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[ Editor’s Note: ADVT comes out swinging on Human Rights Day over the controversy of so many governments who have agreed to protect human rights, but in words only.

Those that abuse human rights present themselves as civilized, but are really modern day barbarians in terms of the continued scourge of proxy terrorism.

To add insult to injury, we find examples of the victims being tagged as aggressors over the perpetrators themselves, and sadly the latter often have diplomatic immunity. Very little is being done to combat it. Those groups that do are small ones, like ADVT and a number of others.

Huge resources go into refugee work, but the problem that generated the refugees is not sanctioned unless there is political objective involved that would benefit a former colonial country.

We live in a Western media world where the vast majority still does not know that 80% of the victims of terrorism are Muslim, but they have heard much about Muslim terrorists. Has any American seen any articles in major media about the US official entities using proxy terrorism, even the military, to advance hidden objectives?

Thus ends my cheery missive for today… Jim W. Dean ]

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Human Rights in the Shadow

Every human being, regardless of religion, nationality, color, race and geography, has fundamental rights that cannot be degraded by any power and will not be taken away under any circumstances.

These standards, which are called human rights, have risen from the ruins of the wars in the world and bloody devastating conflicts in the history of humanity. The aim of these rights is to restore the lost security and peace, which in the teachings of religions and scriptures are also remembered as moral values and emphasized and recommended.

However, it is said that the superpowers have not learned from history and are still thinking of aggression against other countries every day and producing a new catastrophe for the nations. So, the severity of the catastrophes indicates the Middle Ages and the law of the jungle.

And the most painful of all is the fact that human rights violators, with weapons of mass destruction and destructive bombs, also pretend to be human rights defenders and consider themselves as human rights advocates, hiding their blood-stained hands behind vague and contradictory interpretations of human rights.

The right to a fair trial is recognized in national and international law for every right holder, but the legal principles and judicial procedures are overshadowed by the interests of those in power and politics in the world, and the enjoyment of the benefits set forth in UN Charter has been suspended and access to justice and the right to the truth is impossible.

The Association for Defending Victims of Terrorism on the occasion of Human Rights Day, in unison with thousands of human rights activists around the world, calls on the United Nations and its member states to address the human rights of millions of people affected by armed conflicts and terrorism in Iran, Yemen, Afghanistan, Iraq, Syria, Palestine, Africa and the rest of the world.

This ongoing horror is the most important overlooked part of human rights, which is increasingly expanding every day in order to work together in a global solidarity to counter terrorism with the voices of victims and repetition of the slogan of “Let’s restrain terrorism by commemoration the victims of terrorism.”


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  1. Mr. Jim Dean-
    Dear Sir, when they sent us to Vietnam, they told us we were fighting for Democracy.
    Now I realize we were actually fighting for the 1% that are scared to death of “Swedish Style” Socialism.
    They would rather destroy the world than pay taxes.

    • We have a number of VT people that got a full dose of Vietnam. That generation was the last to really have an impact on government. They brought LBJ down. That, and the music was fantastic at the time. Woodstock was an hour away from my house that summer, but the roads where so clogged we could never get there, so just turned around and went home. When we heard about all the rain and mud we were glad. But when we saw the Woodstock music videos it was an ouch moment, knowing you have missed a moment in history. I remembered that, and learned from it. When I met Gordon, and then talked on the phone for a while, I knew that was going be a moment in my history, and it has been. Someone on an emai list suggested that he was someone I might want to know.

  2. Isn’t it interesting that all of the 7 nations General Wesley Clark said the Pentagon planned to “take out” shortly after 9/11 were Muslim nations. The invasion of Afghanistan was planned long before 9/11 as was the USA Patriot Act. Funny that our illustrious MSM didn’t pick up on that, and haven’t still even 20 years after.

    • Hate to break it to you, Mihail, but the crazies are in control of the asylum. We’re looking at apocalypse now if the Zionists have anything to say about it. It won’t be business as usual. Hell, those banksters aren’t even human anymore, just some self-replicating profit algorithm that will go on long after the last human being sinks into the radioactive chaos that will be left of the planet after WWIII.

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