The “Legalization” and Continued Racketeering of Cannabis


Although some legal experts might argue the Statute of Limitations prohibits prosecution of those who engineered the Racketeering in Cannabis that began with the wire fraud of “Reefer Madness” for the purposes of instilling fear and confusion in order to force passage of the Marijuana Act, from the common sense perspective of a layman, the continuing racketeering of cannabis demands prosecution.

The Enterprise, whose purpose was to gain control over the trade and commerce of cannabis, genetically modify it to achieve the esoteric goals of the secret societies to which the main members of the Enterprise belonged and to terrorize minorities, nurtured relationships among those associated with the enterprise including members of congress whose votes on related legislation would provide the necessary longevity sufficient to permit these associates to pursue the enterprise’s purpose.

The Enterprise also included members who held positions of power in pharmaceutical companies, judges and law enforcement.  The members of the Enterprise consisted of elected government officials in local, state and federal agencies as well as persons involved in associated businesses.

The Enterprise knew full well that few Americans knew or understood that the substance referred to by the Spanish name “Marijuana”, was the same substance as their beloved “Cannabis”. When “Reefer Madness” was scaring the hell out of Americans, 80% of Americans had it in their medicine cabinets under the name of “Cannabis” and didn’t know it (Nicoll, 2004).

By referring to Cannabis as Marijuana, and then using it to depict wild and unseemly behavior in their propaganda piece, the Enterprise frightened and confused the public including, the American Medical Association; who right up until mere hours before the congressional vote did not know that Cannabis and Marijuana were one and the same (Nicoll, 2004).

Broadcasting Reefer Madness via wire right before the Congressional vote on the Marijuana Tax Act was an “act in furtherance of a scheme to defraud Americans of the benefits of cannabis and the trade and commerce in cannabis without the interference of those who sought to control such trade and commerce for material gain.”

The Enterprise, through its members who created and enforced government policy and enforced it, lied for decades claiming Marijuana had no medicinal benefit when they were sending 300 Marijuana cigarettes precisely for medicinal purposes, to a small group of people participating in a government funded program every single month of the year for the rest of the lives of each participant as part of the FDA compassionate Investigation New Drug (IND) program. If that’s not engaging in false and misleading information and speaking with a forked tongue, then I don’t know what does.

The Enterprise used these “laws” they created to terrorize minorities and inflict irreparable harm and damage to them and the Nixon Tapes confirmed same (LoBianco, 2016).

Now the Enterprise has maneuvered the “legalization” over a slow series of actions and “legislation” over a period of more than 75 years, in order to take control over trade and commerce of what was legal after they have spent decades genetically manipulating the plant so that when they are forced to allow it to flow freely as all things that are a BASIC HUMAN RIGHT must, they hope to suppress its holy powers and insert their own desired evolutionary hopes. But consciousness is more powerful than anything they could have imagined.

That’s right! Michael Pollen, in the Botany of Desire, part 2, states that “cannabis is a drug that makes you not want to strive.” Well that is exactly what a devotee must feel as they begin to learn to meditate. Still the mind and not seek to strive for material gain. This is why the prophet Enoch devoted an entire chapter to this Holy Herb. But, according to quantum physics, if enough people just know what they’ve done without lifting a finger, it makes them unable to bear their shame and move forward with their conspiracy to defraud.

The ones terrorized with racketeering are locked out of the trade and commerce of this now “legal” product and still suffer from their harassment and terror over this legal plant.

Shame on America calling itself righteous or thinking that any God of righteousness would bless such crap!

If Governor Waltz or, any American official intends to “legalize” Cannabis, they should do what is right and just in the eyes of the Almighty and give reparations too those terrorized by its racketeering and this is what justice and reparations looks like.

Everyone ever arrested in connection with Marijuana gets land, freedom to grow, distribute and trade, for the rest of their lives and the lives of their descendants for 7 generations and they get a lump sum of cash based on the number of years incarcerated. If they are deceased, these benefits go to their heirs.

And people like former Speaker of the House, John Boehner, whose voting record on cannabis and subsequent position to gain prosperously from its “legalization”, prove his participation in the enterprise, should be stripped of all material gain from his actions.

God Bless America. Huh!

How about God Make America Stop Lying and behaving like a Hypocrites and Stop Terrorizing people?

C. Harrison-Smith is the Author of Alien Abduction, UFOs and Bible Prophecy.


Nicoll, R. A., & Alger, B. E. (2004). The brain’s own marijuana. Scientific American, 291(6), 68-75. doi:10.1038/scientificamerican1204-68

LoBianco, T. (2016, March 24). Report: Aide says Nixon’s War on Drugs Targeted Blacks, hippies | CNN politics. CNN. Retrieved January 28, 2022, from

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  1. ‘Big Pharma’ wants to take Control, ownership of the marketing of WEED products! It would be a very profitable undertaking! They are working toward that, with Congress!

  2. And how interesting is it, that during Viet Nam, anyone could get Thai stick (with an actual stick) in the US, and during Afghanistan , we experienced an opioid epidemic.

    C’mon man.

  3. The war on drugs birthed the most incarcerated populace on the planet, and militarized our police, to the point where a blown taillight or an air freshener can get you shot.

  4. Before the government was involved in WEED….it was wonderful for PTSD veterans like me. The dispensaries charged less and no tax. Flowers were not prepackaged and much better quality. I also miss WEED FOR WARRIORS. A group that gave us vets FREE cannabis and cannabis products every month. Cannabis weaned me off prozac.

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