Opinion: A pope complicit in covering up sex crimes can bid moral authority goodbye

…from the Washington Post

[ Editor’s Note: It is way past time for Catholic laymen to take control of the priesthood and run it for the next 500 years. The laymen also have their own scary fanatics, but at least the citizen Catholics could just hand the priest pervs over to the cops and save themselves all the big settlement money.

It does not get much coverage in the US, but the Catholic Church has had to pay huge sums, money donated by the laymen. The later have the right to take over.

How? That’s simple. It just requires an international version of using a RICO case to do it, Running a Continuing Criminal Operation. The proof is already in the endless thousands of cases.

Father Malachi Martin, of The Exorcist fame, told VT years ago, knowing from his former Secretary of State days in the Vatican, that the worldwide church paedo victim number was in the 500,000 range.

The replacement lay leaders, elected by laymen, could then hire and fire priests at will, and for starters save countless young victims from the paedo-priests, and endless millions blown in settlement money.

Rebuilding a modern priesthood would take time but the laymen and women would have no problem running the church. I have never seen this posed, even as a joke…but I am not joking.

I will now go into my idea of getting rid of Royalty altogether, and hiring actors and actresses to play their parts at a tiny fraction of the cost. We could then have Monday morning lie detector tests to ferret out any embarrassing activity over the weekend.

The Royal soap opera actors could be rotated with new members to allow more of the vast British theatrical talent to share in the honor of that big stage. And of course no sordid scriptwriting would be allowed. Buckingham Palace could then become the real People’s House… Jim W. Dean ]

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First published January 26, 2022

Everyone with open eyes can now see that the hierarchy of the Catholic Church never underestimated the problem of priests as sexual predators.

They weren’t taken by surprise. Church leaders have known for decades exactly how vast the issue was, how all-consuming, from the humble parish all the way to the top in Rome.

They knew, because they tried to cover it up.

church-authorized investigation in Germany has produced a multivolume report on sexual abuse in the archdiocese of Munich. In it, we see the archbishop himself at meetings more than 40 years ago, weighing the future of a criminally abusive priest — without a thought, it appears, of turning the man in to the police.

church-authorized investigation in Germany has produced a multivolume report on sexual abuse in the archdiocese of Munich. In it, we see the archbishop himself at meetings more than 40 years ago, weighing the future of a criminally abusive priest — without a thought, it appears, of turning the man in to the police.

It is a sadly familiar story: secret conclaves of men in collars, flouting the laws of one nation after another to shuffle the abusers and launder their crimes.

You can read the full Washington Post article here.


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  1. Keep in mind, most victims were members, and even if we generously figure the 500,000 number, (I claim it is much higher) , that is a huge percentage of the laities own children.
    The conversation that seldom occurs, due to members behaving like abused spouses who go back for more, is , the vampirical nature of the compulsion to act in such a manner, is based in the notion that the priest and the church gain power from this. What magic is at work here, and what intention drives it ? If the suggestion is spirituality, then , these elements have been known and identified long before the formation, and it is unquestionably the dark side. The product is sustained guilt, misery, predation, dispersion, conquest, territory and domination. This in league with those who based leadership qualification on heredity. The very antithesis of what the US was founded on. The fancy unsustainable architecture is impressive to the low minded.

    • The notion that the church was somehow pious in the past, before the laity decided to protect their own children, is beyond the pale. This isn’t about spirituality, or beliefs. If one examines it as a foreign military psychological operation, it is the model. Drawing back further and examining the entire book, it is clear the graduation is from animal sacrifice to human. Conducting weddings and funerals, does not require a militant force of men without children wishing to be called father. Its a family business, that hoards cash and goods, aggressively seeks to destroy or control any in its path. The immense hubris it takes to sentence millions to death or conversion, is not capable of piety nor anything of value to any people. It is amazing decent people have allowed it to run roughshod over the earth. The abuse did not recently start, the thing that changed was shelter and comfort for the victims to come forward was provided.

  2. Malachi Martin was the personal secretary to Cardinal Bea, who was Vatican Secretary of State under the first modern antipope, John XXIII. Martin was a double agent employing “limited hangout” in his books and interviews. For very little known info on Martin, a secret asset of the enemies of the Church, and some of it in fact info nowhere else to be found, see “The Siri Project” on youtube,
    Part 1 at 46 min.;
    Part 2 from 47 to 52 min. and 56 to 58 min.;
    Part 3 start at 56 min.

    All 4 interviews at that channel in fact contain info of importance impossible to exaggerate.

  3. The Catholic “Church” belongs in the garbage can of history. Positive accomplishments? Few and far between. I split from them at age 13. Even that was later than I should have.

    • I’ve said this before but it bears repeating: The visible structures of the Catholic Church were taken over after many years of enemy infiltration. Stalin in the early 1920s even ordered all the communist parties around the world to recruit young men without faith or morals to enter seminaries and religious orders as soldiers in the cause of destroying the Church from within. It was very successful, as Bella Dodd recounts in School of Darkness. Cardinal Giuseppe Siri was validly elected on Oct. 16, 1958, then threatened into invalid abdication by means of a nuclear threat. See “Grave Reasons of State” at whitesmoke1958.com on that, plus there’s a lot more there. The traditional Catholic Church now exists only as a relatively small but growing “remnant” in groups like SSPV, CMRI, and some independents. The takeover of the papacy by the unmentionable in polite company tribe which largely controls the worlds $ supply and so much else, and their subordinate Masonic assets, has produced 6 antipopes, numerous sexual and financial scandals, and many other evils. This usurpation of the papacy, established by Christ beginning with St Peter, is the reason why the post-1958 counterfeit church underwent a revolution mirroring the revolution in the culture at large. novusordowatch.org is another good source on the long prophesied “Great Apostasy” and “Eclipse of the Church” we have witnessed for 60 years.

  4. Predating on peasants, doesn’t get much attention by the public, nor concern by the black robes. Somebody with high position must have been predated upon to take out a pope.
    I would urge the victim to speak out. This paltry action by the church is not enough. The slinking and slithering has gone on long enough. The courage of a well placed person could expose it for what it is. Evil. That none have spoken, speaks to how the well placed raise their young. Stuff, wins over souls in the land of cowardice and greed. Pathetic.

  5. To those who have been following the story since before Benedict, we need to remember the game changer. The Belgium police raided a meeting and seized cell phones and laptops.
    That was the beginning of the end of Benedict. It was a lot more than knowing about ‘things”.
    This is a tacit admission to a lesser thing to resolve a long standing grievance, born of much worse than stated positions. A very common way of resolving things in the absolutely corrupt to the bone and beyond church. And the laymen are not the only ones who pay for it, but the US taxpayers actually provide the bulk of the money. Well, and those who need labor pools of immigrants. The priesthood, could easily come from the laymen, but they need the tools to select the proper people with the proper gifts. That, will not be forthcoming, so they will have to go outside the box. And all the properties, are unsustainable, utterly. The best idea is to perform the task without dogma or roots that feed from the sewer. Its not rocket science.

    • Barr and Mueller worked as a team to prosecute Noriega, because he was cutting into the Spanish crowns cocaine money. We are the protectors of the ratline.
      The apprehension was performed by playing loud music from army vehicles outside the Vatican embassy where he had taken refuge. The towns people were the catalyst.
      From the position of any SAR and veteran, there is no greater enemy to democracy than foreign religion. They work night and day to usurp the people. We have a mighty army, like the Bills had the NFL’s best defense going into Kansas City. 13 seconds is all it took.

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