Russia has notified the United States of the deployment of nuclear weapons near American borders


Avia Pro: Russia has notified the United States of the deployment of nuclear weapons near Russian borders.

During negotiations between Russia and the United States on security issues, it became known that the Russian side announced that it intended to deploy nuclear weapons near the American borders. This is probably about Cuba and Venezuela, as previously stated.

“There were hints, never clarified, that nuclear weapons could be moved to locations, perhaps close to the coastline of the United States, which would reduce the post-launch warning time to five minutes, potentially provoking a confrontation with an echo of the 1962 Cuban Missile Crisis. Russian officials have again hinted at the deployment of new missiles in recent days, and US officials have reiterated that they see no move in that direction. But any attempt to place weapons near American cities would create conditions similar to the 1962 crisis, when the world was closest to a nuclear exchange. Asked about the nature of what Mr. Putin called a possible “military-technical” response, Deputy Foreign Minister Sergei Ryabkov said in Geneva on Monday: exactly””, according to The New York Times.

According to experts, the placement of Zircon hypersonic missiles on underwater carriers off the coast of the United States will not be possible soon, as tests will continue until 2023, however, given the appearance of a Russian special aircraft in Cuba and Venezuela, which may be Russian presented, negotiations with the countries of Latin America may already be under way.

However, if Russia deploys nuclear weapons in Cuba and Venezuela, there is a very significant risk that US nuclear weapons could appear in Ukraine, the Middle East and elsewhere, triggering a very serious crisis.


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  1. In the meantime, the latest news being reported by several news soucese is that Britain is supplying “defensive anti-tank weapons” via C-17s to the Ukranian armed forces, avoiding German air-space in the process. Hmmm, wonder why? At any rate, the Zio Anglo-American Empire is going full hard-on with a death wish. Those 2025 forecasts for certain countries are making more sense every day.

  2. For those of you who are still trying to make sense of the recent escalation between Russia and the Anglo-Zionist Empire, forget it. All recent US wars have been designed to destroy the USA. We are after all the golden calf that Zionism will suck dry, chop up, and sell off piece by piece. (Netanyahu, 1990) This is all building to a grand apocalyptic final conflict that will be the end of the USA as we know it and the beginning of God only knows what.

  3. In fact, the best solution is to fire hypersonic missiles with special munitions (nuclear) from submarines. Approaching as close as possible to the territory of the United States, they can strike a lightning strike at the main decision-making centers and key infrastructure objects. And before that, to blind the enemy, disabling GPS, underwater communications. This is an assumption. And there, who really knows what’s in the head of these crazy and unpredictable Russians… 😁
    I wonder: before that, our Russian bigwigs and politicians will take their insanely rich kids home by steamboats, squandering millions of dollars in the United States and Great Britain so that they do not fall under “friendly nuclear fire”? 🤔

    • And the best solution would be to jointly make a series of scientific educational films about the horrors of local wars, about the inevitability of the destruction of humanity in the event of a nuclear withering war. Show in films how radiation works, what terrible and large-scale destruction occurs during nuclear bombing. Show it to the politicians, the modern generation of youth! Let them realize the horror of the global war and ask themselves the question: is it worth it at all?!
      People have lost their sense of fear of war and its consequences… And it would be nice to remind them of all this.
      Thank you, my friends!

    • An American and a Russian go into a bar. The American is going on about how he’s just lost his job, his home, his wife has run off with another man, and on top of that, some crazies have just stormed the Capitol. It seemed to him that his world was turning upside down. The Russian replied, “You poor man, is this your first time?”

    • @Tommy 😁👏
      therefore, the inhabitants of Russia are more stress-resistant. We even have an old saying: what is good for a Russian is death for a German.
      After what we have experienced only in the last hundred years, we are no longer afraid of anything and nothing will surprise us.

  4. Frankly, with all that’s happening around us (especially the Plandemic US got us into), I think if the bad guys get wiped off, the next generation may have a chance.

  5. “American borders” … lol.

    If it’s like the zio apartheid regime in Occupied Palestine which its borders are to the west, from east of Germany, because they didn’t have the cojones to fight their enemy number one, instead they took the poor Palestinians to make homeless, to the north the Kara Sea, to the east Beijing, and to the south Cape Town, then the “US borders” with its dozens of servient banana republics around the world could be anywhere …

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