Two Israeli Commando’s Murdered by IDF – Mistaken for Palestinian Children

The friendly-fire incident comes after the IDF adopted more trigger-happy engagement rules


RT: Two Israeli military officers serving in an elite unit were killed in a friendly fire incident during a security patrol in the West Bank. The Israeli Defense Forces have launched a “comprehensive investigation” into their deaths.

The company commanders from the Egoz special operations unit, Maj. Ofek Aharon, 28, and Maj. Itamar Elharar, 26, were misidentified and shot during a security patrol on Wednesday near the Nabi Musa base in the West Bank.

According to Maj. Gen. Yehuda Fuchs, the head of the Central Command, the soldiers had equipment stolen from them the night before, and they were searching for the thieves or the equipment. They reportedly did so without communicating their movements, and without having radios on them.

“The night before they had equipment stolen, and they just finished a drill and they were concerned that thieves would come back and take more,” Fuchs said, as he told the media about some of the soldiers’ final moments.

A fellow soldier misidentified the patrolling service members as “armed terrorists” when they were meters apart. Shots were reportedly fired when the servicemen were within “10-15 meters of each other.” Both officers were shot and later died from their injuries.

The Israeli military have recently loosened their restrictions on the rules of engagement with suspected thieves, allowing troops to use deadly force.

Israeli Defense Forces spokesperson Brig. Gen. Ran Kohav told Kan radio on Thursday that the shooting was “of course” accidental, though it hurts “more” that such friendly fire affects such high-ranking service members.

“Every few years such an event happens by accident. When it comes to fighters and officers in elite units it hurts even more,” Kohav said.

Defense Minister Benny Ganz promised a “comprehensive investigation” into the deaths and said in a statement he felt “deep sorrow,” while Prime Minister Naftali Bennett marked the “very sad day” by honoring the men giving “their best years” to “defending our homeland.”

“The entire people of Israel mourns for them,” Bennett said.


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  1. Mega Terrorist Bennett said, ” they died defending our homeland “. I thought they were killed in the West Bank of Palestine and not in Warsaw Ghetto. Anyway, a good way to hide how they were sent to hell by the real DEFENDERS OF THEIR HOMELAND. It is the pathetic excuse the Thiefs Were Stealing things from These Monsters.


  2. Mega Terrorist Bennett said, ” they died defending our homeland “. I thought they were killed in the West Bank of Palestine and not in Warsaw Ghetto. Anyway, a good way to hide how they were sent to hell by the Defenders of real DEFENDERS OF THEIR HOMELAND.

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  4. How many scalps/organ harvests does the IDF require of it’s captains prior to promotion to IDF Major??…

    There was recently an IDF Lt col, and IDF major who scattered a Eurocopter off the coast of Haifa…Splash two! This year is shaping up…break out another Billion USD…

    Israel did 9/11…No sympathy for the Devil…
    BDS 2022

    • The ages of these “Majors” Field Grade Officer Rank?
      Does the United States pay their salary?
      If so, does that come out of the almost One Trillion Dollar A Year
      “Defense” “Budget” the American Working Class is forced to pay.

  5. Interring Article in the Haaretz News:
    Opinion: IDF is too inept to fight against a Serious Army.
    Part of that, is the Israeli Generals won’t shut up apparently.
    giving away secrets in front of Television crews!
    You would not believe the PENSIONS of retired Israeli Officers!
    Another Article in Haaretz:
    Tel Aviv is the Gay capital of the World!
    So, the IDF might have a lotta drama going’ on!
    Further Reading: Old Testament Stuff:
    Ezekiel 40:
    “In its last days Israel will stand alone to face God’s wrath for breaking His Commandments!”

  6. So, how does the Zionist one thousand to one death work out in this senario?
    Maybe they could build a clothing delousing Chamber and process the thousand.

    • I believe a Kosher quote set the ratio as @10K Goy are not worth one Jewish fingernail…

      Israel did 9/11…
      BDS 2022

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