Unvaxxed Veterans ‘Mild COVID’ Causes Long Term Heart Problems, Risk of Heart Failure Up by 72%


As far as Michelle Wilson knew, she’d recovered from Covid-19.

Wilson, 65, contracted the virus in November 2020. Her illness, she said, was mild, and she was feeling ready to go back to work as a nurse in St. Louis by early December.

That’s when her heart problems began.

“I literally woke up one morning, and my heart was racing and beating erratically,” Wilson recalled. “I was having intense chest pain.”

Fortunately, Wilson was not having a heart attack. But she did develop long-term heart problems, including high blood pressure, putting her at risk for further cardiovascular issues.

Despite her age, she had no prior medical history to suggest she was at risk for heart disease — other than Covid-19.

Indeed, it appears the coronavirus can leave patients at risk for heart problems for at least one year following infection, according to one of the largest analyses of post-Covid health effects to date.

The study, published last week in Nature Medicine, found that the illness increased the possibility of heart rhythm irregularities, as well as potentially deadly blood clots in the legs and lungs, in the year after an acute infection.

Covid also increased the risk for heart failure by 72 percent, heart attack by 63 percent and stroke by 52 percent — even among those, like Wilson, whose original illnesses were mild.

The study’s lead author, Dr. Ziyad Al-Aly, a clinical epidemiologist at Washington University in St. Louis, said he and his colleagues expected to see some elevation in heart problems following Covid, but assumed it would be limited largely to people whose health wasn’t robust previously.

The elevated risk remained when researchers accounted for age and race, he said.

“It was a bit of a moment for us when we realized it was evident in all of these subgroups,” Al-Aly said, “including younger adults, older adults, Black people, white people, people with obesity and those without.”

“The risk was everywhere,” he said.  Read more…





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  1. I had long haul symptoms for over a year, and the vaccine snuffed it out. Took a few months to get rid of all pain, and the bug definitely seems to me, to be a type that can have many affects that will not be noticed until later. My guess will be, that even asymptomatic people will notice things as time passes. Myelin.

  2. Let’s apply a mathematical theorem here. A. If the virus spike proteins are causing long term cardiac problems in many, and B. If the vaccines mimic the action of virus spike proteins, then C. The vaccines will also mimic the cardiac problems of the virus. Well, let’s not cross into the domain of the vaccine makers. I’m sure they have an answer like reduced potency blah blah blah. The truth is they have no real idea or trial data to assess the long term effects of the vaccines.

  3. And the risk of pulminary distress with the mRNA injection is what? it seems to me to be an extinction level event that is just now unfolding. Nuclear radiation, nuclear war, more Bio-lab generated illness, poisoned food and drugs, mass starvation, lack of fuel, engineered climate, cashless monetary system, and survelliance that will make Orwellian Dystopia seem like Shangri-La.

    • Who knows? They were never subjected to controlled trials for long enough to determine the real risk. But, I am speaking from the position of a moronic vaxx-questioner who had the virus and took the shots. Boy, am I screwed.

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