Response to Ukraine Threat: Russia will begin to clean up Syria from the US military and militants


Avia Pro: Russia will begin to clean up Syria from American troops.

One of Russia’s response measures in the course of the confrontation with the United States and NATO will be a total cleansing of the territory of Syria from the presence of the forces of the so-called international coalition here.

This will allow the Syrian, and equally Russian forces, full control over the borders of the Arab Republic. Shortly before the end of last year, the Russian side had already declared its readiness to begin a large-scale liberation of Syria, however, it is likely that we are talking not only about Turkish terrorists, but also about militants and illegal armed groups supported by the United States.

At the moment, in the eastern part of Syria there are a fairly large number of regions that are considered neutral. They are not controlled by Russian, Syrian or US military. This does not exclude the possibility that these regions will be taken under control in the near future. At the same time, with a high degree of probability, the US military will gradually be squeezed out of controlled oil fields and regions of Syria.

“If the United States is helping Ukraine in the fight against the LPR and DPR, then Russia will easily help the Syrian authorities free Syria from the Americans. It’s quite natural”, – notes the specialist

It should be noted that Russia’s opposition to the American presence may well bring relations between Russia and Iran closer, which is also a powerful blow to the United States.


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  1. Near nobody in the USA knows that 14,000 civilians were killed in East Ukraine.
    These civilians near ALL were Russian speaking “ethnic Russian” Ukrainian citizens.

    Near nobody knows or wants to believe fact that one million refugees fled into Russia, as their homes and villages were being bombed and ransacked by the Ukrainian army.

    Instead of the truth being reported and broadcast, (in which it was an ant-Russian “ethnic cleansing” campaign financed, encouraged, and “ordered” by the USA government, CIA, NATO)
    Instead the propaganda one would hear in the USA is this;

    The corrupt “pro-Russian dictator” of Ukraine was “drummed out of office” (Obama’s own words) by the will and determination of the Ukrainian people to free themselves from being “under the boot” of the Russian empire.

    The immediate Russian response to the overthrow of the pro-Russian dictator was an invasion of Ukraine by Russia, and this invasion is responsible for the war, and continuing conflict.
    So there are the big lies being propped up in the USA media and government as to what has happened.

  2. Well, for example, imagine a situation as if gangs of Mexican drug cartels or Wagner PMCs were riding on the territory of the United States? Or in Russia – British SAS or Wahhabis? Syria is a sovereign state and a member of the UN. Several thousand military specialists and advisers from Europe, Britain, and the USA are stationed in Ukraine, albeit by invitation. But for what purpose are they there? Obviously, they did not come to build kindergartens and schools there. About 600 thousand people have already received Russian passports in Donbas, i.e. legally they are citizens of the Russian Federation. And, of course, we cannot allow anyone to offend or kill these people.

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