Iran Completes Purchase of New Russian Fighters…more..


Avia Pro: The Iranian authorities nevertheless bought Russian Su-35 fighters.

The threat of war between Israel and Iran forced Tehran to conclude a contract with Russia for the supply of a large batch of Su-35 fighters.

These combat aircraft will allow the Iranian Air Force to gain significant superiority over Israeli fighters, including F-35 fighters. At the same time, judging by the previously announced information, Iran will receive about three dozen of these combat aircraft, the deliveries of which may begin even this month.

“Moscow can repair and modernize 20 MiG-29 fighters and 25 front-line bombers Su-24MK, which is already serving in the Iranian Air Force. In addition, the sale to the Islamic Republic of modern S-400 anti-aircraft missile systems is possible, which will be able to provide effective air defense of the country’s nuclear facilities.

The estimated value of the contract is $ 10 billion. According to some sources, part of the payment for the Su-35 will be crude oil, and Russia is also interested in Iranian drones. “– said Iranian journalist Khayal Muazzin

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  1. IsrEL,of course, most probably . commands and specifies the abiliies of the F.35 aircrafts that they receive, or not? I beleive they do from their inception and until they roll off Texas tarmack. European customers receive those sub.standard fighter eáirplanes flown into Europe by US test fligher pilots. The Israeli “used airplaines” — that they receive at low prices — get flown buy their own Izraely pilots passing over Washinton D.C.

  2. I hve in Scadninavia at an airshow seen a standoff between the US F.35 and both the “Eurofighter” and the Swdish Vggen. The two latter returbed from ta´hauír missions at full speed, while the F-35 could not.

  3. @Edward Dodge You’re beloved hotdog and hamburger cooker, F-35, just in the last few weeks,has let the world see its fighting prowess. As in the case for the Royal Navy, it thought it was a submarine and went for a swim in the Mediterranean Sea. Then, as for South Korea, maybe since it was Christmas Time, thought it could go “belly-flopping” like Frosty the Snowman and refused to engage its landing gear. Yeah, the Russians are shaking in their boots..brrrrrrr!

  4. ‘These combat aircraft will allow the Iranian Air Force to gain significant superiority over Israeli fighters, including F-35 fighters’. Believe me, I have not love for the Zionist state, but what is this assertion based on? Has the Su-35 ever been in a combat engagement with the F-35? If not, then this is nothing but speculation.

    • This doesn’t answer the question. These aircraft have not faced off. The Su-35 looks nothing more than a borrowed airframe from the more than fifty year old Grumman F-14 Tomcat, except the Sukhoi has fixed wings. Same for the Su-57; a design clearly borrowed from the F-22 Raptor. I don’t know about the avionics, but neither do you. In air combat dogfights, it’s about who sees whom first. This doesn’t even take into account aia-to-air standoff weapons.

  5. The Anglo-Zionist Empire is kaput. The new Belt and Road Initiative, over 70 nations engaging in trade based on cooperation and mutual respect rather than by domination and exploitation, is the future. The only way the empire can stop it is to start WWIII.

    • You’re thinking of the lizard eaters of down in the peninsula.

      Lookup the “Blue-eyed general” and the “Operation Scorch Sword” which left the bones for Israel to clean.

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