Fauci Says Those Who Don’t Vaccinate Kids are Nuts


CHICAGO (NewsNation Now) — Dr. Anthony Fauci said that the rationale parents use to keep their child unvaccinated “doesn’t make any sense.”

“We vaccinate children for a number of childhood diseases where the mortality of those diseases is far less than the mortality and the morbidity of COVID-19,” Fauci said on “Morning in America” on Thursday.

“It’s the responsibility of the parent to protect their child,” Fauci said. “You get as many children and as many adults as you possibly can, because each individual needs to be protected, and the more individuals that are protected, the better society does in controlling the outbreak.”

The seven-day-average number of daily hospitalizations for children between Dec. 21 and Dec. 27 is up more than 58% nationwide in the past week to 334, compared to around 19% for all age groups, according to data from the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

Fauci says the number of severe child COVID cases are low, but that may not be comforting if it’s your child in the hospital.

“When you compare the hospitalizations and severe illness in young children, compared to adults, particularly the elderly, there’s no doubt that the likelihood of getting seriously ill of a child is less than for an adult when you’re dealing with COVID-19,” he said. “But that doesn’t mean that children do not get seriously ill.”

Fauci: Arguments against vaccinating kids don’t ‘make any sense’



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  1. The fact that Dr Faulti is not in jail or executed for his many crimes is a testament to governmental corruption.

  2. I rather doubt the US has an intact justice department that is anywhere near functional at this time. Garfinkel the atty-general was handpicked, I’m sure he would never prosecute a slug like Fauci or any of the little man’s accomplices.
    I believe that many Americans got placebo shots initially, but I also feel that the boosters will contain the hard core poisons that will kill within a short period after injection. Once the American public gets accustomed to seeing fellow Americans die of various illnesses, panic will set in. Thanks to large amounts of censorship, the public will have a very hard time understanding the causes behind the many deaths that occur. They’ll just assume that naturally occuring causes are behind the deaths and move on, nothing to see. Our governor in the Nutmeg state keeps pushing, pushing, pushing the jabs, omitting to tell people that short effectiveness of vaccines is followed by often destructive symptomatology thanks to unknown compositions of the vaccines. Governors, especially in the blue states, all seem bribed.

    • These Governors are just lazy political slugs. Their champion was the criminal Cuomo. From where? New York of course.

  3. I can’t remember the web address for story from Georgia but there were some enhanced pictures of the microscope slides with parasies with tentacles. Of course, any of this stuff can be faked. That’s why the general public is f_cked during this “pandemic”. It’s a losing game. Time to move into the basement bunker.

  4. A few months back, some doctor in state of Georgia made similar observations about parasites and tentacles in various vaccines. She was blown off as a Trump nutter. Maybe not. We know Fauci will never do the right thing if it involves admitting his mistakes. He has been dancing around his errors for years. Ego bigger than Trump. Why is he “immune” from criticism. He is not the expert on vaccines just their biggest pimp. Good work Mihail. I am starting a holistic anti-parasite regime to fight effects of Moderna shots I took. There are definitely side effects here. Vaccine remorse.

  5. Various toxic adjuvants have been added to vaccines for decades with the rationale that they increase immunity or get more inoculations per bottle or whatever. Like the junk in the supermarket claiming to be food, you need to read the list of ingredients going into these shots for years. They will curl your hair. I doubt the VT smarties have much idea how this junk is manufactured. Immunity from suit for harmful side effects doesn’t hurt the business either. These guys aren’t a charity but only see the bottom line. VT folks can’t be that naive. There are other reasons they are pushing this garbage pretending to be “science “.

  6. Honestly, what nutter of a mother will trust Fauci and Gates enough to bring their kids to them?? You have to be really desperate or scared out of your mind to leave the kids with these pedophiles and Satan worshipers.

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