Iran will receive 32 Su-35 fighters followed by the 5th generation Checkmate.

Iran has begun training pilots to fly Su-35 fighters. According to the data presented, today we are talking about the training of 32 pilots, which, according to experts, indicates that Tehran has decided to purchase 32 Su-35 fighters from Russia. It is noteworthy that all combat aircraft can be transferred to Iran in January or February of this year, which completely excludes the superiority of the Israeli Air Force over the Iranian Air Force.

It is known that to date Russia has produced fighters that were supposed to be delivered to Egypt, however. since this country has abandoned the contract, at least unofficial data indicate this, these combat aircraft may go to an extraordinary buyer, which is expected to become Iran.

“Tehran expects to buy Su-35 multipurpose super-maneuverable fighters. The seriousness of Iran’s intentions is evidenced by the fact that the Iranian Air Force has already selected three dozen pilots who will learn to fly the Su-35SE. If Moscow and Tehran manage to come to an agreement in January, preparatory work will begin almost immediately, experts say. A separate issue is the extension of the service life, repair, and modernization of two dozen MiG-29 aircraft and 25 Su-24MK aircraft in service with the Air Force of the Islamic Republic “, – reports the TV channel “TRT”.

At the moment, neither Moscow nor Tehran comment on the data on the supply of Russian Su-35 fighters to Iran’s armament, however, Israel is very seriously afraid that if the Islamic republic is armed with Russian combat aircraft, then for the IDF it will become a huge problem in the planned military operation. against Iran’s nuclear facilities.

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  1. Encouraging article. Nothing says FU to Israel like superior weapons. Now if the Iranians can get up to speed quickly, Israel will have to plot more FFs to get us involved. I read of this elsewhere earlier and I thought these SU-35s were originally going to Indonesia, not Egypt.

  2. Comrade Andy, I’m surprised that you don’t know that before Operation Opera there was Operation Scorch Sword. Check out their dates and also lookup Sepahbod Nader Jahanbani. Iranian pilots can teach the Israelis a thing or two about flying.

    • Good! You know I have great respect for fighting pilots, ’cause my father was one of the best interceptor pilot in the USSR times.

    • Jahanbani’s mother was from Russian aristocracy and he had trained in the USSR at some point in the late 40s.
      Also just like here that the jets were originally meant for another country, the IIAF had also placed an order for over 150 F-16 Fighting Falcon fighter aircraft in 1976, but deliveries were never made, due to the overthrow of the Shah by Khomeni in the revolution. These aircraft would go on to serve in the Israeli Air Force.

    • That’s right, but you aught to know that Iran has never been seeking for nukes, neither in the past nor future, Iran has banned making the weapons of mass destruction because it never kills innocent people.

      When Iran wanted to target al-Assad airbase of the US after assassination of General Soleimani Iran informed the Iraqi government of the upcoming attack, Iran knew that if informs Iraq, there’s some Iraqi betrayer politicians who would tell the Americans, but Iran still did it, cause didn’t want any single civilian gets hurt because of our attack.
      In the 8 year war with Saddam, Saddam had been supported by all over the world from east to west and Iran was alone, Saddam used chemical weapons on the Iranian cities, homes, families, children, and Iran could have retaliate by the same weapons, but didn’t, cause Iran believes that those civilians shouldn’t be punished and get hurt because of the evilness of their government.

      Iran never builds nukes, neither needs nor wants, no matter what the liar Zionists and their allies say, Iran has already proven itself, proven that has been always seeking for peace and never had any intention to attack anyone.
      Thank you so much!

    • Irani,

      I’m not religious, but I respect Iranians & your beautiful country.

      I regret the numerous war crimes my country (USA) have committed against Iran — and the cowardly US politicians who submit to their Zio-Jew masters.

      The good news is more & more Americans are waking up. The bad news is they aren’t waking up fast enough.

      Best wishes,
      — Pat Kittle

    • Thank you Pat, I totally understand you.

      I hope they wake up sooner, before they ruin everything for themselves and us.

  3. “Once we squeeze everything out of the United States it can dry up and blow away.”
    Benjamin Netanyahu overheard by Federal Marshalls while speaking to Convicted Israeli Spy Jonathaon Pollard in a Federal Holding cell.
    Wouldn’t it just be Ironic if the Top-Secret Technology Israeli Spy Jonathan Pollard stole from America, and sold to the Russians and Chinese, was used to Destroy Israel?
    Talk about KARMA!

  4. We wish Iran good luck! Russian planes are pretty good, but we must understand that the success of the use of technology depends on the crew – how professionally prepared they are.

    • Andrew My Friend!
      Did you ever check out my comment about the series:
      “Soviet Storm”
      I wish to bring it the attention of all Veterans.
      and I would appreciate any comments you would be kind
      enough to make about it.

    • Where I can find it? And better – in Russian language , ’cause it penetrates the soul directly without brain interpretation)

    • Oh, I got it. Takes a lot of time to watch that all. But as a former USSR teenager I have seen lots of war chronicles. We were not goofy like modern generation.

    • Andrew-
      Did you find it ok? Yes, it is in Russian and English.
      Liberating The Ukraine is the episode I wanted you to check out!
      I sort of lost my computer privileges, but I told them I have to write to my friend because it is an emergency.
      I’m in trouble (again) because apparently somebody ate all the pudding snacks last night (they were all Butter Scotch) I don’t even know what that is, butter and scotch, they sure didn’t taste like scotch. I tried to blame it on my roommate because he is a 99-year-old WW2 POW Veteran, and nobody is going to say anything to him.
      He has Medals I’ve never even heard of!
      So they took away my wheelchair again and tied me up with a sheet
      they put the knot under the bed this time!
      but I know where they keep my laptop heh heh!
      and if I get untied, I will write again later!
      Your friend Sarge

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