Bible/Torah Friggin’ Jokes: Humans in Europe 54000 Years Ago

Discoveries in a French cave shed new light on ancient history, a team of scientists claims


RT: Stone artifacts and a child’s tooth found in a cave in southern France pre-date the earliest known evidence of modern humans’ arrival in Europe by thousands of years, challenging the existing scientific views on their co-habitation with Neanderthals, a team of archeologists claim in a new study published in ‘Science Advances’ on Wednesday.

Modern humans were known to have arrived in Europe from Africa around 40,000 years ago, shortly before the Neanderthals that had been living there went extinct. These facts prompted some scientists to believe that modern humans quickly overwhelmed the other species and virtually wiped them out, leading to the Neanderthals’ extinction.

Now, a team led by Professor Ludovic Slimak, a cultural anthropologist at the French National Center for Scientific Research (CNRS) – one of the largest fundamental science agencies in Europe – has challenged this point of view.

The first human home? Archaeologists discover traces of 1.8 million-year-old stone tools in African ‘Miracle’ cave

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The first human home? Archaeologists discover traces of 1.8 million-year-old stone tools in African ‘Miracle’ cave

His team, working in a cave known as Grotte Mandrin in the Rhone Valley in southern France, discovered a tooth belonging to a child aged between 2 and 6, which dates back to around 54,000 years ago, and which they say cannot belong to a Neanderthal.

The archeologists also found thousands of stone tools, some of which closely resemble arrowheads belonging to modern humans, which had previously been found in Lebanon. These artifacts also date back to a period between 51,700 and 56,800 years ago, according to the team.

Now the team believes that modern humans occupied Grotte Mandrin for a brief period of time around 12,000 years before scientists believe the modern human species first arrived in Europe. Slimak estimates that the residency lasted for around 40 years, according to a piece published by the team in the outlet ‘Conversation’.

After one or two generations, “they disappeared just as quickly and mysteriously as they had appeared,” the team said. Neanderthals occupying the cave for thousands of years before the sudden arrival of the modern humans then “regularly reoccupied Mandrin over the following 12,000 years,” the team added.

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Ancient 140K-year-old ‘Dragon Man’ skull found hidden in Chinese well where it languished, abandoned, for decades

“We are now able to demonstrate that Homo sapiens arrived 12,000 years before we expected, and this population was then replaced after that by other Neanderthal populations. And this literally rewrites all our books of history,” Slimak said, adding that the populations of modern humans and Neanderthals “must have in some way met each other.”

Now the team wants to find out if the modern humans had relations with the Neanderthals and if they exchanged information in a peaceful way. Previous studies have shown that modern humans have a small amount of Neanderthal DNA, indicating the two species did interbreed.

The news was met with interest by some scientists. Professor Chris Stringer of the Natural History Museum in London agreed that the discovery does challenge existing scientific views.

“It wasn’t an overnight takeover by modern humans,” he told BBC News. “Sometimes Neanderthals had the advantage, sometimes modern humans had the advantage, so it was more finely balanced.”

Others, like William Banks, a Paleolithic archaeologist at the CRNS and the University of Bordeaux, remains skeptical. “It is not a stretch to think that a single Neanderthal tooth could have dental characteristics that resemble moderns,” he said, as cited by Nature, suggesting that the artifacts found in the cave might not be those of Homo sapiens.


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  2. El Mundo Perdido in Tikal dates back 40,000. The time will go backward as they feel safe to come out, and the particles we discover will get smaller. There is the public archeology and the private, people like to keep their jobs, as funding is hard enough.

  3. Bishop James Ussher’s understanding of creation placed the “first day” referred to in Genesis 1:5 on October 23, but with a “pre-creation” event, which he identified as the “beginning of time” occurring the previous night. Ussher referred to his dating of creation on the first page of Annales in Latin and on the first page of its posthumous English translation Annals of the World (1658). In the following extract from the English translation, the phrase “in the year of the Julian Calendar” refers to the Julian Period, of which year 1 is 4713 BC, and therefore year 710 is 4004 BC. (Wikipedia)

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  4. The is somewhat of a strange story, as over so many years so little material was found, like the one homo-sapiens tooth and few tools. At other old site they are plentiful. Also, the climate shifts pushed people around. When it got cold the humanites would head south where it was warmer and the coast lines have fish to catch and eat. Even the Denisovan cave, one finger bone of the girl was found, and they were able to get enough DNA from it. Some years later a tooth was found in a French cave, showing to their surprise the Denisons were everywhere, with the highest concentration of it DNA currently is in the Papua New Guinea natives. I have a link for the timeline of hominim move out of Africa. And they estimate the world population, all in Africa at the time, at 10,000. I bumped into this when I bought my first stone tool on E-bay, which led to getting the DNA test.

    • Tommy and Jim;
      It all had to start somewhere, at sometime.
      Science says it all started no where, all at once.
      Creationists know only God Almighty has the power to pull that one off.
      And He also has the power to do it just how and when His Holy Word says He did it.

      Now if you choose to believe “calculating” scientists over God, then you REALLY do have some strong “faiths.”

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  5. “””After one or two generations, “they disappeared just as quickly and mysteriously as they had appeared,” the team said.”””

    The above quote puts paid-to-the-bullshit-account of a 40,000 year old fairy tale.

  6. Well ain’t that curious? It would seem that religions are just early attempts at what many label and some fear: NWO

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