Kremlin: Kiev Proposed Talks in Warsaw but then Broke Off Contact

Zelensky appealed to his Russian counterpart on Thursday to sit down for talks in order to stop "people's deaths"


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Earlier today, Russia responded to the Ukrainian president’s request to hold talks with Moscow over the ongoing special operation in Donbass. It was ordered by Russian President Vladimir Putin to protect residents of the Donetsk and Lugansk People’s Republics. Kiev has described it as a “full-scale invasion”.

Ukrainian authorities proposed to hold negotiations with Russia in the Polish capital Warsaw instead of Minsk, and then broke off contact, Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov has said. Ukraine’s President Volodymyr Zelensky appealed to his Russian counterpart on Thursday to sit down for talks in order to stop “people’s deaths”.

Moscow said it is ready for talks and suggested the Belarusian capital Minsk as the host for negotiations. Dmitry Peskov said that Kiev had expressed its desire to negotiate in Warsaw and then took a pause and ended communication. “This pause lasts quite a long time”, the Kremlin spokesman told journalists.

The statement comes amid a special operation that Russian forces are conducting in Ukraine. It was ordered on Thursday by Russian President Vladimir Putin, who said he made the decision after two Ukrainian breakaway regions – the Lugansk and Donetsk People’s Republics – requested help from Moscow.

Both republics proclaimed their independence from Ukraine in 2014, resulting in a bitter military conflict. Kiev has repeatedly accused Russia of sending weapons and troops to the breakaway regions, a claim the Kremlin has vehemently denied.

This month, the LPR and DPR said that Ukraine had escalated attacks on their territories, prompting the republics to announce the evacuation of the civilian population to Russia. Kiev has denied shelling their territories.

In a televised address to the Russian public, President Putin said Kiev had been waging a genocide against the population of the two republics and said the special operation is aimed at “demilitarising” and “denazifying” Ukraine. He noted that the Russian authorities have no plans of occupying Ukraine.

The Russian Ministry of Defence said it has been using high-precision weapons to target military infrastructure in Ukraine (military bases, air defence systems) and that there is no threat to civilians.

Ukrainian President Volodymr Zelensky has claimed Moscow’s operation is a “full-scale invasion”. He also rejected the allegation of Nazis being present in Ukraine, as well as statements made by the Russian authorities that Kiev poses a threat to Russia and could invade the country if it joins NATO.

Western countries have thrown their support behind Ukraine, condemning Moscow’s actions and introducing the harshest sanctions on Russia to date. The punitive measures target banks, government officials, businesses, as well as individuals close to the alleged inner circle of President Vladimir Putin.

The Kremlin has promised to retaliate with its own punitive measures, while Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov accused the West of turning a blind eye to war crimes committed by Kiev in Donbass.


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  1. If anyone wants a real laugh, go to ‘task & purpose’ website. They are having a little discussion over the Z prominent on Russian vehicles. My first thought is that since Russian and Ukr systems are nearly identical, that it is for avoiding friendly fire. But stupid me, not. A military expert there says it’s for the destination they are dedicated to. Yes, those Russians are so stupid that they have to put the designation of their destination on the front, back, sides and top of their vehicles. Is it any damn wonder that the US/NATO loses every war game scenario with Russia? Is this moron the standard of US military brilliance today? Of course it could, as per the highly intellectual patrons of that site, also stand for Zombie army, Zelensky, the target…or any number of other idiotic thoughts. Curious though, the tanks/APCs running over people/vehicles have no such designations.

  2. Hi Andrew
    Notice that NATO did not come to Ukraines help at all.
    This because NATO and USA, its puppeteer, wants the Slavic people to be split, to fight among themselves, as it is the strategy of divide and conquer.
    Ukrainians and Russians the same people, if nazi ideology and “practice” (to be killing Russians and communists like WW2) exist in Ukraine, then it is a self-destruction, as Ukrainians and Russians are of the same stock and culture, and should not be at war with each other anymore, and should be friends for the next hundred years, as they have been for a hundred years until 2014

    • Of course, Konehead. Even Erdogan said F U to Zelinski about closing the Black Sea straight. Georgia refused to make sanctions against Russia. No one wants to mess with this counter terroristic operation of Russia). And Poland suggested some weapons to Zelinski. Agony. But it is better for him to get into the Russia’s hands, ’cause we need him alive and healthy. ‘Cause the West would prefer to kill him.

    • Andrew, We also need to know what the Russia people think about this, and by that I mean what their different opinions and why they feel that way. It would give us a better feel for things.

    • I will try to deduce the median statistics based on my knowledge and connections. The attitude towards Ukraine at first was very sympathetic, after 2014, after the coup, the attitude towards Ukraine became extremely negative, when there was a terrible massacre in Odessa and the rise of nationalism began, the shelling of Donbass. I myself began to hate that part of Ukraine that was walking through the streets with torches with neo-Nazi slogans. We were worried all over the country about what was happening there. And then we didn’t care. News about idiocy in Ukraine has ceased to interest us. We didn’t care anymore. With the arrival of Zelinsky, there were faint hopes for a positive. But it got much worse with him and that’s what it all led to. There are 2-3 million Ukrainians in Russia (work, relatives) and we treat them normally. But we are at loggerheads with Bandera and nationalists. That’s why I think it’s necessary to squeeze Kiev to the end. With a hot iron. This tumor can only be opened with a scalpel. The majority of Russians (adequate) support this counter-terrorist action of Russia. Those who belong to neoliberals, green youth, ignorant of politics, and celebrities of various kinds who live only by emotions do not support. So there are 2 Ukraine for us.

  3. 5. “Since 2014, 481 criminal cases have been opened on the events in Ukraine.”

    “Since 2014, more than 146 people have been interrogated. More than 22 thousand people were recognized as victims, including about 2,4 thousand minors.”

    So, President Putin did not just say that all war criminals who committed crimes in the Donbass would be found and punished. As they say, God help our TFR. Capture everyone and punish everyone. Courts must be open! With extensive press coverage.

    • 6. Fanatics from Odessa

      I listened attentively to President Vladimir Putin’s speech on February 21st. It would seem that an event of great importance, the recognition of two new states and suddenly:

      “It is impossible to remember the terrible tragedy in Odessa without a shudder.”

      “The criminals who committed this atrocity have not been punished. Nobody is looking for them. But we know them by name. And we will do everything to punish them, find them and bring them to justice.”

      This means that the president’s heart also hurts from the memories of a terrible crime, when 42 people were actually burned alive. When they finished off those who tried to escape with sticks. When the brutal crowd yelled after each fall of someone’s burning body from the window. He is like me, not like “cultural figures”.

    • 7. For almost eight years, when asked when they will find those who killed in the Odessa House of Trade Unions, Ukrainians have been answering the on-duty phrase – “an investigation is underway.” How many times have the presidents of Ukraine, heads of investigative bodies, police, and prosecutors addressed the Ukrainian people and proudly declared that the case of the events in Odessa is over.

      Cases have been opened against policemen, against firefighters, against local officials. And what is the result? None of these cases have been completed. Nobody is punished. It is probably difficult for investigators to find videos on the Internet, of which there are a huge number. Probably, to find those girls who, with a laugh at the camera, poured Molotov cocktails into bottles.

      The deputy, OSCE employee Aleksey Goncharenko, is also hiding well, who paced among the still warm bodies with a telephone and all over the country and told how great they “fried the Colorados” …

    • 8. Already in 2015, it became clear that the case of the events in the House of Trade Unions would not be investigated. President Poroshenko decided to “forget” this event, just as the crimes of the Maidan are forgotten. Time heals and, with the right propaganda of the event, the truth can easily be replaced by a legend.

      It was interesting to observe how the investigators “appointed” the perpetrators on instructions from above. Remember how suddenly in 2016, the firemen were guilty. The ex-head of the State Emergency Service for the Odessa region Vladimir Bodelan and his deputy Ruslan the Great were accused of a crime under Part 3 of Art. 135 of the Criminal Code of Ukraine (“Leaving in danger”).

      Vladimir Bodelan was accused of forbidding the production of cars without his personal order. And that is why firefighters got into a traffic jam near Kulikovo Polya.

      The version is more than dubious. But after what happened in 2014, it seemed quite realistic. Remember how already on May 4 the arrests of the victims began.

    • 9. How many deputies, officials and other creatures then told from the TV screens that the dead had set themselves on fire. They told even when, right there, on the screen, there were shots of how the Nazis threw the house of trade unions with a “Molotov cocktail”.

      Remember the reserve colonel Alexander Yakimenko, who was arrested on May 4 and tortured, in his own words, for six months. They were tortured simply because he had to confirm the version of the Ukrainian authorities. But he was not alone. Many were arrested. True, realizing that they would not achieve anything, they were exchanged for captured soldiers of the Armed Forces of Ukraine.

      I simply cannot forget the version of the Ministry of Internal Affairs, which was already announced on May 3. Read the message of the Odessa Main Directorate of the Ministry of Internal Affairs. Feel all the cynicism of the secret authorities:

    • 10. “During the confrontation between the extremists and the police, law enforcement officers forced the offenders to move to Kulikovo Pole, where they seized the House of Trade Unions and barricaded themselves. From the upper floors, the attackers began throwing Molotov cocktails at civilians and firing at them with firearms. As a result of the use of “Molotov cocktails” by attackers, a fire broke out. From the upper floors, the fire spread to a large area of ​​the building and caused the death of more than 40 people.

      Punishment must be inevitable

      Writing about crime is difficult. It is easy to talk about one crime, but when talking about one, memories of others arise in the memory, even more terrible, more inhuman, although it is very difficult to stop what kind of humanity a crime can have.

      A soldier goes to war to kill enemies or be killed. A soldier fights to win. But there are enemies who are respected even by enemies, and there are friends who are despised even by their own. Simply because even in war a person must remain a person. More precisely, especially in war, a person must remain a person.

      All crimes must be solved and the guilty must be punished. But war crimes must be solved first. Already because they are committed by a person to whom the state has given weapons and the right to kill enemies. But not civilians. This is a statesman, on behalf of the state he does evil.

      I really hope that this will be the case. Those who did evil on behalf of the state, even if not ours, will be found and isolated from people for so long that the memory of them will disappear …

  4. In no case should we stop the offensive against the neo-fascist scum in Kiev. No negotiations with this gang of Nazis, drug addicts, murderers! We must destroy this plague, uproot it. Even Hitler’s Germany decided to capitulate only when the Soviet army smashed Berlin – the lair of the beast. I don’t believe anyone from the Kiev junta. There’s nothing to talk about with Zelensky right now! They are in agony in Kiev. Poroshenko, like a real clown from the same circus, shook a Kalashnikov assault rifle in front of a CNN camera.
    There is no forgiveness for these murderers!
    Who is very interested in the meaning of what is happening, who wants to know why Russia has no right to stop: here it is

    • 1. War crimes and crimes against humanity must be investigated
      It was Margarita Simonyan who forced me to write this material. No, she didn’t call me or contact me in any other way. She doesn’t even know me. But it was after her performance at Vladimir Solovyov’s program, which I accidentally watched on the Internet, that something inside began to boil. It was not the head of a popular TV channel who spoke to me from the screen, but a woman, mother, wife, who passes the tragedies of other people through herself. She didn’t speak to me. She spoke to those representatives of our culture who again “became ashamed of being Russian.”

    • 2. For those who suddenly remembered that there are women, old people, children in Ukraine. Those who are always against. those who have not seen the deaths of children, women, old people of Donbass for eight years. And suddenly he became enlightened. Such scum always is, was and will be. Artists, musicians, painters, writers who, from some sort of drunkenness, imagined themselves to be the conscience of the Russian people. Elite and rulers of thoughts.
      Margarita told with tears in her eyes about the Gorlovskaya Madonna to 23-year-old Kristina Zhuk and her 10-month-old daughter Kira, who were buried together. Mother, and remained to hold her daughter in her arms forever. Then, on July 27, 2014, the young mother just went out for a walk with her daughter … And some creature from the other side “covered” the square with a volley from the “Grad”.

    • 3. Then over for three bottom shellings from heavy weapons Gorlovka buried 27 countrymen. Of these, four are children. There were also those who suffered but survived. One hundred people who were a little more fortunate. but then our cultural figures suffered from night blindness. They did not see the terrible pictures of the deceased mother with a child in her arms.

      Margarita also reminded me of the children’s beach in the city of Zugres in the DPR. A beach where there could be no military. The beach where the residents of Zugres just rested on a hot day on August 13, 2014. Families rested. And some creature from the 1st division of the 107th rocket artillery regiment of the Armed Forces of Ukraine worked on them from the BM-30 Smerch. Worked with cluster munitions banned worldwide (9M55K).

      Then 13 civilians were killed and about 40 were injured. Who forgot I can remind you. Listen to the song of our Russian rock singer Yulia Chicherina “Please”. It’s not just a song. This is a dedication to the little girl Anechka Kostenko, who died right on the beach along with her father Evgeny Kostenko.

    • 4. They, the “rulers of our thoughts”, who daily perform cinematic feats, draw pictures that are admired in Paris and London, write novels that will go into the piggy bank … But they have a very selective, short, fishy memory. They do not remember those whom Simonyan said, but I remember, we remember …

      Every crime must be solved

      It was not in vain that I began with a story about the performance of Margarita Simonyan. I have heard many such speeches. And those who spoke with the heart, soul. And those that were the usual obligatory officialdom. And then a simple thought came to mind. Shall we forget?

      Will the criminals not be punished? They will simply get lost in the vastness of Ukraine and will continue to live like ordinary people. I had to dig quite a bit on the website of the Investigative Committee of Russia (TFR). The answer to my question was there:

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