Feature image: A lot of people died from the US supported Maidan coup, pawns in a cruel Western geopolitcal game

…from the Washington Post

[ Editor’s Note: The verbal dueling continues, behind closed door and in the press, about the big bad Russian bear about to pounce on Ukraine. If Putin did pounce, many say it would play into the West’s hands, with it moving quickly to add the remaining former Soviet states into NATO as a ‘fait accompli’.

Putin has watched what the real powers behind the West did after their peace ‘arrangement’ not to move Western military forces toward the Russian border. Such talk was just that. The Western powers would move at a time of their choosing, and they have.

A serious attempt was made to take over Russia internally by buying up all the oligarchs to get control of the country’s major industries via ‘privatization’. The oligarchs moved into media as a prelude to running for high office, and when they made that move to install one of theirs as president, Putin and his KGB people counter-attacked to maintain control.

With all of Biden’s experience, having seen all the senseless waste of money, lives and broken bodies in America’s forever wars, I have not seen serious effort to deescalate the situation. Maybe he thinks the Republicans would jump on him for being ‘weak’.

Trump thought he would play Mr. Tough guy by pressing the assassination button on Soleimani and his staff on a diplomatic peace mission to a US Gulf ally, one that might even have been involved in setting Soleimani up.

Its result was the most major attack on US forces in some time with Iran’s ballistic missile attack on the US base in Iraq, one totally legal under the laws of war for retaliation. But Trump slid out of that by hiding the US KIAs. All involved in that assassination operation were on board covering up the disaster, as nobody wanted the blood on their hands.

This Ukraine showdown is a stupid game. Zelensky put where he stood on the matter on the line today, stepping in to play the only grown up in the room by asking the rambunctious Westerners to settle down before someone gets hurt… Jim W. Dean ]

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First published January 28, 2022

KYIV Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky on Friday criticized Western nations, including the United States, for their handling of Russia’s military buildup at his border, taking aim at his most important security partners as his own military braced for a potential attack.

The 44-year-old leader faulted the West for waiting to impose more damaging sanctions on Moscow — “that’s not the way to do it,” Zelensky said — while assailing decisions by the United States, Britain and Australia to withdraw some embassy staff and families, and accusing Western leaders of inciting “panic” with repeated suggestions that an invasion was imminent.

“I can’t be like other politicians who are grateful to the United States just for being the United States,” Zelensky told reporters during a news conference here.

…“These signals have come even from respected world leaders, who speak openly and with undiplomatic language. They say simply ‘tomorrow there will be war.’ This is panic,” he said.

…“We’re grateful to the United States for its constant support of our sovereignty and territorial integrity,” Zelensky said. “But I am the Ukrainian president. I’m located here. I know … deeper details than any president.”

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  1. I smell formaldehyde, must be the queen and her “firm”. I like the move by the US. Let Britain and Australia take their subjects. Call the bluff. I thought it was rather obvious when the number 8,500 was used. Chicago Police Dept. has 12,000 regular officers and around 2,000 support staff.

    • “He’s the bravest man I know”- Nigel Farage, stumping for Trump in Jackson Mississippi 2016.
      I just find that very weird.

  2. This is the very moment when the Chinese dummy (remember such an old toy) is trying to give importance to himself. And when everything doesn’t go according to his plans, he pouts like a 16-year-old infantile girl.

    • On the face of it there is no logical reason for the USA to go to war with Russia over Ukraine. But, you could say the same about our invading Afghanistan in August of 2001. By the end of September 80% of Americans supported the invasion. The same folks who brought us 9/11 are itching for a redo. May Heaven preserve us from the wrath of the chosenites, Andrew.

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