America’s Enemies Begin War on Ghost of RDS, an Intel Drop


    VT: A week ago, the Russian Academy of Science published an analysis by Gordon Duff on the Beirut nuclear attack by Israel.  Yes, the Russian government, which continually censors Duff, decided to publish this.  Their act of publishing this was also a “seal of approval” on the content.  This is not conjecture.

    This is very concerning for Israel, that and an award and Nobel nomination that came out of Pakistan.

    Moreover, the Russian article also contained a powerful clue about Robert David Steele. Let us present it in its full context, in English:

    What we are asserting is, that using a common “trackback” methodology common to intelligence analysis, these fictional television dramas, based on timing and content, also based on source, evidence things are well known at certain levels in the international community.

    Israel uses its nuclear arsenal and its ability to deploy these weapons at will to blackmail the world.

    The ability to deploy such weapons is dependent on a virtual army of “deep cover” assets capable of making discussions of state nuclear terrorism unthinkable while diverting the public’s attention to such absurd concerns as “child pedophile facilities on Mars.”

    From the Daily Beast, June 30, 2017:

    “On Thursday’s program, the InfoWars host welcomed guest Robert David Steele onto The Alex Jones Show, which airs on 118 radio stations nationwide, to talk about kidnapped children he said have been sent on a two-decade mission to space.

    ‘We actually believe that there is a colony on Mars that is populated by children who were kidnapped and sent into space on a 20-year ride,’ said Steele. ‘So that once they get to Mars, they have no alternative but to be slaves on the Mars colony.’”

    Steele, a longtime friend and editor at VT and former CIA clandestine services officer, told me that such narratives, though absurd, were to be disseminated in return for promised funding for a presidential run by Steele.

    It was Steele’s plan to surround himself with intelligence insiders once elected that could insulate America’s government from certain “destructive influences.” Steele, who promoted vaccine hoaxes as well has since died of COVID-19.

    There were several areas in the aforementioned article that caused pain but we were surprised when this turned out to be one of them.

    In this case, the Daily Beast, part of the Newsweek “foundation” that we cited as a conduit for Israeli intelligence decades ago (with pretty good research and writing staff at that!).

    For those who hadn’t guessed, Steele was playing a double game.  The DB article cited below, describes the money being thrown around.  The number we were given by Steele was $35 million, to be paid in tranches.  Time after time pay dates were missed and money never showed up, which led to calling after call with Steele.

    No one ever knew who was paying and, as Steele is far from the biggest CV at VT, we were concerned that he might be being set up and the cash might well come from banned sources.

    There is a good reason for this.  Steele joined “Zionist central” when he began touring with the Trumpster circus.  Yet, Steele is on record, year after year, in his warnings against Israel as the primary threat to the United States.

    Even Donald Trump is doing that now and has been listed by the ADL right there with Steele and the crew at VT. This is the Trump that did what he was told for 4 years, Netanyahu was denied nothing.

    Have a problem with all this?  Suggesting now that Epstein was murdered for a reason and that Trump’s falling out with Israel is tied to Netanyahu’s fall?

    I remember the call so long ago now when Steele asked me about what “5G” means.  The answer, of course…”Its radio, nothing more.”

    Yes, Steele, as with his CIA training, grabbed every hoax and conspiracy theory he could, and in the process moved further from his history of calling for Israeli accountability and releasing the real 9/11 report.

    Do read the entire article, realizing it is a response by a hostile government, smearing someone who may well be in hell…but is laughing his ass off there as well…….

    Daily Beast/Newsweek: Ex-CIA officer, QAnon acolyte, 9/11 truther, anti-vaxxer, COVID denier, antisemite, and “Big Lie” proponent Robert David Steele stiffed the production crew working his national “Arise USA!” roadshow out of some $50,000 when he suddenly claimed he was out of money after blowing enormous sums on luxury coaches and lavish spreads of Champagne, smoked salmon, and brie that he demanded daily, according to Steele’s former tour manager.

    But collecting is going to be tough: Steele died in August from the very virus he claims was a hoax—which the tour manager, Jon Stensland, believes the “lying, deceitful conman” caught while out spreading his fringe beliefs.

    “Robert Steele and his minions knew they were fucking over working-class people when they pulled the plug and refused to discuss any sort of buyout or severance on the employment agreement Steele signed,” said Stensland, an experienced road warrior who has worked with such artists as Poison, Stryper, and Ratt.

    “For a group of people who claim to be good, family-oriented Christians, they certainly had no problem screwing over the crew that worked day in and out to make their events happen.”

    Steele launched the Arise USA! tour last May as a way to call attention to former President Donald Trump’s false claims of election-rigging, as well as “to illuminate for the public the treason and high crimes represented by the fake pandemic, unconstitutional lockdown, mask idiocy, and the deaths and sterilization and mutations associated with the untested toxic ‘vaccines’ that are neither approved nor warranted—junk science is now criminal science.”

    “As a former spy intimately familiar with bribery, blackmail, and brainwashing, I have this to say: Elected and appointed ‘leaders’ at the federal, state, and local levels have become tools of the Deep State,” Steele wrote on a now-defunct website he created to promote Arise USA!.

    “Most—not all but most—are more often than not bribed, blackmailed with Satanic Pedophilia entrapment a la Jeffrey Epstein, or brainwashed (MKULTRA). Only the sheriffs, pastors, and LOCAL magistrates represent the interest and will of the local people.”


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    1. Seems like this article is about reiterating a well-known figure and covid denier Robert Steele died of covid… So let’s scare people more and more…by Covid, Delta or omicron, than many others to come… It’s easy to speak and lie about somebody if he is dead.
      Or maybe just got killed by covid treatment protocols and poison medicines given at the hospitals. The truth is somebody who thinks Robert steele died of covid must be dumber than a doorknob…

      • Article does not say that RDS died of Covid. At least 2 of VT’s writers have said he was assassinated. Ben Fulford concurred… With a biological weapon. That leaves it wide open to interpretation as to what that biological weapon was. I am not going to assume he died of Covid.

    2. Are we still seriously confused over national allegiances verses party allegiances when it comes to Israel – and most other countries at that?
      In the wake of “anti-semitic” uber-Zionist Dumpf and his Likudnik backers versus the Labor-loving CIA/Democrat/AIPAC establishment Zionist wing, surely it’s obvious that there are [at least] two very different and highly antagonistic wings competing for control of the narrative – and direction – of Israel. Kind of like the Republicans and Democrats in America.
      To speak of “Israel” and “Zionists” as a singular, unified entity is akin to describing US politics as a unified front. Sure they’re not all that far apart to the objective observer, but the bitterness and hostility between the factions is as obvious as it is extreme.

      • Respectfully disagree; what brings out the cries of “anti-semite” against Trump is not his claim that American Jews do not love Israel enough like he does. No, it was wholly his assertion about American Jews controlling congress “like they should”. Driven by their failure to support his reelection, this, ironically, may be the most truthful utterance ever to cross Trump’s lips.

    3. Very interesting article! On RDS’s sites, I followed news of the Arise USA tour from the start, so I saw a lot of names mentioned. But this Jon Stensland guy who is accusing him regarding money, I don’t recall ever seeing his name until today. Hmmm, it’s easy to criticize the dead guy who can’t sue you for defamation… I was among those who thought RDS could have a successful tour, as I assumed that he’d already had Covid19. I still can’t believe he would have taken the risk otherwise… He daily and publicly listed the incoming funds as well as expenses, so the experienced Stensland could have raised the issue if there had been one… I also think it’s strange to hear that RDS would think he had a prayer of becoming President, something he didn’t mention that I know of. He had to know he had no chance, but so what? So, imo, a Presidential run would have been for the purpose of bringing up 9/11, as well as the 99vs1 (essentially Occupy Wall St). In August, he discussed the 99vs1 on his podcast, as a future endeavor… And this Arise tour obviously seems to have been a practice run for the Presidential run. He would have not stood a chance of winning. But he would have made waves, was in fact already making waves.

      • I suspect Carol and I had COVID in Feb. 2020. Playing games with COVID…is suicidal. It can kill at any age…in one day and does all the time.

        1200 plus every day….almost all unvaccinated…and probably a third are ‘natural immunity’ but die anyway.

        Learn the game….learn to choose the game….learn to play the real game and not be fed into the circus.

        Had that talk with Steele every day.

      • My husband and I had Covid19 in Jan. 2020, along with everyone else at his place of work. One died, a friend, only in his 50s, Desert Shield/Storm veteran. We took the earliest Antibody tests, which were +. So I early on followed the studies diligently about Natural immunity, and still do. Yup, you can get infected again, but it’s a low %, very low. And few or no symptoms the 2nd time, for most people… We finally got the J&J shot this year, but only so we could travel to see family. Before deciding, I carefully looked at the studies as well as real-world news, on mRNA vs. DNA Covid vaccines. DNA vaccines have fewer serious adverse events. Earlier this month, my extended family compared notes on adverse events. We have had several, and all had the mRNA shots… I would have told RDS to get the damn vaccine or else stay home, especially as he was no spring chicken, 70ish, obese. Travel is exhausting enough without the added stress and danger of meeting the public every day. But there are some people who do not want to get old; they want to go out earlier with a bang, and they court danger on purpose. I think RDS may have been one of those people. Look, you tried your best to dissuade him, and I would have too.

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