Vice: Two of four men charged for allegedly plotting to kill cops if they disrupted a trucker border blockade have connections to a shitposting far-right group.

The men were part of a smaller, more extreme group that allegedly formed within the larger anti-vaccine mandate “freedom convoy” protest that shut down the U.S.-Canada border in the small town of Coutts, Alberta. Police said intelligence sources indicated there was a “small organized group” that “had access to a cache of firearms with a large quantity of ammunition.”

“The group was said to have a willingness to use force against the police if any attempts were made to disrupt the blockade,” the RCMP said in a press release.

As first reported by the Globe and Mail, a tactical police squad descended upon two campers and a mobile home in Coutts early Monday morning. They arrested 11 people and seized 13 long guns, handguns, multiple sets of body armour, a machete, a large quantity of ammunition, and high-capacity magazines.

“The dangerous criminal activity occurring away from the TV camera and social media posts was real and it was organized,” said RCMP Deputy Commissioner Curtis Zablocki. “It could have been deadly for citizens, protestors, and officers.”

Three of the 11 charged—Chris Carbert, 44, Christopher Lysak, 48, Jerry Morin, 40, and Anthony Olienick, 39—face conspiracy to commit murder charges. The others—Ursula Allred, 22, Luke Berk, 62, Evan Colenutt, 23, Johnson Law, 39, Justin Martin, 22, Eastin Oler, 22, Joanne Person, 62, and Janx Zaremba, 18—all face charges of possession of a weapon for dangerous purpose and mischief over $5,000.   Read more…



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  1. When a car pulled into Standing Rock, they were made sure to be clear of alcohol and weapons, and told the camp is a Matriarchy. That was a real protest with actual issues.
    Truckers are the most compliant, monitored, least free, people on the road. They are prone to support war, listen to militant christian radio all day, and are not considered as a well informed labor pool. They are tracked, tagged, dots. No person with a sense of freedom would subject themselves to such a lifestyle, you have to be all in. They are drug tested, weighed, measured, and their life depends on following more rules obediently than most labor gigs. It looked like a money raising hissy fit tail gate party stinking of white privilege to me. Adding guns to the mix was DUMB. Protesting 101. It was a causeless amateur hour with heated hotel rooms. It is the child who enters the race on the final lap, 10 feet from the finish, and claims victory. Meanwhile, the robber took their money. Twice.

    • Worth mentioning also, the number of veterans that attended the Jan 6 or whiners convoy, is very sparse compared to what happened at Standing Rock when the call went out. So many veterans signed up or tried to go, the buses were immediately overwhelmed and relative chaos ensued at the camp, because the massive numbers were unexpected. Despite the wind chills and “on your own” camping requirements. The truckers supported laws and permissions to run them over legally. Real stand up group.

  2. Sure sounds like a common theme when the public gets their back up. Suddenly, these peaceful protesters are found to be, OMG, part of homegrown terrorists!! At least the RCMP are learning from their FF masters to the south. I hope to god no one finds out about my guns and friends, or I’ll find out that I’m a terrorist too. Strange how the ‘protestors’ (provocateurs) that riot and destroy property are entitled (expected) to do so, just when there are peaceful groups that are making a substantial impact without violence, suddenly they are found to be part of violent extremists with very bad intentions. They’ve done themselves proud though, they’ve thrown in ‘infidel’ (Islamophobic) and anti-semitism to boot. At least they covered all the bases. The best for me though is VICE ‘news’. This is the very same VICE that was bought by a Zionist group just before the Maidan. They ran the first articles that showed that the separatists in DPR, LPR were committing war crimes. They even had videos showing how the separatists were the cause of Mariupol slaughter. That the videos were edited bunk was a non-sequitur. Yes sir, looks like a slam dunk. Now they will just have to determine how much of the public will drink that kool ade…that should tell them the next steps they should invent, uuuh, take.

  3. Biden has been pushing Trudeau to repress protesters to free bridges wich were blocked as the Ambassador bridge between Detroit and Windor and probably “advised” to canadian tyrant apprentice so he dust off the War Measures Act that allows seize bank accounts of anyone who disagrees with the tyrant something that already they started doing.

  4. Just more propaganda to demonize the truckers. So far the “Truckers Freedom” movement has more credibility than the Turd-ooh regime.

  5. My non-expert assessment is that this trucker protest in Canada is deeply subversive and it’s designed as a test run. (have heard that 90% of Canadian truckers are actually vaxxed). The protest seems to be challenging the government of Canada. The truck driver protest showed the great weaknesses and vulnerabilities of the Canadian state (but it did hold). TThey need to be fought at all costs.

    The protest seemed organized and funded by malevolent factions largely located outside of Canada itself. What lessons could be learned by right wing extremist groups (and more importantly their controllers) in the US from the Ottawa truck protests for the upcoming 2022 and 2024 US elections?

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