Study: Trump Supporters Isolated, Mentally Slow and Chronically Fearful


Less physically fit, angrier and incapable of discerning reality from hoax…

PsyPost: Supporters of Democratic candidates tend to be less cognitively rigid and more interpersonally warm than Trump supporters, according to new research published in the Journal of Social and Political Psychology. This was found to be true even for supporters of left-wing Democratic candidates such as Bernie Sanders, suggesting that extreme liberals and extreme conservatives do not share similar psychological dispositions.

“There is an ongoing debate in psychology about whether liberals and conservatives fundamentally differ from each other (asymmetry), or whether both extreme liberals and conservatives are similar to each other on various psychological dimensions (symmetry),” explained study author Jake Womick, a postdoctoral research associate at the University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill.

“So, for instance, past work has shown cognitive rigidity and interpersonal coldness are linked to conservatism. There is a question of whether this is unique to conservatives, or if these might apply to anyone who endorses extreme ideology, regardless of whether they are on the left or right. The 2020 primaries were a unique opportunity to address this question because, for U.S. politics, we had some relatively extreme Democratic candidates. We were thus able to examine whether supporters of these more extreme left-wing candidates looked more similar to supporters of moderate Democrats (asymmetry) or supporters of Republicans (symmetry).”

In the study, 831 U.S. participants indicated on March 3, 2020, whether they planned to vote for President Donald Trump in the upcoming election or support one of the candidates in the ongoing Democratic primary race. The Democratic candidates at the time included Bernie Sanders, Elizabeth Warren, Amy Klobuchar, Pete Buttigieg, Joe Biden, and Michael Bloomberg.  Read more..


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  1. What a lot of bla, bla, bla. First, I do my best to not listen to so-called experts. The majority of the time they are just pushing buttons to get a rise out of people or push an agenda. As far as Trumpets are concerned, it is a Repug tradition to call black white and visa versa, back big business and tax cuts for the wealthy. As well, it is the tradition of Dims to support the working man, make the rich pay their fair share, etc. But these are the memes we are supposed to have, they’ve worked hard over the years to achieve it. That said, the idea behind the Trumpets are admirable and the same as those espoused by other than Repugs…death to Deep State. The fact that they followed a deep state Trojan horse and as yet many refuse to see it, is where I call them idiots. The same as with Biden. Much in the same way that AJ calls many things to our attention, but then adulterates them with propaganda…and NEVER mentions the real DS. Those that think there is no correlation between Trump’s (fake) stance and what they people want and need are the ones missing the point. BLM, Antifa both espouse certain attributes, but these co-opted divisive movements are as faked as 1/6. They are yet more fake tools to create chaos and division through diversion. Assigning certain attributes to groups is a great way to marginalize certain ideals, by polarization…and it works.

  2. Gathering and enflaming the people of the rural areas, is an old political move.
    With modern tech, it is easier to gather, and easier to enflame.
    Disenfranchised people, generally are not activists, so have less information about , how things work, and what the issues are that actually affect them.
    This is also how they got blue collar workers to vote against unions or benefits.
    Nasty business. I would be hesitant to assign “IQ”, because the smartest people have created wars, nuclear weapons, and biological weapons, none of which are signs of intelligence.

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