‘NCIS’ Actor (and total moron) Who Decried Vaccine Dies of COVID Complications TV VET

Vachik Mangassarian posted a string of anti-vaccine posts prior to his death, but a rep says he did get vaccinated because "his desire to work became more important to him.”



“Here’s what you can do with my dose Joe Let’s Go Brandon.”

Vachik Mangassarian, a veteran character actor known for his roles on NCISCurb Your Enthusiasm, and Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. has died at the age of 78 from COVID-19 complications. Representatives for Mangassarian confirmed to The Hollywood Reporter that he passed away in Burbank, California.

The Iran-born Armenian star moved to the U.S. at age 23 and landed his first Hollywood role in 1978. In the decades since, he held a slew of roles, starring as the architect Qasim Zaghlul in Marvel’s Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D and guest starring on Curb Your Enthusiasm. More recently, he appeared on NCIS: Los Angeles and began work on his latest film, Moving On, where he had a supporting role amid Jane Fonda and Lily Tomlin.

In the months before his death, Mangassarian had frequently expressed his opposition to COVID-19 vaccines and veered into truther territory, posting memes to Facebook that suggested the pandemic was part of a grand conspiracy.

In one post from September 2021, the actor posted a photo of a parody news report saying that “millions test positive for Sheeple 19.”

In another post a month later, he posted a photo of a billboard stating that, “I am more afraid of a Democrat in the White House than I am of COVID-19.” In early November, he made his stance on vaccines clear with an image of President Joe Biden altered to show a syringe poking into his behind, along with the caption, “Here’s what you can do with my dose Joe Let’s Go Brandon.”

A representative for Mangassarian said the actor had initially been opposed to getting the coronavirus vaccine but ultimately did get vaccinated after it was required for film projects.



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  1. Buh-bye.
    I’m relieved this simpleton will not be able to dispense anymore of his disinformation and insults to the simple minded and the rest of us.

  2. He had a long life. Who could say the vax would have saved his life. I made it to 81 without the jab. Still kicking. It is not even a true vaccine; it is an attempt to manipulate DNA and remains an experiment.

  3. Uhh, not to be a party-pooper, but doesn’t the fact that he did get vaxxed kinda belie the headline? I have decided that VT and their rabid-like condemnations, not to mention the ad hominid attacks, of those un-vaxxed must be sarcasm. That or someone has lost their mind. Did anyone else here see this… https://rightsfreedoms.wordpress.com/2022/01/10/nurse-testifies-more-children-are-dying-from-the-covid-vaccine-than-from-covid-itself/ Another bit of high strangeness is that the CDC and WHO recommended NOT vaxxing young people…advise that was immediately ignored…and I thought they hailed them as the authority on C-19. Who knew that public health data/decisions were pick and choose?…especially when there is a ‘killing’ to be made. You just gotta love cannibal capitalism, particularly when consuming ones offspring.

  4. I am gobsmacked that the editors of VT (of all people) a great resource for ferreting out the real truth (which others refer to as Conspiracy Theory) then go on and slap that very same label on people who don’t think like they do. The first thing I learned in journalism school was to stay neutral and allow the reader to draw their own conclusions, sticking with the facts. I know that’s an almost totally antiquated concept these days in the media, but it’s sad that the editors at VT don’t think enough of their readers to trust that they can draw their own conclusions without the need for gaslighting and slandering. Those tactics are the sign of a weak argument.

    • Duty to warn, does not imply process or technique. Particularly when the back story is complex, but the danger is obvious.
      If Walter Reed Hospital has announced it has a vaccine that handles all variants, what does that mean ?

  5. Hello Mihail, I am glad you see it too, because i was begining to think: has the world gone mad, or is it me? Those squid-like parasite creatures, now that is really something to see. My silver machine is broken, so I am stuck here. Keep well, V

  6. …dies of COVID complications. What were those complications? Was there an autopsy? The toxic part of the virus is the spike protein, which is also what is in the vaccine, as in, the vaccine makes your cells manufacture it in unknown quantities and it floats around in your blood stream until it ankers itself onto an ACE2 receptor – and they are in several places throughout the human body. Since he was vaccinated, he could have died from the vaccine. Before COVID, every URTI in flu season was put down to flu. Now every death wih a positive PCR reading is put down to COVID. May he rest in peace.

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