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Caught! US Trains ISIS Cells to Deploy them in Terrorist Operations

SF: Cooperating with the SDF, the US forces transported dozens of ISIS detainees to the prisons of the northern countryside of al-Hasakah in preparation for releasing them and employing them in terrorist operations.

NEO – The Schmear – the War of Lies against Russia

Gordon lays out that it is way past time to just go after the proxy terror groups, but a mistake not to include the countries supporting them, or else they will just continue to use these groups whenever and wherever they want.

Danish court hands jail terms to anti-Iran militants over spying for...

Press TV: A court in Denmark has sentenced three leaders of a group behind terrorist attacks in Iran to up to eight years in prison after they were convicted of spying for Saudi Arabia.

Detailed Statements of the Heads of State of the CSTO about...

The attempted coup in Kazakhstan covered eleven regions at the same time, but the main attack was directed against Almaty, the largest city and their financial center.

ADVT – Human Rights in the Shadow

Every human being, regardless of religion, nationality, color, race and geography, has fundamental rights that cannot be degraded by any power and will not be taken away under any circumstances.

Welcome to the terrorist state of Israel – What Palestinians have...

Jim W. Dean - We read today that Putin says his military has 2000 drones. Would he want to risk losing 500 of them for the Syrians and Kurds?

Is Israel exposing its nuclear program for attacks like on Iran’s?

The New York Times proclaims that Trump's maximum pressure strategy on Iran was a failure.

New video shows how foreign backed terrorists massacred civilians in SW...

New and deeply disturbing footage shows a Saudi Arabia-backed terrorist group in the very act of a 2018 attack on a parade in southwestern Iran, which killed 25 people and injured 70 others, mostly civilian bystanders.

Real Terrorists detected in Kashmir

If any impartial observer studies the historical background of Kashmir and present war of liberation, he will conclude that acts of barbarism employed by Indian troops on the Kashmiris to maintain Indian illegitimate occupation are tantamount to alien rule.

Kashmir: Accession to Pakistan Day and India’s endless State Terrorism

Kashmir has been denied their genuine right of self-determination. In 1947, they organised themselves against the injustices of India and launched a war of liberation which New Delhi tried to suppress through various forms of state terrorism.