FBI Sought Documents Related to U.S.-Funded Coronavirus Research in China

…from the Intercept

[ Editor’s Note: Surprise, surprise…here we have an official deep dive into research grants on the Wuhan lab from the NIH, but when it comes to VT’s reporting on the bio-weapons labs being run on the QT, official US investigators don’t seem to want to stick their nose into that hornets nest.

VT did not “want to” either, but we felt it was in the national interest so that public attention could bring pressure for an investigation on issues that affect the entire planet.

But we did not get one call from anyone official wanting to know more. When are we going to see an investigation on how many investigations get shitcanned every year due to ‘authorities’ being instruction to stay in their own lanes, and if they venture out it will be at their own peril?

My quick read on the story has the grant people staking their claim on wanting to stay on top of the bat virus mutations to be able to catch new strains earlier for lab tests for more dangerous Covid variants, and to get a head start on a vaccine update.

VT’s coverage was that the North Carolina study admitted they were testing the lethality of chimeras. And then there was the researcher who got a mouse bite but did not follow the quarantine protocol and went out into the publicJim W. Dean ]

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First published January 25, 2022

THE FBI SOUGHT National Institutes of Health grant documents covering bat coronavirus research in Wuhan in spring 2020, according to emails obtained by The Intercept.

The emails, released through ongoing litigation between The Intercept and the NIH, detail internal NIH conversations involving the New York-based nonprofit EcoHealth Alliance, which collaborated with the Wuhan Institute of Virology on research.

The emails also contain previously unreported requests the agency made of EcoHealth Alliance as a condition for restoring a grant funding its research. While unable to provide some of the information requested by the agency, Peter Daszak, EcoHealth’s besieged president, fought fiercely to save the grant.

The new information gives an unprecedented window into the high-profile tussle between EcoHealth Alliance and the NIH, and underscores the agency’s tenuous grasp of the biosafety protocols in place in its research projects, even with a project that has since come under scrutiny for a possible link to the Covid-19 pandemic.

“There doesn’t seem to be transparent and accessible record-keeping of incident reporting,” said Filippa Lentzos, co-director of the Centre for Science and Security Studies at King’s College London, after viewing some of the emails. “That is very worrying and underscores the need for an overhaul of biosafety oversight in the United States.”

You can read the full Intercept article here.


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  1. The whole Covid debacle reads like a Grade B science fiction movie. A covey of mad scientists finds an obscure virus and they endeavor to enhance both its lethality and its transmissibility. By accident or design the enhanced virus is loosed upon the world. Millions die. Unfortunately, unlike in a movie, there is no obscure young scientist with a silver bullet. This extremely dangerous “research” must be either halted or made totally transparent so no doomsday virus can be created. Imagine if you will an enhanced 1918-19 virus. Horrifying. This vile research into enhancing viruses must be shut down before a civilization ending pandemic is created.

  2. This is the transition from Material Industrial Biopolitics to Immaterial Post Industrial PsychoPolitics. The Great Reset.
    PsychoPolitics is the realm of psychological subjectification where compulsive consumption is being used to interiorize the Master/Slave relationship through self exploitation.
    Self monitored, the subject is swept along in a constant stream of images, data, the apparatus of perception fine tuned to that of the Hunter, gameified, emotionally charged searching out the immediate experiences of success and reward. It is not “a place where you can think a thought through to its end”. It is a place where Thought itself becomes ThoughtCrime.
    It is the place of acceleration into a predetermined future of temporality. Things are “just how it is” not “how is that so?”. 9/11 “Just Happened”.
    In the Causal World a chain of events occur which eventually end up inside our heads as a ‘story’. This requires time and space.
    Here though, is the world of quantum physics, “things just are”.
    “Just Eat”, not “Just Farm” because farming, growing requires the slow process of planting, ripening, reaping- Space and Time. It requires self sufficiency. Independence. Knowledge. Experience.
    The “Just Do It” gamification
    Instant Digital reward/punishment
    At the
    End of History.

  3. We keep hearing, science , science, science. But isn’t it science that would tell us the probability of a human created virus making its way into the population, without even determining causation, but merely existence ? So, the very act of probing or creating or experimenting, inexorably leads to pandemic. No matter the safety protocols by the party receiving the funds ? Again, we get very little security for our dollar. I would fire every single one. And demand a full refund. Gee, this public mistrust sure is mystifying.

  4. The thing is, a certain line “facts” may only lead back to a facade of an “apparent” truth.
    The Covid “story” and all its various ramifications is such a dis-organizedly organized web of lies upon lies, that a sliver of possible “truth” here and there is totally irrelevent.
    Whatever the big-picture long-game was, or is, the “truth” of it will not be known for a long long time, if ever.
    The total fakery of projected reality should be obvious by now to everyone who understands that 9/11 was a complete con-job.

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