Anti-vaxx Craziness Devastating Biker Community, Average Age 52 and DEAD


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Antivaxx Bikers Who’ve Died from Covid

We’re the Herman Cain Awards (HCA) of Facebook, and honored to be contributing to the SAV community. We give away awards to antivaxxers who publicly mock covid + vaccines and then later pass away due to Covid.

Common trends within the Herman Cain awardees are men with goatees/pube beards, self-identify as patriots, Facebook feeds filled with scripture and prayers, extremely political, didn’t save for a rainy day, own a Harley Davidson, an abundance of antivax posts, love to share American flag pics, and they usually always have a post of admiration for Kyle Rittenhouse (I still don’t understand that one). It’s been a little slow this week with unique and interesting new awardees, so we thought we’d give you a taste of some of the antivaxx bikers we’ve featured.

The biking community is sadly getting hit hard and must be feeling a huge loss with all of the antivaxxers dying from Covid. Even though there is a nationwide car/motorcycle shortage, we’re expecting a large number of used Harley Davidson bikes to be coming onto the market. Link to the comments.

Herman Cain Antivaxx Biker Awardees

Philippe (Phil) Laframboise

Let me introduce you to Massachusetts MC, Reservoir Dogs, Phil Laframboise. He spent over two weeks in the hospital before receiving his Herman Cain Award.

Name: Philippe (Phil) Laframboise

Age: 50 years old (…yes…dead at only 50)

Home: Pittsfield, MA

Work: Specialty Welder and Fabricator

Vaccination Status: Anti-vaxxer

Condition: Died – January 2, 2022

Cause: Covid

HCA: Awarded

untitled image

Humans are capable of caring about more than one thing at a time.

Greg Grifana

Our next awardee is Greg Grifana. He hated masks, touted the 99% odds, and even blessed us with a Rittenhouse post. He spent 24 days in the hospital before being awarded.

Name: Greg Grifana

Age: 63 years old

Home: Bakersfield, CA

Work: Professional car show judge

Condition: Died – January 31, 2022

Cause: Covid

HCA: Awarded

Here’s a small taste of his antivaxx views.

untitled image

Our next awardee is Tim Malone. He checked a lot off the antivaxxer bingo card. Always angry ✔️ Goatee ✔️ Loves Rittenhouse ✔️ Hates Dr. Fauci ✔️ Biker ✔️.

Name: Tim Malone

Age: 57 years old

Home: Kansas City, MO

Work: Truck Driver

Vaccination Status: Anti-vaxxer

Condition: Died – January 10, 2022

Cause: Covid

HCA: Awarded

I don’t think he’d like a law where we could deny medical services to antivaxxers.

Keith Vanderwarker Sr.

Keith Vanderwarker Sr. posted so much antivaxx and ridiculous political content that we could spend all day sharing it. He was literally posting up to the point of his demise.

Name: Keith Vanderwarker Sr.

Age: 56 years old

Home: Glen Falls, NY

Work: Arborist

Vaccination Status: Anti-vaxxer

Condition: Died – December 13, 2021

Cause: Covid

HCA: Awarded

James Lee Tipon

James is a brave volunteer firefighter who unfortunately allowed politics to dictate his health choices.

Name: James Lee Tipton

Age: 53 years old

Home: Rutherfordton, NC

Work: Volunteer Firefighter

Vaccination Status: Anti-vaxxer

Condition: Died – January 30, 2022

Cause: Covid

HCA: Awarded

I warned you about their admiration for Rittenhouse. Can someone explain that one to me?

And I’ll end Mr. Tipton with this one. ????

Jeffrey A. Peterson

Our next awardee wasn’t the vocal antivaxxer; it was his wife, Diane. She’s an RN and a prolific antivaxxer. They didn’t get vaccinated and then fought the medical team to give Jeffrey Ivermectin while he was hospitalized. This seems to be the new trend: don’t get vaccinated, fight with the medical professionals to give them their “protocol” and then blame their death on the hospital. It’s infuriating.

Name: Jeffrey A. Peterson

Age: 63 years old

Home: Bakersfield, CA

Work: Software Project Manager

Vaccination Status: Antivaxxer

Condition: Died – January 18, 2022

Cause: Covid

HCA: Awarded


Jason left us one small antivaxx clue on his FB profile.

Name: Jason Alan Reynolds

Age: 48 years old

Home: Baldwin City, Kansas

Work: Unknown

Vaccination Status: Antivaxxer

Condition: Died – January 22, 2022

Cause: Covid

HCA: Awarded

William Charles “Chuck” Dejarnett

This one is for the ladies in the house. Enjoy your schadenfreude.????

Name: William Charles “Chuck” Dejarnett

Age: 59 years old

Home: Phoenix, AZ

Work: Unknown

Vaccination Status: Antivaxxer

Condition: Died – January 13, 2022

Cause: Covid

HCA: Awarded

Kenneth “Kenny” Schwerman

Kenny Schwerman (his name is backwards on FB – Nek Namrewhcs) is a nurse practitioner. Healthcare workers and religious leaders who are antivaxxers make us infuriated. Kenny’s family tried to keep his Covid status hush hush but someone eventually spilled the beans.

Name: Kenneth “Kenny” Schwerman (Nek Namrewhcs on FB)

Age: 50 years old

Home: Shumway Illinois

Work: Nurse Practitioner

Vaccination Status: Prolific Antivaxxer

Condition: Died – November 13, 2022

Cause: Covid

HCA: Awarded

Our next awardee is a freedom lover and his FB feed was filled with conspiracies and antivaxx rhetoric.

Name: Dan Landgraff

Age: 58 years old

Home: Windsor, Ontario

Work: Electric Company

Vaccination Status: Antivaxxer

Condition: Died – December 8, 2021

Cause: Covid

HCA: Awarded


Congrats if you made it this far! Our last awardee is a rebel and part of the “Riding for The Son of Christian Motorcyclist Association” biker club.

Name: Howard Eugene Farley

Age: 68 years old

Home: Bakersfield, CA

Work: Retired Ordained Minister / Truck Driver

Vaccination Status: Anti-vaxxer

Condition: Died – January 15, 2022

Cause: Covid

HCA: Awarded

Thank you SAV community for allowing the Facebook Herman Cain Award(s)(ss)(z) to contribute today. I hope there comes a time very soon that we have no more stories to tell. Please get vaccinated. Get your booster.


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  1. The Hegelian dialectic is the framework for guiding our thoughts and actions into conflicts that lead us to a predetermined solution.

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    Joe Rogan apologizes to Spotify amid Covid misinformation …
    PUBLISHED MON, JAN 31 2022 9:37
    Jessica Bursztynsky
    …has been accused by medical professionals of spreading Covid misinformation.
    Rogan said he would be open to changes to the show such as booking more mainstream experts after having controversial ones and doing more research on certain topics.

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    Joe Rogan apologizes for racial slur after video surfaces

    The Times of Israel 
    The ADL and KKK, born of the same murder, 100 years ago
    How a scandalous Memorial Day strangling led Jews and anti-Semites to rethink survival strategies and form two stalwart organizations
    27 May 2013, 11:31 am

    Imran Ahmed, the CEO of the UK-based Center for Countering Digital Hate, was a member of the UK government’s Steering Committee on Countering Extremism Pilot Task Force, which is part of the UK government’s Commission for Countering Extremism.

    Ahmed told the UK newspaper The Independent in July that “I would go beyond calling anti-vaxxers conspiracy theorists to say they are an extremist group that pose a national security risk.”

  2. I do not recognize today’s bikers as bikers. Not the majority anyway. It all changed with Clint Eastwood and his orangutan. I ran into a guy not more than a year ago, decked out in leather and colors, making frantic phone calls to his buddies because his bike was broke down under an underpass nearby. I was about to offer him a lift with his bike, until I realized, he couldn’t fix his own bike if I gave him the tools and the diagnosis. Anarchy has always been about self sufficiency, and knowledge ergo freedom. That was what embodied anyone I ever respected riding. Not these whiny know nothings doing poker runs,…its embarrassing and nothing more. What a bunch of dweebs. Even the tradesmen. Naaahhh. Sturgess looked like a bunch of idiots. Everything changes.

    • When I was around 10 old, I had a homemade karting that was builded for me by my father with an old 125cc bike engine what rarely it worked. Almost everyday I was disassembling that engine and reassembly it again alone. From then on all the bikes I have had always I have fixed them by myself.

  3. I’m agree with that Vanderwarker post saying… No you will not be mandating anything to me, I will not be talked down to, I will not be mandated to, I will not be forced to do anything against my will.

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