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[ Editor’s Note: Brandon Straka is ‘in play’ with the prosecutors to potentially flip and get a reduced sentence. Although getting tagged with a misdemeanor charge is not the end of the world, it would not look nice on a job resume.

We are seeing an emerging pattern now that a mishmash of groups were invited to the Capitol event at various levels of being clued in on what the real goal was.

Some of the groups were used as chaff, to build up the crowd numbers for intimidation and to act as buffers and screens around which the main attackers would operate. Uncovering every detail of this will be critically important for establishing a rock solid sedition case.

That is why gathering all the communications has been so critical, and why those guilty have been trying to block their release, praying they can buy time for the Trumpers to retake Congress in November and kill the investigation.

But they may be in a lose lose situation because the Committee is already turning their material over to the DoJ, and it can continue potential criminal investigations even after next November’s elections.

The DoJ has a long history of not wanting to lose big cases, and the insurance to prevent that is to get some top insiders to flip and testify against the others, for example by indicating that ‘yes, we did conspire…the intent was to throw over the election by any means possible.’

There is a problem I am most worried about and on which I have seen little news coverage. And that is the Repubs have such an army of perpetrators active all over the country, that agencies like the FBI frankly don’t have the manpower to deal with it.

I am still seeing two agents doing interviews, even when videotaping them, something that a single person can do and street detectives have done for ages. We have heard nothing about the FBI trying to pull in retired agents for a year or two to give them more critically needed manpower.

This history of the DoJ being mum on what it is doing certainly has some rationale, but with our being in the middle of an ongoing insurrection, adjustments to the normal game plan are not only expected, but can be critical to one’s failure or success… Jim W. Dean ]

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First published December 17, 2021

Brandon Straka… and has since pleaded guilty for joining the mob that stormed onto the grounds of the U.S. Capitol the next day — has provided investigators with information they say “may impact the government’s sentencing recommendation.”

It’s an indication that Straka, one of the few Jan. 6 defendants who is also of interest to congressional investigators, has cooperated with prosecutors in a substantive way.

…Straka pleaded guilty in October to a single misdemeanor charge and was set to be sentenced next week. But prosecutors have asked for a 30-day sentencing delay so that his new evidence “can be properly evaluated.”

…”The plan was always to go to the Capitol. We were going to march from that event … to the Capitol, and there was going to be another rally. I was one of the speakers slated to speak at the Capitol,” Straka said in the video.

…In another eight-minute video prosecutors obtained, Straka can be seen approaching the Capitol on Jan. 6, saying “We’re going in.”

…”As the crowd in front of him tried to push their way into the entrance of the U.S. Capitol, STRAKA yelled, ‘Go! Go!'” …Straka later urged members of the crowd to take a riot shield from a nearby police officer. The video ends with Straka at the top of the Capitol steps.

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  1. …the intent was to throw over the election by any means possible.’ Well, I don’t believe it for even one second. First, there is no way in the world that any such action would result in a recount/revote…much in the same way that Pense did not have the options Trump tried to get him to exercise. Even if Pense had done what DiaperD wanted, the outcome would not have changed and Pense would have been in real trouble. The intent is to destroy American unity, to foment unrest here. How many have heard the ‘civil war’ crap some idiots are yearning for, as necessary? Now where have we seen this type of strategy before? Protests that lead to unrest, that leads to civil war, which leads to the destruction of that country. What nationality has repeatedly stated that we were nothing but a means to an end? Who owns both (sides) of the aisle? Who makes sure there is only 2 political sides? Who runs a worldwide money laundering crime syndicate? Why would 2 entities, owned by the same scum, seek to destroy their golden goose? The answer? Epstein.

    • The answer is not Epstein.
      That whole affair is just another layer of the fake reality manipulated to destabilize society, just like the whole Jan.6 ordeal, Trump, and any and every other destabilizing event that follows one after the other in a steady main stream.
      Everything you see in the public domain is scripted, and designed to create destabalization.
      It’s all fake!
      The only variableness to the fakery is the degree.

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