by Phil Butler, New Eastern Outlook, Moscow, and the Institute of Oriental Studies of the Russian Academy of Sciences, a research institution for the study of the countries and cultures of Asia and North Africa

[ Editor’s Note: Phil Butler reveals for all to see, what Mass Media has somehow overlooked, that the real fear the West has of Russia is not its military threat to Eastern Europe, but Russia’s huge energy reserves and delivery system at an affordable cost.

Certainly the latter is a threat, but only to the profits of Western energy producers. As governments don’t want to appear to be shilling for the oil and gas barons, something they have always done and everybody knows it, another construction must be presented to the public to keep them distracted.

That anyone is seriously concerned about Ukraine is a bad joke. It is an arm pit country, where corruption abounds no matter who politically would be in charge. Any regime change would only change those getting the most grift. Think Trump and Trumpers, but speaking a different language.

Normally this charade would be carried on low key, so as not to run the risk of the embarrassing exposure of the real intentions of the West. So we must ask why the uber-hype about a pending Russian invasion that makes the promoters of it look like cheap shills?

Who on the planet is threatening people more than the US, NATO and the Israelis? What would the Yemenis say, the Syrians, Libyans, Iraqis, Iranian average people on the street, the Palestinians, the DonBass ethnic Russians, the Armenians?

Who has used mini-nukes the most in terror attacks? VT knows, and we have published it, with zero response or challenge by the international community that claims to be concerned about terrorism and rogue nations.

When is the last time any of us has heard a peep about IAEA control over Israel’s nuclear stockpile, or threats of sanctions on Israel for non-compliance? … Jim W. Dean ]

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The Kiev Coup set the country on fire, another ‘Made in America’ event

First published January 31, 2022

The Biden Administration needs Russia to invade Ukraine. The US shale oil business needs Russia’s gas, to remain in Russia. The world may be at war soon, but not over the rights, wants, and wishes of the people of Eastern Europe or Central Asia. The controlling elites of the west are the ones gambling with lives, not Vladimir Putin and the Russians.

In October of 2015 an interesting meeting was held in London under so-called Chatham House Rule, wherein the identities of those attached to the statements or “facts” they present is hidden.

The meeting was held under the auspices of the Columbia University’s Center on Global Energy Policy, and was labeled “The Role of US Shale in European Energy Security and Trade.” Key experts from academia, government, industry, nongovernmental organizations and research institutions sat at the roundtable.

Interestingly, the report (PDF) from the meetup framed Arab Spring, and the Russia-Ukraine crisis, as the top game changing “challenges” to Europe’s energy security situation. The report is lengthy, but Russia is the targeted subject, it’s clear.

The discussion, and the ensuing report, treat geopolitical events and energy flows and profits as variables independent from one another. This is strange, even though the discussion circles back, over and over, to the subjects of Europe dependence on Russia energy, the Ukraine affair, and how American shale gas can fill a vacuum made by these “unusual” international relations events.

But the rhetoric of these “experts” betrays the underlying truth, as always. Here is a passage from the report:

“Disputes between Russia and Ukraine, which led to a shutdown of natural gas supplies to Europe in 2006 and 2009, have highlighted the vulnerability of Europe’s energy security, created by the continent’s strong dependence on Moscow for energy supplies. This reliance not only complicated the European Union’s ability to respond to events such as Russia’s most recent adventurism in Ukraine, but also leaves Europe strongly beholden to Russian state gas company Gazprom and its pricing policies.”

As you can see, the energy experts and stakeholders who met in London were keenly focused on Gazprom profits, more so than the welfare of Europeans and their energy security. If you read the entire report, you’ll understand what took place during the Arab Spring, in Ukraine, years previously in the Caucasus, and even the recent events in Kazakhstan.

The United States broke out the last of her energy reserves to declare economic war on the rest of the world. Russia, given her position historically and resource wise, is the primary target. Iran, Venezuela, Libya, and other oil/gas rich nations are a secondary focus.

Also hidden in the meeting minutes from London is the current strategy the Biden administration is enacting. Between the lines of this Columbia discussion, we find the real crux of America’s problem/weakness. Another passage is telling:

“Russia has substantial idle producing capacity in the legacy Western Siberian producing region, where practically all costs are sunk. Hence, Russia can easily increase production levels without undertaking any new investments if it decides to “price out” US LNG from the European market.”

Now we see the reason for the fear mongering over a Russian invasion of Ukraine. The strategists have unwittingly laid bare the real reason Washington is so vehement to incite a war. Skip forward to Nord Stream 2, and Vladimir Putin’s ultimate victory over big energy in the west.

Russia is now in position to undercut anybody’s price for supplies of gas or oil to Europe. This is why the Biden administration is talking about “crippling sanctions” should the Russians take the bait and take over all or part of Ukraine. Yes, NATO is being used as a tool by western energy oligarchs. This is the sad, bitter, naked truth.

Finally, the energy war America has declared can only be won if the Russians are “sanctioned” out of the European oil and gas market. Our genius friends at Big Energy also revealed this at the London meetup.

You see, European energy contracts with Russia are binding up until 2025, when many of the Gazprom contracts expire. Europe is contractually obliged to purchase most of its imported energy from the Russians, anyhow.

So, the only way for US energy/policy interests to eliminate Russia as a competitor is war. The only way American shale oligarchs get to win is if Europe is “invaded” by Russia. This is the behind the scenes. A sort of Catch 22 for both Russia and the west.

This report also deals with crude oil, and once again focuses on Russian supplies, only more so to landlocked countries like Poland (not landlocked), Slovakia, Hungary, the Czech Republic that use the Druzhba pipeline system.

The people sitting at this roundtable probably had no inkling that somebody would be analyzing their outcomes in order to frame them as the henchmen of a potential World War III. But, maybe they did, given their use of the Chatham House Rule. Be that as it may, at the time Russia supplied almost one-third of Europe’s crude oil needs.

In the end, the whole west-east geopolitical crisis is about pricing and margins. US unconventional oil and gas production simply cannot compete with Russian or even OPEC capabilities, and not only because of the distances involved.

Shale energy is expensive, and one reason we see the Biden administration prodding Russia is the devastating revenue losses low prices have caused the energy oligarchs in the west. And make no mistake, the current war on Russia is not something American thinkers just thought up in 2015 at a semi-secret meeting.

This Brookings Institute report from March of 2002 reveals more of the envy/concern Washington has had for decades. “Russia: The 21st Century’s Energy Superpower?” The title pretty much says it all. I leave you with the gist of that think tank’s assessment from 20 years ago.

“Russia’s gas reserves far exceed those of any other country. Indeed, Russia is to natural gas what Saudi Arabia is to oil. With 32 percent of proven world reserves, Russia far outranks Iran (15 percent), Qatar (7 percent), Saudi Arabia and the UAE (4 percent), and the United States and Algeria (3 percent). Single-handedly, Gazprom, Russia’s giant gas company, holds a quarter of all world gas reserves, controls 90 percent of Russian output, and is Russia’s largest earner of hard currency.”

Phil Butler, is a policy investigator and analyst, a political scientist and expert on Eastern Europe, he’s an author of the recent bestseller “Putin’s Praetorians” and other books. He writes exclusively for the online magazine “New Eastern Outlook”.


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  1. ….. some 40,000 are permanently stationed close to the Belarus and Lithuanian border some 450-500 miles from Donbass and 200 miles north of where the Ukrainian, Belarus and Russian borders come together close by Chernobyl while the remaining 40,000 are permanently stationed approx 170 miles north-east of the City of Kharkiv at a point lying half way between Kharkiv and Moscow!
    Russia havs a mere 100,000 of its more than one Million enlisted military men & women permanently stationed along its western flank and manning the roads that lead to Moscow from Berlin appears, if anything to constitute an undermanning given successive attempts made by Euro pseudo-Caesars to overwhelm Russia and ist vast territories and natural resources over the past 210 years but our craven media & lapdog politicians whose tongues are wagged by the Raytheons, Boeings & others who maintain 47,000 registered Lobbyists to the EU in Brussels are now required to stuff the pockets of the MIC again given the (almost) All Quiet in Syria, Afghanistan & Iraq!! I’d hate to see the MIC have to work for a living or go bankrupt although best for humanity if they are bankrupted!

  2. It is quite extraordinary to see how otherwise reasonably intelligent people here in Ireland and all across western Europe have been shamefully gaslit by “our” media and by figures within the UK Establishment, by the EU Commission, Parliament and Council – primarily, shamefully, (or shamelessly!) from eastern Europe but not limited to that part of the continent, on the supposed “crisis” on Europe’s borders caused by the ‘evil’ Vladimir Putin. There is little doubt but that a significant slice of the 47,000 registered Lobbyists to the EU who leech for a living in Brussels have been, are and will continue to misrepresent and lie about what’s been happening in the oh so democratic Ukraine ever since the Maidan Coup of 2013-2014 while continuing to wag the fingers at Russia’s military existing at all within its own borders. I recently conducted an exercise on measuring the distance between the positions of the supposed 100,000 Russian Forces we are led to believe are lined up on the borders of Ukraine and discovered that 20,000 of those Forces are stationed in Crimea in precisely the same positions they’ve been manning ever since Kruschev transferred Crimea from Russia to Ukraine in 1953/4 subjec to the Port of Sevastopol and the entire coastal strip along southern Crimea enjoying special status as a hybrid part of both Ukraine and Russia. Of the remaining 80,000 Russians supposedly leaning on their rifles and polishing their tanks with snow on Ukraine-Russia border

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