperbolic article in the Islamic State’s propaganda magazine, Dabiq, raised the “hypothetical” that ISIS, having seized banks with billions of dollars, could tap sympathizers in “Pakistan to purchase a nuclear device through weapons dealers with links to corrupt officials in the region.”

The article proclaimed that the terrorist group was seeking “to pull off something truly epic.” This proclaimed intention underscores the necessity of denying the Islamic State the capabilities of a state. Such a strategy of deterrence by denial (as discussed in the “Recalibrating Deterrence” section below) would not eliminate the WMD threat posed by ISIS but would substantially reduce it.

Pathways to Nuclear Acquisition After the catastrophic terrorist attacks on 9/11, British Prime Minister Tony Blair declared that the only constraints on Al Qaeda’s obtaining and using a nuclear weapon were practical and technical, not political or moral. The same holds today for the Islamic State. What then are the routes by which a terrorist group could acquire a nuclear weapon?

The three broad pathways to nuclear weapons acquisition by a terrorist group are: (1) transfer—the deliberate handoff or sale of a weapon from a state; (2) leakage—an unauthorized transfer or theft of a weapon from an inadequately secured site; and (3) indigenous production—manufacture of a nuclear device from leaked weapons-grade fissile material and bomb components.”

Thus, we return to the issue of Beirut and a ridiculous official narrative sustained by the combined efforts of Israel and, to a lesser degree, Saudi Arabia, and their drive to suppress Iran’s influence in Lebanon.


On August 4, 2020, a massive explosion rocked Beirut. The Port of Beirut was destroyed entirely, hundreds were killed and nearly half a million people were homeless. Investigations that will never be allowed to be seen by the general public give us a simple and believable narrative.

Only one week before, Israeli defense officials warned that they would destroy a major Lebanese infrastructure facility in order to suppress Iran and Hezbollah. From Israel Hayom, exactly five days before the attack:

“Defense Minister Benny Gantz on Thursday instructed the IDF to bomb Lebanese infrastructure if Hezbollah harms Israeli soldiers or civilians.

A senior defense official told Israel Hayom that Gantz issued the order to prepare such a response during meetings on Thursday with IDF Chief of Staff Lt. Gen. Aviv Kochavi and other members of the general staff.”

Now we move the clock forward, to December 2021. Iran is, many hope, in the final stages of Vienna talks to end the Trump/Israel reimposition of sanctions that ended the JCPOA agreement that guaranteed Iran would remain without nuclear weapons capability.

A massive public relations effort, combined with behind-the-scenes activities, bribery, blackmail and violence, is aimed and undermining President Biden’s efforts to undo the damage to world security caused by this Trump move.

Where this is likely to play out over the coming weeks is in Vienna where the EU is pressuring President Biden to accept the position of Russia and China and rejoin the international community and reenter the JCPOA.


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  1. Lebanon, to me, is the place most likely to achieve peace between people of different beliefs, which would cause strain on the purists due to the historic concessions that would have to be made to achieve such a thing. Extremism is terrified of rationality and pragmatism.
    Lebanon may appear to be messy, but that is normal in my eyes when so many, of such variety seem determined to go the long hard route to coexistence. This stands in stark contrast to the goals and actions of places like Saudi and Israel.
    Unification destroys separatism.

  2. Wish some way to educate world better on the whole Beirut fake story, covering up nuke obviously used there. Could be both sides (Israel and citizens of Beirut) do not want truth – Israel obviously, but Beirut citizens not so obvious, since banging pots and pans declaring Israel did it, we know it, we dont buy the fertilizer and fireworks story could get another nuke tipped missle lobbed in again. What are they supposed to do, go to bloody war with Israel right now and the large portion of population that is pro Israel too.
    Liike being tied to chair and being tortured, they do something to you that really hurts, but you dont want to admit it or show it, since that could mean they will do it again and again. You just want it to stop,
    When talking to a Lebanese medical student in Minsk Belarus, studying to be doctor there obviously very intelligent kid in fact he had scar on head where the flying glass hit him, as he was there during explosion and was working with red cross at the time,
    So his “eyewitness account” was that “something blew up the chemicals in the harbor”….I told him that it was a nuclear bunker buster, very low yield radiation and Israel did it, lots of proof of it….he didnt want to “go there” would only say “yes it was something”..So made me think he just doesnt want to cause more eye for an eye escalation….Interesting Hezbollah keeping their cards to chest on truth of matter too…

  3. Certainly the Russians know that Israel nuked Beirut on 12/13/2020, just as they also know that Israel nuked the USA on 9/11/2001. Is this why Putin smiles and shakes his head when Biden comes a calling, threatening Russia with more sanctions if he dares attack Ukraine? He knows full well that Biden has no credibility to demand anything from Russia. Putin holds a winning hand no matter what.

    • Yup, Putin and the Russians know, but so do lots in US government too, and would assume Biden as well.
      So its two powerful men, hopefully talking peace in world no nukes, drones, or anymore biological warfare please, both capable of starting a WW3 in 5 ninutes time.
      Both know that Israei fucked their sisters….but neither will want to talk about that.

  4. “Iran is, many hope, in the final stages of…” – GD

    Nuclear weapon development to provide a deterrent to further Israeli use of nuclear weapons.

  5. “What ammonium nitrate can’t do, even if used as a component in the manufacture of highly complex compounds using certain metals and hydrocarbons, is explode down into bedrock.

    That requires considerable professional engineering expertise or the use of weapons such as a nuclear bunker-buster bomb.” – GD

    All rock blasting in excavating for underground structures and mines is preceded by drilling holes into the rock (mechanized version of John Henry) so the explosives are confined. After detonation there is not a crater or void, but rather highly fractured rock that may then be removed with mechanical excavators.

    • The process was explained to me by a mining engineer in Lebanon after he sent me video of the Israeli attack planes on their final run against the harbor

  6. I’m not very knowledgable about things nuclear, but am quite familiar with xray technology, and I’m puzzled what posible fissile material is found in xray machines. Xrays switch off & on. Radioactivity can not be “shut off”.

    • Fissile material is not found in x-ray machines but maybe some elements of x-ray machine it could be used as trigger because x-rays technology can produce fast protons or other positive ions or maybe the cobalt or rhenium present in some x-ray machines could be recicled as components to be used in the build of some kind of home-made nuke.

  7. “””Terrorism””” being ensconced as the go-to tactic for our military, for initiating armed conflict, brought two thoughts to mind.

    9/11, was an attack on civilians yet served as the “Pearl Harbor” event.

    Pearl Harbor was only achieved by much economic goading of Japan, requiring schemes and patience, waiting for Japan to attack.

    The false-flag nature of 9/11 brought the time and manner of “the event” completely into the hands of the conspirators.

    Trying to rationalize the idea of Israel being the main driver of 9/11, to the point of controlling ALL agents of resistance to such treachery, was inconceivable to me.

    Learning now, that our military was already on board with terrorism, and false-flag attacks, getting them to turn the “guns” on their own people was probably a piece of cake, as long as it meant lots of new opportunities. 🤨

    • Amen on all this. Roosevelt’s New Deal was a failure in terms of it’s not creating a single permanent job. When the ‘work camp’ funding ended the people went back to being unemployed, living with relatives. He, and others, saw that getting into a war was the only way out of the problem, but of course the US could not initiate in. Japan had to be goaded into attacking. I videod a David Irving talk, my 2nd or 3rd on him in Atlanta where he had documentation on how Churchill was interrupted at a dinner with guests one night for a Roosevelt call. Roosevelt did not think the sanction proposed were enough to trigger a Japan attack. They neede to be increased from not only the scrap steel imports, but blockading all oil imports, which of course would choke Japanese industry. The call was followed up with a ‘blue note’ cable, a copy of which Irving had, on light blue paper even. I as fortunate to get some wonderful Heritage TV footage back in those Atlanta days, a good location for people on book tours that were wide open for interviews.

  8. If you remember back to August of 2020, we were told by outlets like the Jerusalem Post, that precisely 2,750 tons of ammonium nitrate fertilizer somehow blasted a crater 43-meter (141 feet), twelve stories deep, into concrete and solid rock. According to the Union of Concerned Scientists it would take a B61-11 bunker-buster bomb dialed up to around 200 kilotons to do that.

    The “official” narrative of that attack is much like the “official” narrative of 9/11. It must be believed because it has become an article of faith. Every American president has had to dance around this ugly reality, including both Trump and Biden. Putin must be smiling and shaking his head in disbelief.

    • In the early 1950’s the United States detonated a thermonuclear bomb on the island of Elugelab, vaporizing the island and creating a crater one half of a mile deep, and two miles wide.

    • Real crater size, 553 feet wide average by around 55 feet deep. The epicenter appears to be underwater…and always was.

      Perhaps it was a secret underwater fireworks warehouse.

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