ISIS Canada: Disgraced ‘Freedom Convoy’ of Meth Heads and ex-con Truckers Armed for Terror Attacks

Truckers planned to shoot it out with police but 'chickened out'


Not as charming as the Taliban, more cowardly than ISIS…pretty much like their ‘brothers in arms’ among the Zionist run militias in Ukraine…but closer to home…our problem to solve 

Emergency Act suspends bank accounts, drivers licenses and insurance for truckers who participated

Estimated up to 2000 armed militia members tied to Canadian and American Nazi groups are still planning violence

CBC: Canadian authorities have arrested 11 people after discovering an arsenal of weapons among protesters at the U.S. border in Alberta.

The Royal Canadian Mounted Police were tipped off about an armed subset embedded in the widespread protests, and proceeded to find guns, ammunition, a machete, body armor, and high-capacity firearm magazines in three trailers, per CBC.

Following the successful raid, Premier Jason Kenney said, “Now that the RCMP has successfully resolved this potential threat, they will proceed, I’m informed, with enforcement against others who are involved in the blockade.”


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  1. [” Do not believe and words of “cbc and other PROPAGANDA-MSM” of these private corporations, as contractors of the US-MUNICIPAL GOVERNMENT CORPORATION, which are playing GOVERNMENT…Its all FRAUD and the CASTRO-BASTARD TRUDEAU, played by many clones and actors, is a ROTHSCHILDS-PUPPET with the contract to install the CCP2-COMMUNISM; as FASCHIST. The smartNAZI, by the NATIONAL-ZIONISM-MASONS of their delta-illuminati-Pyramid..its all a private commerce Show and has nothing to do with sovereignty, liberty freedom and peaceful free live and Nations. They call it TRADE-WAR BUT it is still the old WORLD-WAR 1.3 and CANADA declared war with the German People 1939 and up to this minute, there is NO Peace-Contract with all involved Nations… parking for public is not equal Public Parking, so a Treaty of Peace is not a Peace-Treaty”]….

    • If nearly 60% of the money and donations came from US sources that are the same ones who financed the insurrection, and the protestors occupy space, then it is a foreign financed occupation. The hacked data from the donation list, was leaked directly after the christian based givesendgo, claimed Canada has no authority over their donations.
      The Monarchy, tried to destroy the US and now its own dog bites them. The queen is on the front page of every MSM outlet in the US every day. This began, when Harry arrived precisely at the same time the US SUN was launched.

  2. Canadians are realizing the government’s true intentions are deeply disturbing. Beyond the realms of possibilities that existed before Jan.2020. Lawless criminals and paid lackeys posing as public servants bypassing the charter of rights and freedoms as stated by the last living member signee. Police are now on the wrong side of the law by vandalizing, harassing and removing aid to supporters. Banking Institutions deciding who’s accounts to seize. The Public will oust this black face turd who ignores angry words blowing in the wind. Paid off Media everyone knows better than to give one ounce of attention to. Planting guns during the night with no attention to details such as Registration, serial numbers known associations, as long as the Headline is Paraded in the minds of the sheeple.

    • Feb 14, Ottawa protesters handed out red roses to the police on duty. Feb 15, the Coutts, Alberta border protesters hugged RCMP, and shook hands with them, before moving out.

  3. WEF is desperate to hold onto Trudeau and onto power in Ottawa. If Trudeau goes, the dominoes will fall all over the world. People underestimate Trudeau’s job at their peril. He won’t go quietly, and neither will they.

  4. Its a cute tail gate party, but Canada will continue to lick the queens boots and have no stomach for complete independence. Interesting how the main two loyalist camps after the revolution was Florida and Canada. They love Monarchy.

  5. At first, I thought this article was Onionesque sarcasm. I had to reread it. Seriously? Is this what VT has turned into, cutting and pasting propaganda from the MSM? Obviously, this protest threatens the power of the state. So it is not hard to believe the state would involve itself in planting black ops and false stories to make them look like a white terrorist organization, which is the boogie man d’jour. What I can’t understand, is how VT falls for it.

    • May I rejoin you in dismay?
      As Jim knows, I was born & raised in Harvard Sq with US Marine grad students boarding in the attic. They shared our dining-table and their many experiences.
      IMHO, VT has been co-opted by its own editorial staff.
      Pro Jab….SERIOUSLY??

    • Either VT has been given the “plata o plumo” (“silver or lead”) option, like the Mexican drug cartels give law enforcement, judges, and others, and/or else they’re (short-term) survivalists onboard the NWO agenda, and/or they need to publish disinfo to survive, as Gordon admitted a number of years ago, admitting to 40% intentional disinfo if I remember correctly. I do appreciate, however, the writings of Jonas Alexis, Kevin Barrett (although I wonder what would prompt him to become a Muslim), and one or two others.

  6. Freedom Convoy in Ottawa is not moving, have former politicians as spokespeople, such as retired Premier Brian Peckford. Trudeau has 7 days to get a vote in both the House and the Senate, or his emergency is rescinded. As for FF on border described above, I have a copy of the crisis actors ad, put on on Feb 4. (Details: Hiring agency, CA&M of Wash DC. Train in Chicago. OCONUS. Need passport. “Role Players with SECRET clearance, retired DOD, Department of State, Foreign Service Officers, and Veterans are highly encouraged to apply”) The USA needs to stop exporting FF fake terrorism to the rest of the world.

  7. “yellow journalism !

    ?””2000 armed militia”” I heard they had a private navy @ Destruction Bay “”?

  8. A Freedom Convoy is an imminent threat to Fidel Turd-ooh’s “democracy”. Those heavily armed terrorists in bouncy houses and grandmas making cookies cannot be tolerated in a free society. Let’s plant a few weapons and use our “Maytag” media to launder and spin some lies through the CBC megaphone. Desperate people resort to desperate means. Honk this Turd-ooh!

  9. Alberta Premier Kenney is responsible for making sure that the Coutts arrests went smoothly. He is also one of many Premiers today who warned Trudeau that the Emergencies Act was unnecessary. Ottawa protest, btw, is a completely separately organized protest from all others. There is a split in the Labour movement there. The biggest union in Canada supports the Ottawa protest. But the Federation of Labour so far does not, due to their own political agenda. My analysis, having closely watched Canadian politics since 1968, is this: Trudeau’s minority government will fall.

  10. “…proceeded to find guns, ammunition, a machete, body armor, and high-capacity firearm magazines….”
    Btw, RCMP they didn’t find white helmets also ?? Justin’s FF show…..

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