Moscow presses demands to block Ukraine from NATO

[ Editor’s Note: Congress is in recess, so we have a decrease in war hype blustering from there, leaving the Biden team to control the US narrative. Putin is maintaining his stance that NATO going after Ukraine would be a red line. What we may be seeing is his having calculated that now is the best time to hammer this issue out, one way or the other.

Despite all the US media hype on Russia/Ukraine to show how tough our Congresscritters are, the EU is going to have a lot to say about a final agreement, to protect its interests.

Now is not a good time for even a small war for the US, with the pandemic still rolling, and the weakened economies in Europe. The US has been cavalier over its threats to stop Russian gas sales to the EU, despite Germany having invested a bundle in the Nordstream 2 project.

But we now see new moves in the US to want to sell expensive natural gas to the EU when it does not have the LNG infrastructure to handle it, a decade long process to prepare. But the US politicians figure the US citizens are too stupid grasp any of that, so it is a no lose deal for them all to play Mr. Tough Guy.

Of course the military loves even moment of this, all the publicity and assurances of more spending coming its way.

The nursery school shelling news is fishy.  Teachers got concussions but no children injured, (media would want their names and parents would have to be on video). In fact I doubt we will see any video on this despite knowing that everybody phone films these incidents to put them on social media.

Jim Dean Note: “The magic large mortar shell did not leave a high angle crater impression. The hole knocked out of the wall appears to have been broken out. A big mortar hit by the outside wall would have blasted the whole wall in. Notice there is zero shrapnel damage to the white outside wall, and no explosion searing on the outside either. Notice the windows are not broken to the left, so they must be bomb proof right? The insulation torn off the brick is scattered in chunks on the ground after being ripped off with crowbars earlier and spread around. A large mortar blast would have reduced it basically to dust. One last look…a hole is blown through the bricks, but the nearby windows are not broken.

Like so much in Ukraine, things done half-assed, this sure looks like a cheap fake to meJim W. Dean ]

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This sporadic shelling has been going on for years, but escalating to Kiev using anti-tank rocket launchers to ‘assassinate’ Donbas defensive positions as a sport, which boosts troop morale

First published February 17, 2022

KYIV, Ukraine — Ukraine and Russian-backed separatists traded accusations of violating a cease-fire in eastern Ukraine, a potential flash point as Western officials amplified claims that Russian forces were preparing for a possible attack on Ukraine.

Diplomatic efforts to avert a potential war were in motion on multiple fronts. In Moscow, Russia stood firm on its demands that Ukraine be blocked from future NATO membership. A written response by the Kremlin said U.S. rejection of Moscow’s terms could bring “the implementation of military-technical measures.”

What to know

  • Ukraine said shelling from separatists hit a kindergarten in Stanytsia, Luhanska, blowing a hole in the side of the building. Three adults suffered concussions, officials said. No children were reported injured.
  • The Russian government said it expelled the second-ranking U.S. diplomat, Deputy Chief of Mission Bart Gorman. A senior State Department official said Gorman departed last week.
  • Secretary of State Antony Blinken said the world faces “a moment of peril” and proposed meeting his Russian counterpart, Sergei Lavrov, next week in Europe.
  • President Biden said the threat of a Russian invasion remains “very high” and that Russia may be creating an pretext for it with a “false flag operation.”
  • Russian and Western officials offered contrasting narratives about Russian forces near Ukraine: Moscow said troops are leaving, and U.S. and NATO officials insisted that Russian military strength has grown to more than 150,000 troops.



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  1. The ‘Russia x Ukraine’ conflict(?) is just the latest ‘Chapter’ in the ongoing ‘SAGA of Avoidance’, to start a REAL Investigation into who are/were, the DEMONIC Creatures (Foreign and DOMESTIC), responsible for the ‘Controlled Demolition’ of the WTC, Towers #1, #2, #7 and the Murder of some 3 thousand innocent Collateral Victims, ‘Sacrificial Lambs’ to DRAG ‘The Land of the Free'(?) into the HELLHOLE of the Middle East, created by the Zionist Apartheid Talmudic-Supremacist TERROR State of Israel!! Only TRUTH will set US Free!

  2. Looks like sledge hammer and crow bar to me. On the interior pics, the bricks are all right underneath the hole, just like they would be if gently knocked in with a hammer.
    This is some cheesy amateur stuff.

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