Making the Bad Guys Pay

In the Year of the Tiger, will the DOJ finally pounce?


…by Greg Olear

Most of the frustration directed at Merrick Garland and the Department of Justice derives from the fact that the bad guys are getting away with it. At least, that’s how it appears. And in a narrative war, optics matter.

Thanks to Jeff Sessions, Rod Rosenstein, Matthew Whitaker, and especially Bill Barr, who was basically the Former Guy’s personal attorney, Donald John Trump and his cronies, criminals all, got away with pretty much everything for four years.

We expected, not unreasonably, that with Joe Biden as President, and a Democrat as AG, things would be different. And maybe they are. Maybe there are secret federal investigations happening as I type this, clandestine grand juries hearing charges against various Trump lackeys and underlings right now.

Maybe Garland will come back in the New Year with a gleam in his eye and a stack of indictments taller than Trump Tower, all of them meticulous and ironclad. Maybe the traitors will finally be sent to the hoosegow.


But the fact is, a year after the insurrection, two years after the emergence of covid-19 and the White House’s sabotaged response, two and a half years after both the attempt to extort the president of Ukraine and the release of the Mueller Report, three years after the murder of Jamal Khashoggi, and 35 years after he began laundering money for the Russian mob—over the course of which he raped or sexually assaulted some four dozen women—Trump has yet to be charged with a single crime.  Read more…


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  1. “…has yet to be charged with a single crime…” …and I doubt we see that, Trump bosses surely they have also files with dirty laundry ready to release from many those who could charged him…. there is honour among thieves. 🙂

  2. Democratic party hack of Hillarys emails was an INSIDE JOB. Seth Rich (Bernie supporter)
    who worked there was angry at how Hillary literally bought the nomination, and released it all to wikileaks in a flash drive thingie. No way Jose could it of been done as they say it was done by “Russian internet hackers” “Russia” did not do the hack, in fact Seth Rich did, and he was killed for it promptly. You think the truth will ever be known about this?
    Of course not, never in a million years so blame Russia for it simple.
    Mueller was in charge of FBI during 911 when Israel blew up NY with mini nukes plus bombed Naval intelligence in pentagon investigating missing trillions. Did Mueller investigate the truth, or do what his superiors tell him to say, as he always has.
    Also “sabotaging the pandemic response” charge against trump so COWARDLY AS FUCK and lets the bastard off scot-free for what he REALLY DID, which was attacked China first with viral US military bioweapon, quickly followed by attacking Iran with another viral US/Israeli viral bioweapon, both of which went “rogue” worldwide…OOPs (Office of Organized Pandemics) and its ALL Trumps fault he was in command of the US military and gave the OK. Because SO MANY “in the know” there will never be justice.
    Assange I thought an Israeli spy, so now a Russian one too? Maybe he is double agent CIA “information manipulator specialist” who really knows what goes on.

    • No

      It was probably done by Israel. We were pushing them to give us a contract to investigate at the time. They are, however, dumb motherfuckers.

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