Study: Almost All Covid Vaccine ‘Side Effects’ not caused by vaccines…but fakery or imagination

Many people are so worried about Covid vaccine ‘side effects’ they actually feel them even if they get placebo, new research claims


RT: Vast majority (2/3rds) of Covid vaccine ‘side effects’ are caused by people’s expectations rather than by the vaccine, Harvard Medical School researchers say, after analyzing the reports of more than 45,000 trial participants.

Various “systemic” side effects, such as headaches, tiredness, and joint pain were reported in both halves of the focus group: among those who received various Covid vaccines, as well as those who unknowingly received placebo.

From the Guardian:

Scientists in the US examined data from 12 clinical trials of Covid vaccines and found that the “nocebo effect” accounted for about 76% of all common adverse reactions after the first dose and nearly 52% after the second dose.

The findings suggest that a substantial proportion of milder side-effects, such as headaches, short-term fatigue, and arm pain are not produced by the constituents of the vaccine, but by other factors thought to generate the nocebo response, including anxiety, expectation and misattributing various ailments to having had the jab.

After analyzing the reports, scientists from the Boston-based Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center came to the conclusion that the so-called “nocebo effect” – unpleasant sensations caused by anxiety or bad expectations – accounted for three quarters of all reported vaccine side effects.

The report, which was published in the JAMA Network Open journal, says that 35% of placebo recipients reported side effects after the first dose and 32% after the second one. Significantly more “adverse events” (AEs) were reported in the vaccine groups, but so called “nocebo responses” accounted for “76% of systemic AEs after the first Covid-19 vaccine dose and 52% after the second dose.”

The scientists note that, although the reasons for vaccination hesitancy are “diverse and complex,” concerns about potential side effects from the Covid-19 vaccines “seem to be a major factor” and “public vaccination programs should consider these high nocebo responses.

One of the scientists involved in the research, Harvard Medical School professor Ted Kaptchuk, explained the science behind the “nocebo effect.” He pointed out that “nonspecific symptoms,” such as headache and fatigue, are listed in many information booklets as typical side effects of Covid vaccines.

Evidence suggests that this sort of information may cause people to misattribute common daily background sensations as arising from the vaccine or cause anxiety and worry that make people hyper alert to bodily feelings about adverse events,” Kaptchuk said.


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  1. One of the causes of AEs (adverse events) following cv19 vaccinations is the instruction given to the people doing the injecting to not aspirate the needle before making the injection. I will explain that for anyone who does not know what “aspirating the needle” means. These vaccinations are mostly intramuscular injections. The vaccine is supposed to go into a muscle and slowly diffuse out from there into the body as a whole. However, though it does not happen very often, it is possible that the needle goes into a blood vessel. If it does and you just push the plunger of the syringe straight in you will give not an intrarmuscular injection but an intravenous injection with potentially fatal results. To avoid this the standard procedure, in all the medical textbooks and in all previous practice, the instruction was to insert the needle and then withdraw the plunger of the syringe slightly to see if blood came into the syringe. If it did, one was to withdaw the needle, trow it away and start again. In this campaign, all over the West, this instruction has been deleted.

  2. One of the causes of AEs (adverse effects) that seems to have been caused by the authorities, for reasons that are not clear to me, but which look to be either incredibly stupid or malignant is the instruction to the people giving the injections to not aspirate the syringe before injecting the vaccine. I will explain this, for those that do not know what “aspirating the syringe” means. In all previous vaccination campaigns, in all the standard textbooks on medical matters, the standard practice when making an intramuscular injection is to stick the needle into the muscle and then pull the plunger out a little and watch to see if blood comes into the syringe. If it does, it means that the needle has gone into a vein or an artery. So if when you pull the plunger out slightly one sees blood in the syringe, one pulls the needle out and takes a new syringe and sticks it in somewhere slightly different. That way you avoid giving an inadvertent intravenous or intra-arterial injection.

    With the cv19 vaccination campaign, this instruction has been cancelled and people who have asked the vaccinator to aspirate the needle, have met with refusals! Sometimes very aggressive reactions. Accidental intravenous injections do not happen very often, but they do happen and when they do the results can be dreadful; up to and including instant death. This subject has been extensively covered by Dr John Campbell in a number of videos on yt.

  3. VT only considers statistics from reputable sources like the WHO. Everything else is fake. Period. End of story. No detailed explanation and support required. Too complicated. Duh.

  4. At this point, it really doesn’t matter if the side effects are imaginary or not. What it comes down to is CHOICE! No one should be forced to take a vaccine for anything. If you want to, that is your choice. There is zero evidence that they are effective.

    If those who push the vaccines really thought they worked, why would they ever worry about those who refused to take them?

    I have asked that question repeatedly over and over and to this day, I have never gotten a response.

  5. True common side effects like fatigue and headaches could be imagined by test participants if they are aware that they are in a trial, a nocebo effect if that’s even a word, but that in no way doesn’t mean that real side effects will not present themselves.
    Clickbait proganda.

  6. The placebo effect is an inherent part of all properly structured double blind trials. It is expected and used as part of final determinations about “effectiveness” of a drug more than its long term safety. The mRNA side effects discussed here are typical short term of most injections and not surprising. They have nothing to do with the long term benefit of the injection or any long term effects. That’s about what many thoughtful people have concerns. If you don’t think you should have any concerns, good luck (as Gordon would say). Criticizing people for having concerns at this stage of the pandemic seems a bit narrow. All the vaccine drum beating should not interfere with making an objective decision. But, of course, many on all sides have agendas. Let’s keep these somewhat useless stories coming.

    • I don’t believe the term “fakery” was used anywhere in the Harvard study. Or, is that the literary license used by the editor to elicit a placebo response in the reader. Holy Doubletalk, Batman!

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