ALL OUT WAR Ukraine’s Neo-Nazi militia preparing to ‘fight to the death’ in Russia war with guerrilla forces & ‘Mad Max’ tanks

NEO-NAZI militias in Ukraine are preparing for all-out war with Russia as they arm themselves for the fight against Vladimir Putin's forces


Telegram messages seen by The Sun Online show how the extreme far-right Azov Battalion are carrying out military-style drills and pledging to fight to the death.

Far-right militias share pictures on the encrypted messaging app Telegram (Credit: telegram)
An ‘Azovet’ jerry-rigged tank constructed by the battalion (Credit:

It comes as Ukraine sits on the brink of all-out war with Russia as 120,000 troops mass on the border and the world waits with bated breath.

Ukraine has numerous militia organisations that have sprung up since the country was first torn apart by war as Russia annexed Crimea in 2014.

But the most infamous is the extreme Azov Battalion, who openly parade with fascist symbols and practice shooting drills in the countryside.

Based on principles of ultra-nationalism, the group have said they will fight to the death if Putin invades.

The group have been carrying out war games preparing for a guerrilla-style war and preparing bomb shelters.

And in the past the group have jerry-rigged tanks and tractors to create “Mad-Max” style fighting vehicles dubbed the “Azovets”.

In 2019, New Republic reported on how the Azov Battalion had set up a far-right “Fight Club” where extremists engaged in MMA bouts to prepare for a “war” against non-white people.

Inside the Kyiv bar, an octagonal MMA arena was set up, where Denis Nikitin, one of eastern Europe’s leading fascists and hooligans, presided over the fights.

Nikitin urged his followers to train up for violence against Muslims and migrants and even posted a picture of Adolf Hitler on his birthday on his since-deleted Instagram account.

Andriy Biletsky, a far-right politician and head of the Azov Battalion’s political wing, the National Corps claims his country will fight to the death after being “left alone with the enemy”.
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  1. Uncle Shmuel has always been a dual-citizen. He’s had it in for Russia ever since Sviatoslav I finally succeeded in destroying Khazar imperial power over what is now the Ukraine back in the 960s. “A visitor to Atil [Khazar capital city] wrote soon after the sacking of the city that its vineyards and garden had been razed, that not a grape or raisin remained in the land, and not even alms for the poor were available.” (Wikipedia)

    • Biden has surrounded himself with the likes of Victoria (f-ck the EU) Nuland and Antony Blinken, both descendants of refugees from Catherine the Great’s Pale of Settlement. The Ashkenazim have long tribal memories. They want to drag the USA into a catastrophic war with Russia that we have no hope of winning. America will be the Golden Calf that Netanyahu bragged would be sucked dry, chopped up, and sold off piece by piece until there is nothing left but the world’s biggest welfare state that Zionists will create and control.

  2. “Ukraine has numerous militia organisations that have sprung up since the country was first torn apart by war as Russia annexed Crimea in 2014′

    Criimean population voted to join Russia AFTER the “numerous militia organizations” (nazis paid by US and NATO to kill Russians) “sprang up” and started the ethnic cleansing campaign of Russian speaking Ukrainians.

    Not the other way around..

    Nazi whack-off pride parades pose no threat to Russia only themselves parading around like the stupid fascists they are.
    If they get the war they want they will be very quickly killed in it.

    The war would be fought with very accurate missles and artillery, nukes if necessary, and no ground troops needed since they will all be dead.

  3. “Read More” ???
    What state of mind thirsts for war??? ”
    “Lustkings and covetings”??
    Testosterones surgings???
    Hopelessness longings???
    Glorries hounding???
    Peer group pressuring or psychological conditionings???
    Whatever madnesses, or demons takes over those who “want war,” the lunacy of their fantasies evaporates into stark realities and horror when the fires get hot!
    Then what?

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